Dream Interpretation: corpse to what dreams?

A series of dreams in which the corpses appear foreshadows difficulties and financial losses in real life. What do the dead see? How does a dream book interpret such phenomena? Corpsepersonifies commerce failure, personal disappointment. Often he dreams in anticipation of sad events or illness.

Dreamed a corpse

Dreams in most cases are experiences of the past day or disturbing thoughts about the future. What does the corpse foreshadow in a dream? What does the dream book say? The corpse is a symbol of the leakage of energy. It can occur for various reasons, be the result of anxiety, fears, excitement. A corpse in a dream is a warning that changes are taking place in an emotional state. This is a signal of future misfortunes, disappointments.

dream dream corpse

There is a belief that after such a dream it is necessary to eat a small piece of raw meat, then the resulting negative will not touch the sleeper. Folk signs say that after seeing a dead body in a dream, you should find a dead animal in real life. Having dug it in the forest, a person will get rid of future illnesses, failures.

To see the dead is a bad sign. But if you dreamed a corpse of a person who is alive in reality, then happiness and longevity promise him such a dream.

Kiss the corpse - to good news. Wearing it - to the imminent death of a loved one. Cut the heart of the corpse - will be a struggle of feelings, pity for the enemies. Swollen, it means the dreamer's greed, craving for surplus. Anatomize him, cut organs - a symbol of self-digging in his past problems.

What dreams of many corpses?

If there were many dead people - what decoding can the dream book offer? What do the corpses dream about? This dream is the harbinger of misfortune and misfortune. Many problems will have to be solved simultaneously. There will be difficulties in communicating with other people.

A dream in which several corpses lie on the road - a symbol of obstacles. It means that there will be flaws in the implementation of plans. Or you will have to face problems on the road, on a business trip.

dream book to see a corpse

If the dead are covered with a battlefield, it is possible that military operations are coming in the country where the dreamer lives. The signal of an emergency illness are the corpses of relatives and friends.

Sleeping next to the dead - to the deterioration of health.The corpses of animals or birds promise unforeseen situations that will hinder the implementation of the plans.

If he came to life

Why dream that the corpse came to life? Dream interpretation interprets such a dream as a favorable sign. He promises success and fun. But there is another meaning: the revived corpse is a symbol of the return of old problems, enemies.

If in a dream the dead person smiles or laughs - this means that the dreamer is in danger. Gossip, lies, scams surround him. The sleeper should reconsider his behavior, to avoid rash actions, ambiguous situations.

Moving a corpse in a dream speaks of the imminent changes in real life. If the dead person flies or hovers above the ground, changes in career and personal life are coming.

If the dead man has grabbed the sleeper and does not release - what does the dream book say in this case? The corpse that holds the person is a symbol of the material world. Such a dream means that the dreamer cares little for spiritual growth, preferring the craving for accumulation.

If it is dismembered

A dead man without a head foreshadows events that will bring confusion into the soul of the dreamer. Unpleasant facts can emerge from the past that will damage reputation.Or the intrigues of the enemies will lead to rash steps, which the dreamer will later regret.

What is the dismembered corpse? Dream Interpretation warns that such a dream - to the numerous squabbles, turmoil. In the life of the sleeper there will be problems that can not be delayed. One should calmly consider possible slander. Try to eliminate all conflicts.

Dream Interpretation: hide the corpse

Especially sensitive, emotional people can often see corpses in their sleep. Such visions should not be given meaning. They are merely experiences about the past day or future events. Another thing, when a corpse in a dream appears rarely. Then you should pay attention to the accompanying elements of the dream.

Hiding the body means trying to hide something from others or from yourself. This may be unfinished business, which do not want to return. Or the mystery that the dreamer carefully concealed will be publicized.

dream book what are the corpses dreaming

If a person rushes about in a dream, not knowing where to hide the corpse - this means that in real life there is a traumatic situation. This may be due to relationships that have become obsolete.In any case, you must try to get rid of unfinished business, unpleasant secrets.

Carrying a corpse on your hands is a fatal mistake. She can completely change life for the worse. It is necessary to avoid contact with the dead in his dream.

Corpse in water

If a drowned man ghosted - how does the dream book interpret it? A corpse in the water brings with it unpleasant events, sad news. In such a dream one should pay attention to what is happening with the drowned man. If the current carries him away from the dreamer, this is an auspicious sign. He promises deliverance from burdensome duties.

If the dreamer himself throws the corpse into the water, then all beginnings will end in failure. After such a dream you should not take up new things. Do not make deals, do not enter into contracts with unfamiliar people. It is necessary to postpone for the time of meeting, entry into a new position.

