DIY grounding for years to come

Power surges, bad weather conditions, wiring problems can lead to what is very dangerous to human life. When the insulation on the wire is damaged, the bare wire begins to look for an object with zero potential. Zero potential is grounded. But if there is no such thing near, he begins to release electric current into everything around him. And this in turn can lead to the most unpleasant consequences. To prevent all this, it is necessary to ground to all electrical power sources. This is a wiring that combines all electrical appliances in the house with a grounding device. Thanks to this, it is possible to prevent a person from being hit by a current, to ensure good functioning of electrical appliances, and to reduce the amount of electrical noise.grounding installationGrounding installation does not require special skills. Therefore, even a person far from electricians will cope with this.It is only necessary to understand the scheme of work a little and to approach the matter carefully and responsibly.

Making a grounding with your own hands

Grounding is electrodes dug into the ground, connected by a metal strip to each other on the land plot. Therefore, first you need to dig three holes (for example, a triangle). The depth of such pits should be 40-50 cm. Pre-pointed electrodes should be dug into these pits. Metal corners can be used as electrodes. Next, constructing grounding with your own hands, it is necessary to connect these three electrodes, having dug small grooves between them. In these grooves it is necessary to put metal conductors, which will connect the electrodes. Conductors with electrodes are best connected by welding. So, the ground loop is ready. Grounding installation involves work in several stages. Now it is necessary to dig up a small groove from the ground loop directly to the house. Attach a metal conductor to one of the electrodes and lay it to the house in the excavated groove and lift it slightly above the ground near the wall. All electrodes and conductors bury ground.At the next stage, it is necessary to connect the grounding, which is carried out to the house, already to the house wiring itself, or rather to the sockets where electrical appliances are connected. To begin with, a bolt should be welded to the conductor near the wall of the house, to which the wire leading to the wiring in the house will be screwed.DIY grounding

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Best use of three-core copper wire. Such wires are considered more durable. It is necessary to replace the usual monolithic wires with a three-core wire. Now it is necessary to bring three wires to the sockets - phase, zero and ground, while it is important to adhere to the color marking so as not to confuse the phase with the ground (the socket will not work). In all outlets should be two wires to the ground, they must be twisted together. All grounding should go separate residential. Having created a grounding with your own hands, you need to check its reliability. You can do this with a lamp. It is necessary to connect one contact to the phase, and the other to ground. If the grounding with your own hands is done correctly, the lamp should light up brightly.

Portable Grounding

portable groundThere is a ground that is different from the ground that is installed for a home.It is intended for working on individual elements of electrical systems. Usually during operation on transformers and similar points of the power grid, electricity is completely turned off. But this is not always a guarantee of security. Therefore, in such cases, portable grounding is used, which protects workers from electric shock in such areas. Such grounding can be found in specialized stores.

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