Drug "Gomeovoks": instructions for use

Description and features of the pharmacological action of the drug

homeobox instructionThe drug "Gomeovoks" instruction defines as a multicomponent homeopathic remedy intended for the treatment and prevention of various ENT diseases that are manifested by hoarseness and loss of voice in patients of different age groups. The pharmacological effect of these tablets is directly due to the mineral and vegetable substances contained in them, which have a pronounced mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The composition and release form of the drug

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The composition of the drug "Gomeovoks", instructions for use of which necessarily comes in the kit, includes three-leafed arizema, pharmacy aconite, calendula, belladonna, iron phosphate, potassium dichromate, burnt sponge, dioecious cross step, soluble mercury according to Hahnemann, sulfuric lime and kandikan poplar. All listed substances are contained in the volume of 0.091 milligram.Also in a small amount, sucrose, lactose, magnesium stearate and starch are included in the composition of this homeopathic agent, acting as auxiliary components. Talc, acacia gum, carnauba wax, gelatin and white beeswax form the basis of the shell of the "HomeoWox" tablets, the instructions for which confirm this. The drug is produced in the form of odorless, homeopathic dragees, in a cell package of twenty pieces.

List of indications and contraindications

The drug recommends the use of the drug "Gomeovoks" for the treatment of laryngitis caused by various causes - ligament overvoltage (at presentations or during lectures), stress or colds. In addition, according to numerous reviews, this homeopathic remedy with anti-inflammatory action is also very effective in preventing voice loss and hoarseness.

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Use the drug "Gomeovoks" should not be patients younger than one year old, as well as those who suffer increased individual sensitivity to the active and auxiliary components included in its composition.Lactose intolerance and sucrose – isomaltase deficiency are also reasons for discontinuing this drug.

Method of use of the drug

Take tablets "Gomeovoks" by resorption in the mouth until dissolved. In this case, it is recommended to use them in the intervals between meals. For the treatment of laryngitis adult patients will be enough to use two tablets every hour. As the painful symptoms diminish, the dosage can be gradually reduced to prophylactic. The duration of the course of administration is determined individually in each specific situation, however, if a noticeable improvement does not occur after seven days, the drug should be withdrawn. Patients aged one to six years, the drug "Gomeovoks" must be diluted with a small amount of water before direct administration.

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