"Do not go, children ..." The most dangerous insect in the world

In the world there is a lot of interesting and mysteriousof things. And, probably, most of us read with pleasure the collections about the most-most: the biggest, the smallest. And even more interesting are the most poisonous or the most terrible. This article will discuss the 10 most dangerous insects in the world. So, we start to get scared!

the most dangerous insect in the world

The most dangerous insects in the world

Caterpillar "Lazy Clown"

Do you like insects? Or even the appearance of an innocuous caterpillar or spider leads to panic horror? If you choose the second option, then you still have cause for joy. The fact is that the most dangerous insect in the world lives in South America. This is the caterpillar of Lonomy, the locals call it a "lazy clown". She is incredibly beautiful, but, it is worth noting, is also poisonous. The venom of lonnemia causes internal bleeding. In this case, the kidneys fail, and horrible stains spread over the body. If a person touched several individuals at once, then a hemorrhage to the brain is possible. The sad statistics say that from the poison of this caterpillar every year up to 30 people die, the same number become disabled for life.

the most dangerous insects in the world

Asian Hornet

Continuing the top-ten under the title "The most dangerousinsect in the world ", the second should be noted Asian hornets. This insect is the biggest hornet in the world. The length of his body reaches seven centimeters. And it's incredibly aggressive. And if the hornet attacks a person, then it can be confidently said that the poor fellow simply will not get away. The sting of the monster is about six millimeters, and the poison in the literal sense corrodes flesh. In addition, this insect has a special pheromone that attracts other hornets. This monster inhabits China, Japan, India, Korea, Nepal. Horny larvae feed on bees. Attacking the hives, they literally in a few minutes straightened with a bee family and eat all the larvae, leaving behind a mountain of torn corpses.

The 10 Most Dangerous Insects of the World


Androktonus is the most poisonous representativescorpions. He lives in Africa. This is a real giant: the size of the scorpion is about ten centimeters. The poison contains the strongest neurotoxin and is incredibly dangerous for humans. Every year several people die from the bite of this insect.

the most dangerous insect in the world

Bullet ant

These ants live in such a fighting name inSouth America. They settle a dwelling on trees and attack all who will approach to their house, falling directly on a head. Often attacked poor fellow tourists. When an ant attacks, it makes a war cry, like a piercing squeak. The poison of the insect is toxic, and the bite is very painful. People who had the misfortune to be bitten said that the sensations are comparable to a gunshot wound, because the ants so nicknamed. Aboriginal people have a ritual of dedicating a boy to a man. So, the young man must put his hands in the lair of these monsters and keep them there for ten minutes. Often after this ritual the child is paralyzed for several hours. To become a warrior, this procedure must be repeated twenty times.

The 10 Most Dangerous Insects of the World

African bee

She also falls under the category "The most dangerousan insect in the world. " African bees do not differ in appearance from ordinary bees. But this is only in appearance. Winnie the Pooh would have said about them that these are the wrong bees. The fact is that these insects are abnormally aggressive. They will not give you any chance as soon as you get closer to their dwelling closer than five meters. And they will chase a few kilometers, while it is very painful biting. Having received a horse dose of bee venom, you can die. So be careful.

The 10 Most Dangerous Insects of the World

Brazilian Traveling Spider

Another dangerous creature lives in South America. And his wandering spider's name. According to statistics, the Guinness book in 2010 was named the most poisonous in the world. The poison of these spiders causes a complete loss of control over the muscles, which leads to paralysis and suffocation. There is an antidote for biting, but in many cases it is not able to save the life of the victim.

The 10 Most Dangerous Insects of the World


Another representative of arachnids entered thethe ten most-most. Karakurt is a very dangerous spider, its poison kills instantly. The poison of the Karakurt is stronger than the poison of the rattlesnake fifteen times. Spider size is average: 10-20 mm. The body is black. On the abdomen, both in males and females, there are characteristic red spots. Fully mature individuals have a black color, without red spots. And interestingly, they cease to be poisonous. An adult spider can not bite the skin of a person.

10 most dangerous animals in the world


Surely you have often heard about this insect, andmaybe even met. They dwell all over the world. Varieties of gadgets are many. There are horse gadflies, cow's and, oh horror, human. They were divided into subgroups not by chance. The whole point is that for each species a certain host is needed, in the body of which the larva of this insect will grow. And it will grow where it will be put off. And it does not matter what it will be: a leg, a head, an orbit or some other organ. There were cases when large larvae were extracted from the human brain. So be careful when resting in the bosom of nature.

The 10 Most Dangerous Insects of the World

Fire Ants

Homeland of these insects is the SouthAmerica, where they got to North America: the climate for breeding was very favorable, there were no natural enemies, and they bred to an incredible amount. These ants have become a real disaster for the country. They have a sharp sting and strong poison. The poison, of course, is not fatal, but very painful. And they eat all the insects that they meet on their way, and what can not be eaten, for example, electrical wiring, traffic lights, etc., it will necessarily spoil. And the poor state bears losses every year amounting to six billion.The 10 Most Dangerous Insects of the World


And closes our top "The most dangerous insect inworld "mite. These unpleasant creatures belong to the class of arachnids. A favorite habitat for ticks is small bushes, tall grass. The tick is hanging on them in anticipation of its victim. And when it does, it digs into the flesh. But, as a rule, the tick bite is imperceptible, it injects an anesthetic substance and begins to be screwed into the victim's body. A sucking, drinking blood. They are dangerous, in particular, by the fact that they carry such a terrible disease as encephalitis. The disease can cause disruption of the central nervous system, and sometimes paralysis. And often recorded cases with a fatal outcome.

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