Do the dead see us?

Our life is fussy and fussy. All the time we are somewhere in a hurry, we run, we are late. But our term on this earth is not so great. And what awaits beyond the threshold of life? Emptiness? Is there life after death? Do the dead see us? Is it possible to communicate with those who have already left us?

Recently, there has been more than one observation of those who survived a clinical death. As it turned out, people were fully conscious, they could see and hear after leaving the body.

The Opinion of the Church

Would this mean that the answer to the question: Do the dead relatives see us, "yes"? The Church says that death does not exist, only a transition from one world to another is taking place. And each of us has already experienced such a transition. It happened at birth, when the new man left his mother's womb in agony and suffering.

In the Orthodox Church there are special days whenthe deceased are commemorated. This custom is based on the deep belief that the human soul is immortal, and death itself is a dream for the body and a time when the liberated soul can rejoice.

Perhaps that's why Christians in their prayerswish the dead to be near peace and peace where there is no sorrow, no suffering, no disease. Religious people have confidence that the answer to the question: Do the deceased hear us - positive. And also people believe that their prayers will help the departed souls in their wanderings and protect them from evil forces.

The Existence of Hell and Heaven

In the book of E. Barker published materials that described the observations of a person who made an attempt to convey their impressions of being in the other world. He did this with the help of automatic writing, this is when someone invisible writes a hand of a living person. However, an ordinary person is hard to believe in, but before a person who claims such things, they simply thought it crazy.

So, how do our dead parents live? There are many views. The church says that the soul flies either to hell or to paradise. In paradise there are all kinds of blessings, and in hell - eternal pain.

In ancient religions, the afterlife looks likea gloomy kingdom where there is no joy, no sunlight, and all people go to the same place, and no matter what they were in life. The very first attempt to link death to retribution was the "Book of the Dead" in Egypt. After death, each person went to the court of Osiris, according to the results of which he went either to Ial (blessed fields, the prototype of Elysium, or the Champs Elysees), or sinful souls were sent to complete destruction.

According to ancient Greek beliefs, the souls, which the gods did not anger, wandered in Elysium and sinners - were punished in hell.

But to find out exactly what happens to a person after death, so far no one has succeeded.

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