Ear from pink salmon

What distinguishes the ear from pink salmon from fish soup? Now, of course, you can remember the jokes that if you have a hundred grams, you need to boil your ear. If not, fish soup. But many cooks will answer you differently: in the present ear there is nothing except potatoes, fish, spices and onions. So most often accepted.

But still, quite often you can meetrecipes that involve the use of all kinds of additives: from cereals to tomatoes. But do not argue. It is better to just start preparing a modern version of the ears of their pink salmon, or else it can be called "ear from the head of pink salmon".

General Tips

Before preparing an ear from any type of fish, read these tips.

Some species of fish, such as bream, vobla, minnow, mackerel, ram and gobies, are absolutely not suitable for cooking soup.

Boil the ear is best in clay or enamel ware. But aluminum does not fit.

You can tint the ear from the pink salmon with saffron. Just do not overdo it, spices should not interrupt the taste of fish.

You can have both ear hot and cold. Remarkably, there are rye bread, pie and fish poultry.

Ear from pink salmon


  1. Kilogram pink salmon;
  2. One onion;
  3. Two bay leaves;
  4. Two potatoes;
  5. Salt, parsley and dill;
  6. Pepper;
  7. 10-15 pieces of small ruff (if you find).

To prepare the soup from pink salmon you will also need:

- sharp knife;

- three-liter pan;

- cutting board.

Cutting pink salmon

Start by cutting off the head and tail of the fish. Now gut it. Carefully spread the pink salmon along and remove all the bones. Just do not immediately give them to the cat, let it wait a little. What's next? Your next steps depend on whether you found the ruff. The thing is that in Russia in olden days the ear from pink salmon, cooked on ruff from broth, was very appreciated.

Boil small fish

With ruffs there is no trouble: they do not need to be washed or cleaned. You can add them to your ear as is. Here, just for a start, still gut, otherwise get a "wonderful" taste of the insides of the fish in the broth. Only when you are gutted with ruff, be extremely careful, because it's very easy to prick. And the wound after them is very painful.

After that, take a piece of ordinary gauze,tie it with ruffs and dip them into a pan with cold water. Let them cook for a while. Only a short time, fifteen minutes after boiling on a small fire is enough. Do not forget to remove foam from time to time.

Now take out the gauze, strain the broth and putin her waste, left after the cutting of pink salmon (head, tail and fins). Only be sure to remove the gills from your head, so the taste of the soup will be better. Everything, a double decoction for the soup is ready, and finally the bones can be given to the cat. It turns out a peculiar ear from the heads of pink salmon.

Preparing soup

In the boiling broth, add the onion. You can do it whole, you can cut into two halves. Unclean too. Onion husks will give the ear a beautiful reddish color. In the same broth put the fillet of pink salmon, cut into pieces, and finely chopped potatoes. If you add dill stems, it will be even better.

For a small amount of time to completereadiness, put pepper, salt and bay leaves into the pan. Brewed ear from pink salmon fairly quickly, about 20 minutes. But remember that after cooking, she should stand for another 8 minutes under the closed lid.

Feed to the table

Before the ear from pink salmon is served on the table,remove the stalks of dill and the boiled onion from it. They have already done their job: gave away the fragrance. After you pour over the plates to your ear, sprinkle it with chopped greens.

Understand why the ear is called double or triple? Broth without ruff - double, with ruffs - triple.

Have a nice appetite for you and your family! Enjoy this wonderful dish, which was invented many years ago.

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