Do I need to pass inspection?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
December 19, 2012
Do I need to pass inspection?

Since 2012, the procedure for the maintenance of road transport from the Ministry of Internal Affairs has passed to the Russian Union of Motor Insurers. This organization issues licenses to private stations of a car service for this type of work. Prices for this service are set in each region of their own, but they can vary from 300 to 700 rubles. The point is not the amount, but the fact that you will not receive a CTP insurance policy if there is no ticket confirming the serviceability of the car. In the absence of insurance, the traffic police officer has the right to issue a penalty for the absence of a policy.

What documents do MOT pass through?

THEN canceled for cars that are younger than 3 years old. However, owners of buses, taxis and trucks that carry dangerous goods, will have to come to THAT every 6 months.

Do I need to pass a vehicle inspection at the place of registration of the car? Now the driver has the right to pass maintenance in any region of the country. This makes life easier for those people who bought a car in another area and travel by proxy, as there is no need for annual tiresome trips.

What documents need to be submitted to pass a checkup?

  • technical passport or registration certificate;
  • general power of attorney (for a person who is not the owner of the vehicle);
  • identity card (passport, military ID for a soldier, refugees present a certificate issued by the FMS of the Russian Federation, stateless persons - a residence permit, foreigners - national passports. If the passport is lost, you can show a temporary identity card of 2P).

Innovation "Rosgosstrakh"

In connection with the introduction of the new law, the insurance companies themselves began to look for a workaround. For example, Rosgosstrakh issues CTP policies using a simplified scheme. It requires a written commitment from the car owner to undergo the maintenance procedure later. Thus, part of the responsibility is shifted from the insurer to the person who receives the policy. Other participants of the insurance market, this innovation "Rosgosstrakh" commented as an attempt to monopolize. Do I need to pass inspection after this innovation?

If you do not need trouble on the road, we recommend that you pass inspection.After the validation of the inspection card, you can drive no more than 30 days. After that, the employee of the traffic police can immediately deprive you of the license plates or write a decree banning the operation of the vehicle. This decision is immediately entered into the traffic police database, and at the first post your car is sent to the penalty area. Traditional excuses “not enough time to pass a technical inspection” will not help here either.

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