"Edosh": reviews. Trade network "Edosha", products "Edosha"

Addressing addresses In the Russian market, and not only (also inBelorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia), the network hypermarket of products "Edosha" is developing. Feedback from the grateful customers of this company is not uncommon on the Internet. Meanwhile, her age is only 2 years. Nevertheless, the Internet resource "Edoshi" attracts buyers with the same intensity as all familiar "network bison" (working on the Russian market for 20 years already). What is the secret of such success? Probably, in management, he is purely Russian.

By the way, unlike many network companies in Moscow, unfolded"Edosh". St. Petersburg, metro station "Moskovskaya", Naberezhnaya Obvodny Canal, houses 134-138 (even), building 425, letter A, room 121 N, of. No. 197 - this is the legal address of its central office.

The head of the company

Vladimir Soloshenko - not a beginner in business, behind himthere was a brilliant level of networkers and experience in organizing joint-stock companies. He is professional, communicative, well versed in the nuances of MLM. He managed to say his individual word in the network business: he created in Russia a powerful project that has become international - a network of shops "Edosha", based on food with a reasonable shelf life.

Dynamics of development of "Edoshi"

eaten reviews In fact, his child is a hybrideffective wholesale and retail trading company with installed in it "engine" - MLM. Management is organizationally thought out: the composition of the sets is adjusted and implementation is forecasted (by the number of partners and their average growth), commodity stocks are clearly monitored. If the growing regional office wants to open a store or a profitable food production, the position of the central office is traditionally affirmative: please (why not help the serious people?). In addition, such centers will be supported by the center, taking half of the capital costs. As you can see, the project "Edosh" is economically justified creatively and with knowledge.

Reviews of Wodstat statistics about this projectunambiguous and laconic: the fastest growing project of the Russian market. If in December 2013 the site of the company direct sales "Edoshi" out 75,000 people a day, in April 2014 - already 120,000 people. And this is already the level of "Amway", "Avon", "Faberlika", "Oriflame".

The product base of the direct sales company

The main bet in this business is madethe founders of a real product - food. Those. for goods with inelastic demand (all people are daily consumers of food). And at once the rigid requirement to suppliers is put forward: only high-quality products. Thus, through the fundamental documentation, it is already foreseen to achieve competitive advantages. The criterion is one: only the highest quality, the most purchased by the criterion "would have acquired itself." In addition, in any city there are quite a lot of personnel for such a business, who know the market and the conjuncture. What does "Edosh" give to such people?

The responses of existing traditional traders who felt professional competition from the partners of the company in question are evidence of the possibility of self-realization!

Development of the structure

This Internet hypermarket "Edosha" (that hisdistinguishes itself from other direct sales companies) is not rigidly tied to the proprietary products of certain companies that promote themselves in the market. His specialization is basically good quality products. This is - extremely flexible, and therefore - a promising approach, sounded in the film of the great Gaidai ("On the questions look shirshu, but on people is softer"). Competitors understand the prospects of such views and in a panic they shout: "Edosh - divorce!" (The method of black PR we tested).Eating Divorce

Why are they so nervous? And because the regional representative offices of the hypermarket in question were given a universal instrument (they want to work with local wholesalers in the field - please, there is an opportunity to develop the production of semi-finished products in the field - please). By the way, this business is already turning into a significant "manufacturing sector" of the hypermarket. "Edoshi" production companies also find themselves in a centralized structure, and it is easier for them to cope with supervisory bodies, since lawyers of the central office of the firm will lay their hands on certain issues. Such a meaningful business - another reason for competitors to shout: "Edosh - divorce!"

It is necessary to emphasize separately, that operativelyrespond to the constructive proposals of business people on the ground, the central office of Edoshi not only gives them their own branded shell and software, but also helps to make capital investments. Therefore, think for yourself, "Edosh" is a divorce or not.

Commercial network

Do not trade on the Internet unified"Edosh" (this is discussed below). We have already mentioned its production units. Let's first tell how from the MLM under the wing of this company, like seeds, sprout shops.