Dead body in grave

To see the dead man in a coffin - it is possible that in the near future one of your friends will die or become seriously ill.

What interpretation gives a dream tomb? Human corpseburials, graveyards - such visions speak of hidden talents. The dreamer, for various reasons, does not wish to develop his abilities. Buried talents are what the grave in a dream or the corpse in it means.It is necessary to resurrect their dreams, ideals, abilities, and such a dream will not happen again.

dream person's corpse

If the sleeper himself is digging the grave - we should expect good news. But the disappeared corpse, for which it was dug, promises unpleasant conversations.

Fresh grave with a dead man - a warning of danger. Enemies are preparing misinformation that will lead to sad events in the dreamer's life.

Burn corpses

Fire in a dream is a symbol of purification. If corpses burn in a dream - it's time to break off relationships with some people. When the dreamer himself sets fire to the bodies of the dead, then he has made his choice. Such a dream foreshadows the renewal of life, the removal from unnecessary connections.

Another interpretation - getting rid of the disease. The corpse personifies the undermined health. After the dead person burns down in a dream - improvement will come.

Color matters too

Special attention should be paid to the color of the deceased. Some sources claim that a half-decayed corpse is for joy and relief from problems.

  • Covered with moss, green - he warns of excessive waste. You need to revise your financial expenses.
  • Bleeding wounds on the corpse promise a surge of strength, vitality.
  • Blackened, he warns of the approach of a breakdown, melancholy. Perhaps, future events will lead to a depressive state.
  • Blue corpse means coldness, indifference of the dreamer. You should reconsider your relationship with loved ones.
  • The Crimson Dead foreshadows situations in which the dreamer will worry and worry too much.

dream dream corpse in water

If the corpse lies on the dinner table, then such a dream foreshadows business success, career takeoff. But if the dead person is dressed in black - great difficulties or, perhaps, death of a loved one are coming.

Dream Interpretation: the corpse of a child

Such a dream is a warning sign. It promises children's illness or problems with them. Sleep warns that attention should be paid to the relationship with the child. You may have to restore lost confidence, to compensate for the shortcomings of education. The negative interpretation of sleep is the death of a child.

The psychological aspect of the dream means maturing. The corpse of a child is the willingness of the dreamer to say goodbye to children's insults and move to a new level of spiritual development.

Corpse of a man

If a dead man ghosts - what will a dream book tell about such a dream? See the corpse of a man - to conflicts with the stronger sex. Perhaps the suppression of their activity, dedication. A man in a dream is a symbol of work activities, relationships with the outside world. A dead person in a dream warns about delays in career matters, intrigues and quarrels with colleagues and superiors.

Corpse of a woman

The corpse of a woman means quarrels with relatives - mother, grandmother, sister. This is a dream that promises problems in the family. Woman - the personification of the house, relationships with relatives. Therefore, to see the deceased in a dream - to family troubles.

Had a nightmare

A nightmare has a bright emotional color and is permanently remembered. All unpleasant feelings, unspoken angry words, painful situations can find an entrance to a nightmare. Most often, such dreams do not have negative consequences in real life.

dream book hide corpse

Causes of nightmares:

  1. Ample meal before bedtime.
  2. Acceptance of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Violation of breathing, snoring in a dream.
  4. Stressful situation in real life.
  5. External stimuli during sleep (stuffiness, uncomfortable bed, loud noises).
  6. Extreme tiredness (physical or emotional).
  7. Watching scary bedtime movies.

If you have a nightmare, not related to these reasons, you should pay more attention to the details of the dream. The corpse indicates anxiety, constant anxiety. A dead man in a dream speaks of a serious problem that should be immediately resolved. It can be associated with health, work, personal relationships.

For a loving person, a nightmare in which a corpse appears, means a break in relations, betrayal. If the dreamer himself is a dead man - the completion of difficult tasks is near.

Conversation with the corpse

As the dream book says, a corpse talking to a dreamer will bring good luck, financial gain. There will be anxiety in real life, small troubles. But all problems will disappear soon. It is possible that the dreamer expects help from a high-ranking person.

dissected corpse dream book

The dream in which there was a conversation with the corpse, heralds a change in life, the long-awaited calm after protracted conflicts. Calm conversation with the dead is a good sign that will help regain lost trust, material wealth.

If the corpse first lay, and then got up and spoke - fun and joy will bring such a dream. It means that the dreamer will soon attend entertainment events.

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