Dnipropetrovsk, pub "MakhnoPAB": address, photo, reviews

Not so long ago in the city in Ukraine there was a neworiginal institution. It almost immediately became a favorite place for rest of many townspeople. "Makhno PAB" (Dnepropetrovsk), according to the idea of ​​its creators, is a territory of anarchy, where the atmosphere of the twenties of the last century reigns. In this cafe you can have a fun evening with friends or with close people, having tasted stunning dishes of Ukrainian folk cuisine.

Prehistory of origin

The idea of ​​creating such an institution is in thiscity ​​is not accidental, since the anarchist ataman Nestor Ivanovich often came to Dnepropetrovsk. The pub "MakhnoPAB", named in his honor, keeps in its walls many memorable photographs and various documents related to this legendary man who was born near this place - in the village of Gulyai-Pole.

Dnipropetrovsk pub Makhno

With this city it is connected not only with the military,but also cordial matters. A famous ataman was once married in a church in Pridneprovsk. The history of the stay of a great personality in this inhabited locality in Ukraine, once called Yekaterinoslav, has already been covered with legends and various speculations. At present, it is very difficult to determine which of these stories may turn out to be true, but what a fiction. But, visiting the city of Dnepropetrovsk, pub "MakhnoPAB", located in its center, you can plunge into the atmosphere of those distant times. And learn a little more about the folk dad.


This institution with such an original namelocated in a building where once was a garment factory named after Volodarsky. Its unique for this city sign attracts the attention of all passersby "Makhno PAB" (Dnepropetrovsk). Photos of the facade of this cafe show that its exterior is decorated in a revolutionary style, which looks very unusual in a crowded place of the city, where mostly office buildings are concentrated.

Makhno pub Dnepropetrovsk


Inside the room the gaze of visitors opens upA huge hall with high three-meter ceilings. All furniture is stylized as Ukrainian tavern. The walls are painted in monophonic color and decorated with black banners with slogans: "Will or Death", "Mama - Anarchy", etc. In one of the halls there is a whole museum corner dedicated to the provocative ataman. Here you can see his photos, personal items, as well as weapons, hats, accordion, Cossack sabers, old books and utensils of those times. But the highlight of the restaurant's interior is the table, beyond which it is impossible to sit, as it is attached to the ceiling.

But not only with its unique atmosphere anddecoration attracts visitors to the cafe. Now all those who wish can become true Makhnovists, for this it is only necessary to come to Dnepropetrovsk. The pub "MakhnoPAB" and its good-natured staff will conduct such a joke ceremony for any of their clients. In addition, there is a small stage in the cafe where creative evenings and various concerts of famous performers are held periodically. Still here you can enjoy the sounds of live music, watch the broadcast of football matches and use free Wi-Fi.

Makhno pub Dnepropetrovsk address


Also attract visitors a delicious traditionalUkrainian dishes, which offer to try in the cafe "Makhno PAB" (Dnepropetrovsk). The menu is represented by a wide assortment of cold appetizers, various salads, first courses, desserts and various side dishes with amusing names. All food is prepared with special care and thoroughness, so the cuisine of the institution is very diverse. The signature dish of the pub is "Makhno-salad", consisting of baked vegetables and veal in garlic sauce. Some of the visitors who have already tried this dish tend to argue that its taste can not be compared to anything. Therefore, it is very popular among customers.

During lunch, you can refresh yourself with business lunches,which consist of two or three dishes. The menu of the cafe also offers a large selection of different alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as delicious cocktails. Thanks to this diversity, everyone here can find something to their taste and preferences.

Makhno pub Dnepropetrovsk photo

Price policy

People also like to visit the institution because of itsrelatively affordable prices, as well as various shares that Dnepropetrovsk is famous for. PAB "Makhno" offers its visitors to taste delicious salads, the cost of which varies from 45 to 70 hryvnia (116-181 rubles). Or enjoy hot dishes, prices start from 58 UAH. If you transfer to our money, it will be 150 rubles.

Also here you can have a good lunch business lunch. It costs only 39 hryvnia (100 rubles). A variety of cocktails in this institution are also sold at very affordable prices. Their cost starts from 30 hryvnia (77 rubles). Young visitors who come to a cafe with their parents can enjoy delicious desserts: pancakes, cheese cakes, ice cream and many others. They are also offered at the most pleasant prices, starting from 18 UAH (46 rubles).

Makhno pub Dnepropetrovsk menu

Impression of visitors

Thanks to such an extraordinary interior, deliciouscuisine and loyal pricing policy of this institution, it has become one of the most popular places for leisure activities for young people living in Dnepropetrovsk. Pub "Makhno", reviews of which almost all positive, positions itself as a cafe for all age groups, which will be enjoyed by any public. Therefore, you can see not only the cheerful companies of students, but also families with children, as well as sports fans during the football matches.

The feedback of visitors about this cafe says that,that pleasant bartenders and waiters work here, which very quickly react to the incoming customers and bring the order with lightning speed. In this interesting and original pub, even the account is presented in special books of those times, due to which it is possible to feel more deeply the atmosphere of the "Ukrainian underground" that reigned in the twenties of last century.

People also like delicious and hearty dishes,which are offered to customers at relatively inexpensive prices. Especially a lot of visitors in the cafe can be seen when there are held literary evenings or musical performances of popular artists and various creative groups. All people who have visited this institution, say that there really can be plunged into an individual atmosphere. And have fun with your family or friends.

Where is?

In the heart of the city there is a cafe MakhnoPAB "(Dnepropetrovsk). The address of this institution is as follows: Babushkinsky district, Gopner street, house 4a. Near the cafe there is a flower shop "Patagonia", a coffee house "Coffee room" and a concert hall "Moulin Rouge". You can get here by bus № 43, the final stop of which is opposite this institution.

dnepropetrovsk pub reviews

Helpful information

The pub operates around the clock and closes only in06:00 for the break, which lasts until 09:00. The table can be ordered by such phone numbers: +38 (095) 240-81-74, +38 (067) 634-70-23 or +38 (073) 036-25-05. Those who wish to receive a portion of positive emotions and a lot of pleasant impressions, no doubt, must visit this original pub in the center of Dnepropetrovsk. Working in this institution, qualified waiters and talented chefs guarantee to all their visitors a pleasant leisure and wonderful mood.

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