A well-formed algorithm works. First, a proper amount of partner registration is formed in the region (under the pressure of the "MLM engine"). Partners organize a stable turnover, regularly buying standard branded sets (their content - see table 2). When the monthly turnover reaches 0.5 million rubles, the retail chain "Edosha" is replenished with a new brand store. A constituent meeting of shareholders is formed, forming a CJSC, documents are made out, registration is made. Is not that so, it seems logical?

Partners on the ground receive the appropriatedocumentary permission for such a step. First, and this is natural, a shop was established in the central office region - in St. Petersburg (this is a fundamental structural moment.) The first regional store from the company was opened in Nizhny Novgorod. By the way, dear readers, you yourself can easily find on the Internet a speech by Vladimir Soloshenko on this matter. Further, taking advantage of favorable conditions, branded stores opened in different regions. (see table 1)

Table 1. Trading network

City of location

Shops "Edosha" - addresses


Bezhitskaya street, 7


street Chasovitina, house 17 А


Mira street, house 53 ж


Maltseva street, 52


Kukonkovy street, house 89 A


street Udmurtskaya, house 214


Gafuri Street, 50


street Herzen, house 44 A


Dostoevsky Street, house 86 (working in test mode)

Nizhny Novgorod

Kultury street, 112


Street Pisarev, house 60 (test mode)


Yeniseiskaya Street, Building 1


Komsomolskaya st, house 269


Street Privokzalnaya, Building 5


Revolution Street, 155

St. Petersburg

Tipanova Street, Building 19


Pervomayskaya st, house 25


Oktyabrskaya street, house 321


Prospekt Leningradskiy, house 52 G

We add that the trading network "Edosha" is growing dynamically. In the current year, replenishments are planned at the expense of stores in the republics and CIS countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia.

Internet sector of the company

grocery company And yet, the more significant territory of Russiathe company serves in the regions both as an online store for the delivery of food and industrial products, and as a quality cookery that delivers cooked homemade food to the office or home to the customer.

A wide range of products is offered by Edosh. The online store serves consumers (it is about "simple" customers of the company's goods, ie, not building its business), who purchased a branded plastic card. Its price is 50 rubles. You can order the goods directly on the website or by calling the regional office. Your order is expected from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. The order is delivered quickly enough - from 40 minutes to an hour and a half. This is used by many offices, organizing their meals with the help of "Edoshi". Delivery of an order at a price of 700 rubles is free of charge. In St. Petersburg also operates a system of discounts for delivery within the ring road.

Who prefers a "lazy purchase" by simply discoveringon your PC site "Edosha"? Internet shop is profitable for business people; mothers, "attached" to young children; pensioners, who are physically difficult to make purchases personally; people who are short of time.

A new partner in the company

A new partner of the company buys from the sponsor itsa card for 100 rubles and fills in the account sheet that was handed over to him (which is guided by the company Edosha when recruiting). Registration consists in fixing the information site of the company's partner information site (name, passport, address, number of the registration sheet) in conjunction with the registration number of the sponsor.

Thus, on the considered new clientthe site records levels on "its branch" (the new partner of the company is the first level, the sponsor is the second level). At the same rookie immediately has to make a purchase for 3500 rubles.

After registering and becoming a partner, thisthe recruit can then recruit other (new) partners to the company. Ie there is a metamorphosis: from the beginner to the sponsor. The more actively he attracts, the higher his level will be. So the network "Edosha" is formed.

In this type of activity the partner of the company shouldto emphasize not on "mechanical" purchase - sale of sets, being content only with a retail mark-up, and, strictly speaking, at MLM. That is, in the latter case, it is a purposeful sale of cards to partners and efforts to maintain the established multi-level network.

