Eastern horoscope: Year of the Dragon

People born in the year of the Dragon, dynamic and lucky. They have royal traits that make them leaders in their environment. Dragons can live on a grand scale, but never humiliate other people. Above all, value cleanliness and openness. Mostly they are idealists. Special features of character are people born in the Year of the Dragon. In what years they were born? The article will discuss the characterization of the sign and compatibility with the rest of the eastern horoscope.

general characteristics

People born in the year of the Dragon are independent from childhood and always protect their freedom and independence, the opportunity to express their opinion, which is different from others. They seek to leave the parental house as soon as possible.

Dragon has good moral qualities, he is distinguished by generosity and generosity. Thanks to his abilities, he grasps knowledge on the fly. The representative of this sign is hardworking and intelligent, he gets great pleasure from his work.The dragon will never do business that is not at all interesting to him. Although there are few such cases for him, he loves everything new.

Year of the Dragon feature

The representative of the eastern horoscope is endowed with various abilities, so I am sure that he will achieve everything he wants in life. However, he needs to be more constructive and consistent, which he often lacks. Those born in the year of the Dragon have the following characteristics: they are excellent diplomats, therefore they can agree with any person. The dragon achieves everything he wishes with his unusual abilities, talent, as well as clever tactics of the game or, in rare cases, deception.

What years are people born under the sign of the Dragon

In China, the dragon is a respected mythical creature. He is honored and dedicated to him many holidays. Are those born in the year of the Dragon what years? These include 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024. These years correspond to the year of the Dragon according to the eastern calendar.

Personality Strengths

For those born in the year of the Dragon, the horoscope confirms that for them nothing is impossible. If the representative of the sign is planning to achieve something, then he will definitely succeed in spite of possible obstacles. The dragon does not like to waste time on trifles.Everything he wants to get must be better or unusual. The representative of this sign loves a rich life and provides a decent level of wealth for his family.

The dragon is distinguished by its responsiveness. He is rarely asked for help, if there are people in his immediate circle who need help, he will give them support and, if necessary, material support. The representative of the eastern horoscope does not like to give false promises. He is a man of action.

Year of the Dragon what year of birth

For those born in the year of the Dragon, the characteristic is as follows: they are very honest. Not able to deceive or appear to be who they are not.

Weak character traits

People born in the year of the Dragon are not the most tactful of the signs of the eastern horoscope. They do not hide their opinion and can not refrain from commenting when necessary. Close people judge him, thanks to positive traits. Outsiders, on the contrary, perceive him as a rude and ill-mannered person.

The dragon is very emotional and prone to outbursts of anger. Even if he is wrong, he reinforces his actions with a sense of justice and can sometimes be cruel. It is difficult for the representative of the eastern horoscope to restrain his emotions, which is why his reputation and relationships with people suffer.

Dragon man

The representative of this sign early becomes independent. From a young age, a man born in the year of Dragon seeks financial stability and freedom of action. He does not allow anyone to make decisions for himself. The dragon always goes its own way and rarely meets the expectations of its loved ones. With the passage of time, the correctness of his choice becomes obvious, and until this time his venture seems to be dubious and unreal.

Horoscope year dragon

In his youth, the personal life of the Dragon is full of bright events. This guy is smart and charming. He likes the female gender, but his unions rarely differ in duration. For the Dragon, it is common for him to get involved; he evaluates each new girl superficially. If she turns out to be not what he imagined her in his dreams, then the man will go further in search of his real happiness.

Family life in the representation of the Dragon should be bright. A boring life and a spouse who does not change at all for several years does not suit him. A man needs a passionate life partner, a change in the interior of his house, communication with friends and a lot of freedom.If his wife is so wise that he will not suspect him of adultery, and will be able to support the interest of the Dragon, then the marriage promises to be strong and truly happy.

Dragon woman

The representative of this sign, like the man, features autonomy appear early. She solves many questions concerning her life, without the influence of other people's opinions. This includes her studies, occupation and profession.

A woman born in the year of the Dragon is charismatic, so she easily acquires new acquaintances. It is united by friends with a community of interests and mutual benefit, but it’s impossible to call it a permanent circle. Interests of women and views on life are constantly changing, so there is the emergence of new acquaintances and friends.

In a relationship with a strong sex, a woman behaves confidently, and very often becomes the initiator of the first date. Even if the man liked her at first sight, he should interest the girl not only from the romantic side. The woman belongs to the far-sighted sign of the eastern horoscope, so she does not need unpromising family relationships.

