Effective Kegel exercises with uterine prolapse

Probably, many women have heard how muchEffective Kegel exercises when the uterus is lowered. But do everyone know how they work, when appropriate and, in general, what kind of ailment is this, from which they can save?

Disease and the causes of its appearance

kegel exercises with uterine prolapseThe uterus and the walls of the vagina are lowered due tosignificant weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. This leads to a change in the normal physiological location of organs such as the uterus, rectum and bladder. In addition, the disease entails a violation of their functions. It is to prevent this from happening, it is advised to do Kegel exercises when the uterus is lowered.

The degree of the disease is completely different. Depending on her, a woman may not notice the disorders of the pelvic organs at all, but may experience inconvenience and even pain during sexual intercourse, and suffer incontinence. In especially severe cases, the uterus practically disappears from the vagina. In some situations, it even has to be adjusted independently before the sexual intercourse. This is a very serious stage of the disease. Exercises Kegel at the omission of the uterus in this case does not help. Here, the problem can be eliminated only through surgical intervention.

how to do kegel exercisesThe causes of omission of the uterus are most often associated withactivity. Numerous or prolonged, severe or traumatic births can provoke this pathology. The birth of a large child can also lead the muscles of the pelvic floor to weakening. In addition, chronic respiratory diseases, connective tissue pathologies and even obesity can affect the omission of the uterus. Therefore, if you have one or more of these problems, it is advisable to perform a complex of Kegel exercises simply for prevention, without waiting for the deterioration of your female health.

The essence of Kegel exercises

The main advantage of this treatment isin that Kegel's exercises can be done at a different place and at different times when the uterus is lowered. For them, do not look for the right moment. You can do gymnastics while sitting at work, reading a book, walking through the park or doing other personal things.

kegel exercise complexIt is interesting that Arnold Kegel developed his ownmethod only to enable pregnant women to cope with urinary incontinence. Subsequently, it turned out that with the help of his exercises, you can return the descending uterus to its original position, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles before birth and improve their intimate relationships. The latter fact is due to vaginal control of the vaginal muscles and narrowing of the canal.

The methodology includes three stages. The first of these is slow compression. It represents a gradual and smooth contraction of the muscles of the vagina. In this case, they need to be restrained for a few seconds, then relaxed. At the second stage of the procedure, it is necessary to perform abrupt contractions and relaxation of the muscles. The faster you do it, the better. The third stage is pushing out. It is necessary to stiffen as you do when defecating or giving birth.

For the best result,how to do keg exercises. Begin with ten exercises for each stage of five approaches. Then every week should be added another 5 for each stage. Continue to increase the number of exercises until their number reaches 150 per day, and then maintain at this level.

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