Bonus profit

What is the motivation for this? Each level of the constructed branch receives a bonus profit from the purchase of its sets and goods purchased by the partners of the company attracted by it. According to the rules of the company, the fully formed branch has seven levels.

sales network The bonus profit of a person depends onwhat level it is. The first level gets 1%, the second - 2%, etc. ... the seventh - 7%. To become the head of the branch, or, speaking the brand name slang - "close the director", you need a branch of 142 people. In it, 28% of the value of all goods purchased by the branch is subject to distribution. A good profitability is laid by the system!

The highest levels of career MLM "Edoshi"

Having achieved the title of director, the partner "Edoshi" increases his bonus income by one position, that is, he gets from the highest level 2% from the amount of purchases, and from the first 7%. In total, he receives an income of 35%.

We must admit at once - this is not possible for everyone. However, you will agree that this is a good incentive. The director, having reached his status (one branch), "grows branches" yet. In addition, they "grow in depth." Representatives of the "below it" level themselves build up the "seven-story pyramid" and thus become directors. What is the motivation for the "moved director"? He, having "grown" in this way two directors, becomes a "silver director", three - "gold", four - "sapphire", five - "emerald", six - "diamond". The bonus profitability of top-level directors consists of 2% of the turnover of subordinate directors, as well as 1% of the entire lower structure. In addition, the directors receive a one-time award for the status achieved: from 60 thousand rubles for "silver" to 180 thousand rubles - for "diamond".

MLM starting point - product kits

The directorate is the festive side of the company. And the everyday is a set of products. We will talk about them. This network company recruits partners, registering them and providing an opportunity for centralized accounting, receiving their funds.e-shop online shop

Specificity - selling food products simplifiesbusiness: no presentations are required for buyers, only a quality product is needed. The price for it is set by the representative offices of the hypermarket "Edosha" that are competitive for the region. Customer feedback, the practice of regional sales - all these factors are taken into consideration. Accrued trade mark-up as MLM operates generates both profit from sales and pyramid-distributed bonuses.

A system of so-called "ready-made sets"calibrated under a single price for the current 11 sets: 3000 rubles. for a set of products plus 300 rubles. - for delivery. The approximate composition of the sets operating on May 10, 2014 from the direct sales company "Edosha" can be seen in Table 2. Each product is of a known high quality. As a comment to the table, we added to your attention to reduce the sets of "Edoshi" in a slightly simplified form, reducing some generic products (for example, cereals) to a single entry "cereals are different."

Table 2. The standard sets of the company "Edosha" as of May 10, 2014

Operating on May 10, 2014 sets

Products "Edosha"

Quick start (set number 1)

Plastic card "Edosha" (40); registration sheet (40); advertising booklet (2); advertising calendar (40); advertising leaflets (200).

Soon the opening (set No. 2)

Plastic card "Edosha" (35); registrationsheet (35); advertising booklet (2); advertising calendar (35); advertising leaflets (200); advertising leaflets «New shop» (100); leaflets advertising "New Year" (100); leaflets advertising "To the Women's Day" (100).

Clean business (set number 3)

Plastic card "Edosha" (20); registrationsheet (20); advertising booklet (1); advertising calendar (20); advertising leaflets (100); paper napkins are different (5); wadding sticks AMRA (200); liquid soap SAFEGUARD (1); toothbrush ORAL_B (1); tooth paste Blend-a-med is different (2); soap SAFEGUARD and CAMAY (2 different); paper towels (1); toilet paper (3) powder ARIEL automatic (1); liquid FAIRY for washing dishes (2); liquid PROPER d / surface. (1); powder cleaning "Pemoksol" (1); sponges for kitchen (10).

Delicious business (set №4)

Plastic card "Edosha" (20); registrationsheet (20); advertising booklet "Edosha company" (1); advertising calendar (20); advertising leaflets (100); canned food (ham, olives, olives, peas, corn, pork tongues, cod liver, sprats, pineapples, apricots - 1 bank); Packaging (tea black, green tea, ketchup, pomelo, raisins large, raisins average, walnuts, pistachios, dried apricots, seeds, cocoa, coffee - 1 pack), granulated sugar (1800 g).