Dragon birth years

An ideal pair for her is a man who has a similar type of temperament. If he has activity and is not afraid of change at all, then the spouses will not be bored together. The Dragon Woman is an active person, so it is oppressed by the routine and monotony.


For Dragon, work is not only the possibility of earning money. He seeks to choose for himself an occupation associated with the move or constant communication. According to the horoscope of the year of the Dragon, he does not tolerate the routine and monotony, as well as the strict limitations of working conditions.

The representative of this sign is a great leader. He has organizational skills, can calmly and intelligibly explain everything to his subordinates. He is demanding not only to his team, but also to himself. The dragon loves power and strives for it, but it will not go right through. If he claims to be a dismissed person, then he will act completely openly. He will do it in the following cases: if the person does not cope with the assigned task or has crossed the road to the Dragon itself. Undeservedly, he does not offend people.

Year of the Dragon man

The dragon can constantly change its interests.If in his youth he was engaged in some business, then at an older age he could change it to the opposite. When this happens, the main reason is not in material gain, but in his search for a real occupation.

There is no vocation for individual professions in people born in the year of the Dragon. They do an excellent job with any business.

In this paper, representatives of this sign are most compatible with people born in the year of the Dog. The best business partner for Dragon is Monkey.

Love for those born in the year of the Dragon

Under this sign, people know how to love and enjoy the company of loved ones, but they will not commit madness for them. Dragon is not capable of great sacrifices. He is practical, thinks soberly, so if the relationship for any reason does not add up, then the representative of the sign moves aside. The dragon very rarely falls into love triangles. Relationships that do not develop, for him are unpromising.

Representatives of the sign like the attention of the opposite sex, but they love to win their chosen ones, and not to give in to overly obsessive fans. The dragon does not like when he gets everything too easily.He is able to charm the object of adoration with his actions, manners and care, and if there is no reciprocity, then take time to step aside.

Horoscope year dragon woman

The representative of this sign very much values ​​its freedom, therefore it is important for him if his companion understands this. Controlling or jealous of the Dragon does not make sense. He can keep everything he needs in secret. With constant suspicion, the Dragon loses his temper and is ready to break off relations.

Compatibility of the Dragon in love

The representative of this sign has the following compatibility:

  1. Dragon and Rat have a wonderful union and complete understanding. It lacks controversy and struggle.
  2. The Dragon and the Bull may have a tenuous union, because they are too stubborn and constantly struggle for power. Sometimes they admire each other, but this is not enough for living together.
  3. A strong union is possible between the Dragon and the Tiger. Both signs are strong and promising.
  4. Dragon likes compliant Rabbit, so marriage between them is possible. He will be good and calm.
  5. The compatibility of the two Dragons is not the best, they will constantly conflict because of the similarity of characters. In some cases, there is a spiritual affinity.
  6. The union of the Snake and the Dragon is simply magnificent. They can live a happy life. However, much depends on the Snake.
  7. The Dragon and the Horse will not be able to create a lasting alliance, due to their differences in character and morals. Even if a marriage is concluded, it will be very problematic.
  8. The dragon and the goat will not be able to be together, because the goat will not be able to make his partner happy. As a result, the marriage will be unreliable.
  9. The union of the Dragon and the Monkey is great. Partners are able to complement each other.
  10. The dragon will get on with the Rooster if they find a common language. In marriage there will be no indifference and boredom.
  11. In the union of the Dragon and the Dog may be all sorts of problems. Partners are too different in character.
  12. Great marriage with the Dragon and the Pig. Partners are very attractive to each other. And the Pig constantly admires the Dragon, which he really likes.
Year of the Dragon

Despite the lack of compatibility in love with some characters, the Dragon can establish friendships or partnerships with them. This allows them to implement together many successful projects.


Special features of character are people who were born in the year of the Dragon.In what years they were born, we found out in the article earlier. By nature, they are cheerful and optimistic. However, they have few real friends. The dragon does not understand the weakness of others and does not know how to deal with them. He demands a lot from his friends. The social circle is formed at this sign mainly at work, there it is valued and respected. This does not allow the Dragon to lose confidence in its abilities.

His strongest friendship is with the Rat, Tiger, Goat, Rooster and Boar.


People born in the year of the Dragon have a special character. They can hold leadership positions or be good performers. Despite the negative character traits, the Dragon is one of the beautiful signs of the eastern horoscope.

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