The drug "Fenasal": instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Fighting parasites is a long, not very pleasant and sometimes not very effective process. All information obtained from medical reference books, stories of neighbors and the all-knowing Internet is not in all cases for the benefit of man. The treatment started at the wrong time, moreover at his own discretion, repeatedly led to tragic situations. This article will be submitted to the drug "Fenasal" instructions for use and reviews.

fenasal application instructions reviews

The presence of parasites in the human body is mortally dangerous for him, because they multiply very quickly, live for a long time, and adults are difficult to eliminate. And painful conditions (dysbacteriosis, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, low mood, etc.) caused by worms, are aggravated by the same frequent relapses. The possibilities of modern medicine allow to cope with the problems of this kind.For effective and safe treatment of the effects of parasites, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In addition, it is necessary to pass the appropriate tests, according to which the specialist will prescribe therapy.

One of the drugs that deal with worms is Fenasal. Instructions for use attached to it detailed.


It is a drug that successfully acts on different groups of parasites. He is well known in the Russian pharmaceutical market. Recently, however, it is difficult to buy it in pharmacies in our country, but you can try to find a medicine with the same active ingredient. The release of Fenasala was carried out at the GPP pharmaceutical enterprise in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and at the Valenta Farm company. Apparently, production has recently been reduced, which is why pharmacies have interruptions with this drug. In this article we will describe in more detail about "Fenasale" and its analogues. So let's get started.fenasal tablets instructions for use

The use of "Fenasal". Active ingredient and release form

More details. Instructions for use to "Fenasalu" indicates that the active ingredient is niclosamide.Produced in tablet form 30 or 60 pieces per pack (1 tablet - 250 mg). Also available is a powder of 1 g in a bag (in a package of 6 bags). The drug copes with worms. When it enters the human body, the medicine begins to act immediately. It reduces the resistance of parasites to intestinal enzymes. It helps the process of digesting all the ingredients along with food that enters the stomach. The active ingredient of the drug affects the muscular system of worms and causes its paralysis, which prevents them from catching on the intestinal walls, moving freely and making it impossible to eat. Destroyed parasites are eliminated from the body in a natural way, with fecal masses.

For the tablets "Phenasal" instructions for use indicates that experts prescribe them in the case of:

  • Tenioza.
  • Hymenolepidosis.
  • Teniarinhoza.
  • Diphyllobothriasis.

fenasal instructions for use reviews analogues

Researches of experts have repeatedly shown that this drug is one of the best means to influence certain types of worms (for example, in the treatment of teniarinhoz). "Phenasal" and its substitutes, in which the same active substance (niclosamide), are the means of a narrow spectrum of action.The uniqueness of this drug is that it is the most effective against tapeworms and bovine tapeworms.


"Fenasal" is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. And also with individual intolerance to niclosamide.

Side effects

The results of clinical trials proved that this anthelmintic agent is well tolerated by the human body and rarely causes negative reactions. In a minority of patients, side effects were observed in the form of: pain in the epigastric region, nausea, itching, neurodermatitis, and rarely dizziness.fenasal powder instructions for use

Dosing and Administration

With the use of “Phenasal”, the instructions for use indicate that the scheme of taking the medicine is established by the attending physician, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. Also, the form of antiparasitic therapy depends on the species to which the pathogen belongs, and the age of the patient. Children up to two years can receive the drug only according to strict indications, no more than two tablets per day. Older children, from two to five years old, can increase the dosage of up to four tablets per day.Children five to twelve years old can already take six tablets per day. Adults and children over the age of twelve receive eight to twelve tablets per day. In the treatment of certain diseases (for example, teniasis), it is recommended to take the entire daily dose at a time, in the morning before meals. Tablets need to chew and drink water. After two hours you need to drink saline laxative medicine. Also used powder "Fenasal." Instructions for use is very simple.

After 30 days, a second course of deworming is carried out, but without taking a laxative medication. When this treatment is extremely important is the mode of taking pills and food: you need to eat every five hours, starting at eight in the morning, and take the drug at ten in the morning, then at twelve and fourteen hours, the last time at sixteen hours. The duration of antihelminthic treatment is four days. The course is repeated four days later. For diseases such as diphyllobothriasis and teniarinhoz, treatment begins in the morning before a meal: a daily dose of medication is taken. The night before dinner should not be dense.This is indicated in the instructions for use to Fenasalu.

fenasal instruction

Before taking the medicine, it is recommended to drink an aqueous solution of tea drinking soda (two grams of soda per cup of warm water). After two hours after taking the medicine, you can drink tea with bread crumbs or savory biscuits. For 24 hours after taking the medications, the use of low-fat, light foods (juice, jelly, porridge and mashed potatoes) is recommended. After the end of treatment, after two weeks it is necessary to pass tests and then undergo an examination in order to detect parasites once a month for six months.


It is important. As indicated by the "Fenasalu" instruction, the excess of the authorized dose is expressed in the form of enhanced side effects, which can manifest itself in the form of severe itching, nausea and vomiting, general weakness, various lesions on the skin, pronounced pain in the epigastric region. In this case, the drug is canceled and prescribed symptomatic treatment.


In studies conducted, there were no marked pharmacological interactions of Fenasal with other medicines, which makes it possible to use it in parallel with other drugs without restrictions.Reception of medicines of this group cannot be combined with the use of alcoholic beverages. Dispensing tablets in pharmacies is possible by prescription.fenasal application

Storage conditions

Tablets are stored at room temperature away from sources of heat, bright light and moisture. The shelf life of Fenasal is up to five years without loss of pharmacological properties.


The following drug analogs are present on the Russian pharmacological market:

  • "Cestocide";
  • "Athenaza";
  • Yomesan;
  • "Vermitin" and others.

The choice is wide.


According to the testimony of patients taking "Fenasal", the drug is well tolerated, does not cause side effects and copes well with the task. The use of "Fenasal" must be coordinated with your doctor.

fenasal instructions for use

Preventive measures

Despite the fact that niclosamide is a rather mild anthelmintic agent and practically does not cause side effects during the course of treatment, systematic use for the purpose of prophylaxis is not advisable. However, we all know that the prevention of parasites is necessary, especially for lovers of meat and fish. To prevent the development of worms in the human body, it is necessary to take means of a natural nature, for example, charges or tinctures of anthelmintic herbs.

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