Digital photo frames: reviews, price, review and rating

Modern gadgets do not cease to amazeconsumers. Every day there are new items that suddenly become necessary and which everyone strives to buy. So it happened with photo frames. Their choice is so great that their eyes literally run up: the digital photo frame has become a popular gift. Surprisingly, they are available in different sizes: you can buy a small keychain and a picture in the full screen of the monitor. Small photo frames can be carried with you: photos of your loved ones will always be there.

To keep up with the times

It can be safely stated that allanalogue deviates from use: a digital product captures the attention of the consumer and has a huge priority. Today, few people use an analog camera: why, if there is digital? A great opportunity to store photos in electronic form, convenience, new media - flash drives, memory cards - all led to the time and photo albums to make electronic.

To this and came the progress: created photo frames, in which you can store and view a huge number of photos.

digital photo frames reviews

General information

But man is used to and does not want to give upthat can always put a photo in a frame on a table or hang on a wall and admire the image. Only for this and they are printed on paper. Modern digital albums are designed so that they can be installed on the desktop or carry in your pocket. Digital photo frames, reviews of which are only positive, are produced in different models. How do you know which frame from a wide range to choose? Of course, only the one with a high-resolution display. And it's not important - it's a pocket version or a whole digital picture. Knowing some information about what there are digital photo frames, reviews about them, you can perfectly navigate with the purchase and make the right choice. Often there is a need to buy a gift and there is a problem of choice. But such an electronic album can please any person.

digital photo frame

Digital Photo Frames: Overview

To view photos on the display, do notyou need neither a computer nor a laptop. Today, a digital photo frame will cope with this. At the very frame the amount of internal memory is small - and this is not required. They provide the opportunity to enjoy photos from any other media on which they are stored. It can be a memory card, USB. Therefore, an internal memory of up to 512 MB is enough.

When choosing a product, you should pay attention toScreen size: Frames are produced by conventional and wide format. This is important in order to match the parameter with the device that makes the pictures. If the format does not match, the photos can be cropped - they just will not fit. But with a small image, which is not enough for the whole screen, on the sides there will be black bars.

photo frames digital review

Diagonal Frames

Digital photo frame comes with differentthe size of the display. It can be quite small and can be only one inch, and maybe 19 inches diagonally. The most popular are photo frames, whose display size reaches 8 inches. On them, the quality of the picture is optimal, and the size is customary for perception.

It should pay attention to such an indicator,like the brightness and contrast of the image. The average brightness is 200-300 cd / m2 (the intensity of the glow for the display). The quality of the image is very important during viewing. With reduced brightness, it will be dark photos, poorly viewed subjects. This is unacceptable with digital devices - poor quality is left with analog gadgets.

digital frame texet

Contrast and resolution

There is still such an indicator as contrast,indicating the ratio of dark and light areas of the image. You should pay attention to this indicator: it should not be lower than 200: 1. The resolution of the display plays an important role when choosing a photo frame. The higher this figure is, the better the image.

As statistics show, there is one morean indicator that is important to take into account when choosing digital photo frames, reviews say this quite definitely. This is the viewing angle. After all, it is worth to deviate a little from it - the image changes, worsens. Viewing angle of 170 degrees vertically, and horizontally up to 180 is a good indicator.

All of the above listed indicators must be taken into account during the purchase of this gadget: then viewing photos will bring real pleasure.

digital photo frames prices reviews

The body and its parameters

The body is usually made of plastic. It also surrounds the display, which can be replaced if necessary. On the body are located and control buttons, slots for connectors. Some manufacturers switched to touch screens to reduce the number of buttons. But digital photo frames, reviews,about which write enthusiastic - this is a framework that does not have a touch screen. And it's not just that the cost of this increases: for such screens, the image quality is worse, especially in the sun.

All photo frames have slots for USB-ports, and they can be connected to computers, headphones, a flash drive. It is desirable that the food is mixed: both from the battery and from the network.

rating of digital photo frames

Additional options

In addition to the usual functions, digital photo frames are equipped withmore and more. They have the option of an alarm clock, hours, different modes of the timer. There are frames that can only be used with the control panel. Digital photo frame Texet-one of the popular models of this product.

Thanks to the additional features, they can beset at will: after returning home, the frame itself will turn on at the specified time. By previewing, you can select the desired photo or start a slide show. A zoom function is mandatory. It serves to enlarge the image on the screen. The frame can be rotated - the image rotates with it - the rotation function is responsible for this. This is a very convenient feature, which is equipped with many cameras, phones, iPhones and tablets.

digital mini photo frame

In addition to photos, there is an opportunity to watch andvideos: when choosing, you should pay attention to this indicator. Of course, photo frames with such functions will cost much more. But if the budget allows and you want to have such a device, you can spend a large amount. The cost of them for today ranges from 1750 to 5500 rubles.

Rating of digital photo frames

The cost of photo frames todayfluctuates between 1750-5500 rubles. When choosing a gadget, the buyer pays attention to many indicators, not just technical ones. What else is the consumer oriented on when choosing digital photo frames? Prices, reviews, quality assurance and product popularity are the main guidelines. Popular are gadgets that have features such as Bluetooth. After all, using it, it's easy to transfer images from your phone or phone. Popular photo frames that support Wi-Fi mode. There is always an opportunity to connect to a free Internet network. To do this, it is enough to have a connection with a laptop or computer.

Sony Digital Photo Frame

To find out the popularity of different types of photo frames,polls, tests are conducted, customer feedback is taken into account. Which of them are considered the best, established the agency TopTenReviews. Leaders are such models:

- NIX 8 "Hu-Motion Frame;

- Transcend PF830;

- PanImage 10.1 LED-Backlit.

But agencies are different and ratings from them - too. In the ranks of the best you can include such photo frames:

- Sony DPF-C1000;

- TeXet TF-308;

- Ritmix RDF-702;

- Kodak P76;

- Sony DPF-C700.

Thus, based on the ratings, you can make the right choice of photo frames. Modern gadgets adorn the life of a person, make it comfortable and convenient.

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