Useful business (set №5)

Plastic card "Edosha" (20); registrationsheet (20); advertising booklet (1); advertising calendar (20); advertising leaflets (100); croissants are different (3 packs); beans are different (2 w / w); peas, corn, black tea, different pasta (4); flakes are different (4); cereals are different (7); Packing (nuts, raisins, dried apricots, pomelo - 1 pc.); sugar 1800 g.

Simple business (set number 6)

Plastic card "Edosha" (20); registrationsheet (20); advertising booklet (1); advertising calendar "Company Edosh" (20); advertising leaflets (100); canned food (mackerel, pink salmon, sprat, green olives, black olives, green peas - 1 pot); caramel different 3 pack; flour 2 kg; Sunflower oil 2 bottles; toilet paper is different - 2 pcs .; napkins (1); Packing (cookies packed, chocolate cookies, flakes - 1 package); a bar of different chocolate - 2 pcs .; groats are different - 6; coffee, salt, macaroni are different - 5; granulated sugar

Fish business (set number 9)

Plastic card "Edosha" (20); registrationsheet (20); advertising booklet (1); advertising calendar (20); advertising leaflets (100); canned food (2 pcs - pink salmon, mackerel, sardinella, cod liver, sprat, tuna-oil, tuna-juice, saury); sardine - 1 w / w; sunflower oil -1 bt .; corn oil 1 bt .; cereals are different - 4; macaroni are different - 5; iodized salt - 5; granulated sugar - 1800 g.

Family business (set № 10)

Plastic card "Hypermarket Edosha" (20);registration sheet (20); advertising booklet (1); advertising calendar (20); leaflets advertising (100); liquid FAIRY different d / dishes (2); shampoo GARNIER (1); cream-soap "Falcon" (1); shower gel "Falcon" - (1); paper handkerchiefs (10); tooth paste Blend-a-med (1); soap SAFEGUARD miscellaneous (2); female gaskets are different (2); kitchen sponges (1); paper napkins are different (5); toothpaste different dental (2); toothbrush ORAL_B (1); cotton wheels (1); powder DOSIA machine (1).

Home universal (set №11)

Cookies are different (2); waffles (1); candy (3); tea(1); coffee (1); sugar 900 g; macaroni are different (5); groats are different (5); canned (pickled cucumbers, beans, peas, corn, ham, pork, pork, beef, pink salmon, sprats, cod liver - 1 w / w); sunflower oil (1); iodized salt (1); paper napkins are different (2); handkerchiefs (1); Blend-a-med tooth paste (1); liquid detergent PROPER (1); liquid FAIRY w / dishes (1); kitchen sponges (1); cotton wheels (1); cotton swabs (1); napkins are different (2); soaps are different (4); toilet paper (1); paper towels (1).

Home meat (set №12)

Groats are different (10); macaroni are different (3); sugarsand 900 g; sunflower oil (1); canned (olives without pits, mushrooms, corn, peas, ketchup, pork tongues - 1 w / w); canned food (olives with stone, stewed ham, pork ham, beef, goose meat, duck meat, turkey meat, stewed pork - 2 w / w, canned meat (stewed beef, pork stew - 3 pcs.), oat flakes (1 pack.)

Sweet business (set №8)

Plastic card "Edosha" (20); registrationsheet (20); advertising booklet (1); advertising calendar (20); advertising leaflets (100); granulated sugar (2000 g); coffee is different (3); tea is different (2); sweets chocolate different (8); cake waffle (1); dessert (1); cookies "Sweets sugar" (1).


net of mashasinsThere is no doubt that OOO "Edosha"demonstrates a significant development potential. However, MLM activities involve specific professional skills. Not at all it turns out. Therefore, do not pay attention to grumbling in the responses of the losers, who maintain that the level of the director is practically impracticable. After all, the practice of a growing network is indicative of the opposite.

This direct sales company has a great future because of its philosophy of flexible orientation in the product market and the rejection of dogmas in the design of the company's structure.

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