Easy snack for every taste

A light snack is so called, that it is quick to prepare and not very nourishing for the stomach.

Usually light snacks are served smallin portions. It can be sandwiches, cold snacks, and vegetable. These appetizers include meat cut, cheese, sausage, preserves. If the hostess is waiting for guests, then a light snack on the table is placed before they arrive. During the summer period, you can decorate the table very colorfully, using lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, twigs curly parsley. Closer to the autumn, sweet peppers are suitable for decoration with their variety of bright colors. A light snack for the new year traditionally includes oranges, grapes, bananas, apples. In winter, of course, you have to include your imagination, using just everything that is at hand.

In a narrow family circle is very often usedsuch a light snack as croutons. It is very simple and quick to prepare. This will require a whole black bread, seven cloves of medium-sized garlic and sunflower oil.

Bread (you can not first freshness) cutsmall cubes. On a hot frying pan pour, not regretting, sunflower oil. Bread cubes evenly distributed throughout the frying pan and fry from all sides, lightly sprinkled with salt. Ruddy cubes should be put on a napkin, preferably paper, so that the excess oil goes away. The final stage of this preparation consists in rubbing the toast with garlic. That's all. Simple, convenient, frugal!

The next light snack includes already white bread.

So, for it you need to take:

  • eight slices of white bread;
  • four slices of ham;
  • four slices of sausage salami;
  • three pieces of medium tomatoes;
  • about seventy grams of hard cheese;
  • four pieces of pickled cucumber;
  • a bunch of greenery;
  • two tablespoons of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Preparation should begin with a shallow cuttingcubes of sausage, ham, tomatoes, cucumbers. Then rinse thoroughly the greens of dill and parsley and also finely chop. Mix everything together by adding ketchup and mayonnaise to this mixture.

Thin slices need to cut the cheese. To cut cheese well, you need to hold it in the freezer before it. All eight slices of bread spread on the resulting mixture and a piece of cheese cover each sandwich. And, finally, put all the sandwiches on a baking tray, pre-oiled with vegetable oil. The oven should be well heated. Fifteen minutes later, the snack is ready.

Another, not less tasty snack. To do this, you will need very few ingredients:

  • two pieces aubergine middlings;
  • about one hundred and fifty grams of hard cheese;
  • three cloves of garlic;
  • mayonnaise and sunflower oil.

Eggplants need to be cut along along thin strips. In order to get rid of bitterness, you need to lower them for a while in salted water. Then rinse them in water and rinse with salt. After this procedure, you need to fry the eggplant strips on both sides.

Next, the filling is prepared. Cheese should be rubbed on a large grater. The cloves of garlic are ground with the spinner. Add not too much mayonnaise and mix it all. At the tip of the aubergine strip, put the resulting mixture and roll the roll. Also alternately do this operation with all the other strips.

The combination of these ingredients is always in great demand and is worthy of competition to many snacks.

One more unusual recipe for a light snack attracts attention.

It will take one pack of crackers, but not sweet ones. Then you need to take two hundred grams of cold-smoking trout. And more cheese will be needed - about two hundred grams.

Each biscuit spread a thin layer of cheese (about half a teaspoon). Top with a thin slice of trout. And be sure to decorate with greens.

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Easy snack for every taste Easy snack for every taste Easy snack for every taste Easy snack for every taste Easy snack for every taste