Ear drops "Otinum": instructions for use

Features pharmacodynamics of the drug

ointum instructions for useThe preparation "Otinum" describes the instructions for use as a means intended for local use and has pronounced antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic properties. The active ingredient in this drug is derived from salicylic acid, and its action is based on the inhibition of the motor activity of cyclooxygenase, a special enzyme responsible for the synthesis of hormone-like substances - prostaglandins. In addition, the drug "Otinum", instructions for use of which also testifies to this, effectively prevents the growth and reproduction of prostacyclin and thromboxane. Separately, it is worth noting the feature of this tool in an alkaline and acidic environment to demonstrate high antifungal and antimicrobial activity.

Dosage form

ointum kids reviewsThe drug "Otinum" is produced in the form of yellowish ear drops with a characteristic odor. The composition of the drug as the active substance includes 0.200 grams of choline salicylate. In the role of additional elements are 96% ethyl alcohol, glycerol, distilled water and chlorbutanol hemihydrate.

List of indications for appointment

Use the drops "Otinum" instructions for use advises with tympanitis, acute otitis media and chronic otitis in the acute phase. It is also recommended to prescribe this drug for softening and subsequent removal of earwax. And finally, this remedy is often used to treat external otitis (including post-traumatic otitis).

Features of use

To bury the drug "Otinum" instructions for use advises directly into the ear canal three to four times a day for three to four drops. At the same time, after the procedure, the patient must be in a lying position for a few minutes so that his ear is pointing upwards. The duration of treatment is usually five to seven days.

ontum reviewsPossible adverse conditions and overdose

Prolonged use of this drug may trigger the emergence of various kinds of allergic reactions. For example, skin rash, itching, and urticaria may occur. The sensation of burning and redness are also observed due to the prolonged use of Otinum drops. Reviews testify about the risk of hearing loss in patients with perforated eardrum. As for drug overdose, it often manifests itself in the form of dizziness, confusion, ringing in the ears and excessive sweating.

Contraindications for appointment

To use this tool is strictly not recommended for an allergic reaction to choline salicylate and aspirin asthma. Also, do not prescribe the drug "Otinum" children. Reviews say about the inadmissibility of its use during breastfeeding and during pregnancy. Violation of the integrity of the membrane also acts as a contraindication to use.

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