Does it hurt to give birth?

All pregnant women have a fear of childbirth. And the closer the expected date of delivery, the more fearful expectant mothers experience, and their more experienced friends warm up this fear with their stories of torture, through which the woman passes. Is it painful to give birth and how to reduce this very pain - let's figure it out in order.

Does it hurt to have a baby

Answering the question whether it is painful to give birth the first time, we can say with certainty - yes. As in the second, and the third and any subsequent time. Certainly the process of childbirth causes pain, but it is quite tolerable. Especially if the birth is naturally and without complications. The main thing is not to lose your head and carefully listen to your doctor and obstetrician. Then the birth will be as easy and fast as possible. The main thing to remember, if you set yourself that the birth will be painless, then it will be so!

If in the process of childbirth complications have arisen, then the painful sensations can intensify quite significantly. But even in this case, doctors will not bully you and offer anesthesia.

Anesthesia during labor

If your childbirth is long and painful, or you have a low pain threshold and simply have no strength to endure, doctors can offer several types of pain relief:

  1. Epidural anesthesia. The most popular method of labor pain relief. In this method, drugs are inserted through the catheter into the lower back. As a rule, women are afraid of this method of anesthesia, mistakenly believing that epidural anesthesia will lead to unrecoverable side effects. In fact, epidural anesthesia is no more dangerous than any local anesthesia, which is done during operations.
  2. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas). It is a mixture of nitric oxide and oxygen. It is used by inhalation. This method relaxes and dulls the pain, but does not eliminate it as an epidural.
  3. Applying heat. This method of anesthesia refers to natural, non-drug methods. Applying heat to the stomach or lower back (depending on what hurts you more) relaxes the muscles and thus relieves pain, of course, only partially.
  4. Massage. A great way to relieve pain if you have a joint birth or if the midwife is with you throughout the entire period of labor.
  5. Childbirth in water.Being in a bath or water relaxes muscles and perfectly relieves pain during contractions. However, it should be noted that birth in water should take place not at home, but under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Does it hurt to give birth with cesarean section

In some cases, vaginal delivery is not possible and doctors make decisions about delivery through cesarean section. Most often, epidural anesthesia is used during this operation, but sometimes a general anesthetic is given to the parturient. And in fact, and in another case of pain during childbirth you will not feel, but the recovery process after will be long and painful enough. The first days after giving birth with a caesarean section to a young mother can not even sit down, she is shown bed rest, therefore she will not be able to do without the help of her relatives. In addition, the scar on the uterus will have to be observed for a long time, and each subsequent birth will most likely be performed in the same way, with the help of an operation.

No matter how your childbirth passes, remember that this is the process of the birth of your baby. And let him bring inconvenience and pain, still pregnancy and childbirth - one of the best times in a woman's life.

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