Drops in the ears

The causes of most problems with the ears areinfection (external, inner and middle ear), deafness (congenital or developed with time), and the formation of stoppers from earwax. All pathologies can also be divided into congenital, resulting from injuries, as well as from common diseases. It is necessary to list some of them. Otosclerosis - a violation of the functions of the three major ossicles of the middle ear, are treated only surgically. Ménière's disease is a disease of the inner ear. Middle otitis media is an inflammation of the middle ear. Furunculosis - inflammation of the external ear. Otomycosis is a disease caused by pathogenic fungi that have affected the external auditory canal. Labyrinthitis - internal otitis media. Treatment in all these cases can be prescribed only by a doctor after the diagnosis is established. In some pathologies, drops are used in the ears, they also can not be used without consulting a doctor, especially for young children.

The problems that are caused are very commoninfections of the external and middle ear. They occur when bacteria from the nasopharynx enter the eustachian tubes in the middle ear. Most often, otitis media is seen in small children, most of them are sick before the age of three. Otitis can develop at different rates and is divided into acute and chronic. As a result, an inflammatory exudate is formed in the ear, and purulent or catarrhal otitis is distinguished by its nature. For treatment use, including, and drops in ears for children. For example, the drug "Sanguiritrin" drips 1-2 drops to children up to 4 times a day with chronic purulent otitis. With external otitis injected turuns, moistened with the drug, into the ear canal. The active substance is sanguirithrin, its concentration is 0.2% in ethanol with a mass fraction of 95% in purified water.

At the slightest appearance of pain in the ear,young children, you should immediately consult a doctor, since there is a risk of developing meningitis or an abscess of the brain. They treat the disease with antibiotics, but the doctor can also prescribe drops in the ears at the otitis. For example, the drug "AANURAN" is used for acute and chronic external otitis, as well as for otitis media. Drip the preparation with a special pipette into the ear canal up to 4 times a day. In chronic and acute otitis, boric acid is also prescribed, which is treated for 5 days, digesting 3 to 3 drops 3 times a day.

In the case of fungal damage to the external auditorypassage (otomycosis), droplets in the ears of "NITROFUNGIN" are prescribed. The drug goes on sale in bottles of dark glass with a volume of 25 ml and concentration of active substance equal to 1%. In 1 ml of the drug contains 10 mg of chloronitrophenol. Auxiliary components are ethanol with a concentration of 96%, purified water and triethylene glycol. When pregnant and breast-feeding young children, these drops in the ears can not be used. If there is a need for their appointment, the question of the immediate cessation of the child's breast-feeding should be resolved. In addition, there are side effects that can be expressed by local irritation, photodermatitis, allergic reaction. Therefore, the drug is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to its components.

Also, drops in the ears are used for problems,associated with the formation of congestion due to the intense release of earwax, released in the external ear bypass. The separation process itself is considered normal, as it is a natural lubricant, as well as a way to protect against penetration into the ear of pathogenic microorganisms and removal of particles of dead skin and bacteria. Children have more sulfur, and it moves faster. With aging of the body, this process slows down, as a result of a large accumulation, cork formation and deterioration of hearing can occur. In addition, because of the blockage of the ear canal, microbes from the nasopharynx can penetrate into the middle ear and provoke inflammation. Therefore, you should consult a doctor who will remove the stopper and, for prevention, prescribe drops in the ears, which will help soften the earwax and remove it. Often used drug "Earex Plus Ear Drops", is available in 10 ml vials, contains choline salicylate (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and moisturizing glycerin. Drops soften the earwax and facilitate its removal.

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