Easy films for good mood. What to see?

Light films for good mood are shot ingenres or comedy, or action. This category of films is most popular with viewers who prefer to see an uncomplicated plot with witty humor, simple but characteristic characters, a dynamic story. Therefore, ribbons in this style enjoy constant popularity with the main part of the audience. This article presents a list of the main films taken from the 1930s to our time.

"City Lights"

Easy films for a good mood immediatelytook a prominent place in the cinema from the very beginning of his birth. The early silent paintings of Charlie Chaplin certainly belong to the leading place in this category. His work "The Lights of the Big City", although sustained in a melodramatic spirit, however, of course, will be a great pleasure for those who want to get acquainted with this amazingly touching story.

In general, he created the image of the Little Hoboinvariably evokes a smile from the audience, despite the fact that the actor brought sad notes to the character of his hero. In the film, the funny adventures of Rogue are skilfully intertwined with a sad but light love line, which, undoubtedly, will be enjoyed by every lover of the old silent cinema.

easy films for good mood

"New Times"

Easy films for good mood inthe subject matter was filmed in large numbers; perhaps it was the mainstream film genre. Another picture of Chaplin's "New Times" will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions to the viewer, since in her the comedy adventures of Rogue are shown against the backdrop of the complex social and economic situation of the USA of the 1930s, which was aptly ridiculed by Chaplin in his new work. Humor in this tape is also very simple and at the same time profound, which makes this picture relevant in our time.

Soviet tapes of the 1930s

Light films for a good mood were shot inthis decade and in our country. Comedy took a prominent place in the domestic cinema as the main means of entertainment for people. The picture "Funny Guys" is a real classic in this genre: a cult history about the jazz band of L. Utesov with sparkling humor and enchanting musical numbers will appeal not only to a simple spectator, but also to a sophisticated music lover, as the vocal performance and orchestral accompaniment are beyond praise .

light Russian films for good mood

Easy russian films for good moodThe time under consideration was removed, mainly in the genre of musical tragedy. In addition to this tape, the picture "Volga-Volga" occupies a prominent place in the gold fund of the national cinema. This new work directed by G. Adeksandrov was filmed in the spirit of his previous comedy, but with the addition of new colors and interesting plot twists: this time he turned to the topic of the bureaucracy, and managed to show with the help of musical numbers and witty scenes the pernicious nature of the domination of unscrupulous officials.

Pictures of the 1940s

Easy Russian films for good moodThis decade somewhat retreated from the prewar tradition of creating musical comedies. The paintings of this time are distinguished by a more elaborate plot, detailed characterization and a more complex history, but the musical accompaniment still occupies a prominent place in the filming process. The film "Cinderella" is a tape directed by N. Kosheverova, who managed to breathe new life into the already familiar old story. Under her leadership was created a wonderful picture with colorful characters, fascinating plot and sparkling humor, which will force the viewer to take a fresh look at this tale.

Some easy Soviet films for goodthe mood of the time under discussion is devoted to demonstrating the achievements of the socialist system in our country. Despite some exaggeration in this direction, the tapes still look very good due to the dynamic plot and cheerful, uncomplicated humor. This category includes the movie "Kuban Cossacks", which may well brighten up a boring evening.

Tapes of the 1950s-1960s

The popularity of viewers is alwayseasy films for a good mood. Foreign pictures of this genre of the years in question deserve a special mention. In this series, you must first of all call the musical comedy "Singing in the Rain". The tape in an uncomplicated and very witty form tells about the birth of sound cinema. In addition to an interesting plot and beautiful acting work, the film is famous for its many wonderful vocal and dance numbers, which are still considered classics and serve as role models.

light Russian films for a good mood

In the genre of fairy tales some light films forHave a good mood. Which to choose - this is not an easy question, as a lot of good pictures have been filmed. And yet the domestic film "Morozko" certainly takes first place: an excellent script, a great acting game, sparkling humor rightly made this film a real classic. Without a doubt, the director A. Roe, as in her time N. Kosheverova managed to breathe new life into the traditional folk tale, which, without losing its attractiveness, was so close to the modern viewer that the characters and their phrases are still relevant today.

French comedies

About this movie should be said separately, becauseit occupies a special position in the cinema of the second half of the 20th century. First of all, here we should mention the paintings with the participation of the brilliant comedian L. de Funes. Films with his participation are popular nowadays, especially the Fantomas trilogy and a series of bands about gendarmes. In our country, the paintings with the participation of P. Richard and J. Depardieu also enjoyed a special love of spectators. This brilliant duet completely justified itself and continues to please viewers with brilliant performance.

easy films for good mood abroad

Pictures of the 1970s-1980s

Films of the Decade for the Lungviewing was removed quite a lot both abroad and in our country. From domestic films, we can mention the witty and satirical comedies of E. Ryazanov, in which subtle humor skillfully combined with social criticism. These pictures not only entertain, but also teach and, despite the fact that their stories are based on the realities of Soviet reality, they easily look in our time. Of foreign comedies, it is necessary to mention, first of all, the original tape "Tutsi", which in a very ingenious form also touched upon many acute problems of the American society of the time under consideration.

light Soviet films for a good mood

Tapes of the 1990s and the last decade

Prominent in popular pop culture occupyeasy films for a good mood. What to see from a huge list of films - a question that, probably, more than once asked the average spectator. From the paintings of the 1990s, probably the most famous comedy is the movie "Pretty Woman". The love story is presented in a rather humorous way, and the wonderful music is pleasantly pleased with the original selection.

easy films for a good mood which to choose

From domestic films, we can mention the seriesfilms about the features of national hunting, fishing, in which in a somewhat grotesque form the realities of Russian society are represented. From the latest prime, you can name some comedic fighters. "Guys with trunks" is a story about two scammers who made money selling low-quality weapons to the US government. Another recent film in this genre is called "Bad Guys". This tape is devoted to the adventures of two partners, who are engaged in a complex investigation. Humor in the tape is not always decent, but the tape, perhaps, will please the fans of cinema in retro style. Recently, the third part of the famous romance comedy about Brigitte Jones was released.

easy movies for a good mood what to see

Despite the fact that this tape did not receive such positive ratings as the original pictures, nevertheless, the next story of the simple-minded blonde was generally warmly received.

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