Diapers "Dada": reviews, benefits

With the birth of a child, parents have a massquestions on care. How to feed, what toys to buy and, of course, how to choose the right diapers. On this depends a strong sleep and a good mood of the baby.

The modern market offers a wide range ofof this product. Many parents prefer the trademark "Dada". Diapers reviews received the highest level. The great demand for this product is due to the excellent quality and reasonable price.Diapers diad reviews


Parents who use diapers "Dada", the reviews leave positive, thanks to the advantages that the products possess:

  • The soft inner layer contains an extract of aloe, which prevents intertrigo and irritation, thereby providing extra comfort to the child.
  • The absorbent core has an anatomical shape.
  • The absorbent reliably absorbs moisture, eliminating leaks.
  • Breathable layer in accordance with the latest technology promotes air circulation and ensures the comfort of the baby.
  • A special layer (diaper) is an additional protection against leakage.
  • Reliable flexible fasteners adapt to the body of the child, do not cause rubbing of the skin and provide freedom of movement. Even with repeated fastening, the product is firmly fixed.

Size chart

In order for the baby to be comfortable, you need to choose the product by size.

  • 2 mini - designed for newborns weighing up to 6 kg.
  • 3 midi - from 4 to 9 kg.
  • 4 maxi - from 7 to 18 kg.
  • 5 junior - from 15 to 25 kg.

dada diapers reviews

The products are suitable for both girls and boys. It is very easy to wear disposable diapers. Even if the Velcro tape is incorrectly fixed, it can be fixed in the right place several times. It will not lose its properties and will reliably hold the product. Funny drawings will certainly please the kids. Very often from parents you can hear reviews: "Oh, Dada baby diapers are very soft and practical!"

How to choose the right diapers

If you do not know which diapers to choose, start from the following characteristics.

Good quality products are soft and pleasant to the touch. The skin of the baby is very delicate, and these diaper properties are of great importance.

There should be a "breathing layer" that will prevent irritation caused by overheating.

Reviews of baby diapers dada

Quality products have an elastic waistband andfasteners, reliably fixing it and not restricting the movement of the baby. Velcro should not be peeled off when wet or in contact with children's hygiene products.

Particular attention should be paid to the absorbentlayer. It should remain even after use. If sprues or comes are formed, such a diaper is unable to perform its functions, leakage and discomfort can not be avoided.

Diapers "Dada" meet these requirements. The testimonies testify to the practicality of use and the absence of undesirable reactions to the skin of the child.

Additional recommendations

It is recommended to buy children's products inspecialized stores or pharmacies. That's where you get a guarantee that this is not a fake, and if necessary, you can get acquainted with the quality certificates. About diapers Dada you can find the necessary information from the consultants.

Pay attention to the expiry date of the products. Usually it is 2 years. Therefore, if you purchase diapers with a stock, check that the timing matched.

Diapers dada premium customer reviews

Keep open packaging is recommended in a dry place. Do not leave them in the bathroom, they can absorb moisture and lose their properties.

How often to change diapers "Dada": responses of parents

There is no common opinion, how many times it is necessary to disguise the baby, but some recommendations will help parents in caring for a baby.

  • Disposable diapers need to be changed before bedtime, this will ensure a relaxing stay.
  • It is necessary to put on a clean article before a walk, a visit to a doctor, the arrival of guests. This will save you from possible troubles and will keep you dry for a long time.
  • After 4 hours of use, it is necessary to change the diaper. This will prevent overheating and diaper rash.
  • After emptying the bowels, you should immediately wash your baby and change. Fecal masses are not absorbed and can cause severe irritation.
  • When the baby is actively moving, the diaper may be damaged. In this case, it must necessarily be replaced.

Particularly like the parents of diapers Dada Premium. Customer testimonials tell us that these are quality and reliable products that can provide dryness and comfort.

About diapers

Why use Dada?

First of all, it is safety for the child. The product does not cause allergic and other unpleasant reactions. Safely protects, allowing the baby to stay dry, regardless of activity. Night sleep will be strong and calm, parents will not have to change their clothes until the morning. In the daytime a crumb can play and learn the world without being distracted by petty trouble.

Many parents use diapers "Dada". Testimonials indicate that this product greatly facilitates the care of the child, since birth. There is no need to wash and dry a large number of children's clothes. There are no problems with diaper rash and irritation.

The cost of production is quite affordable for parents of any prosperity. And the quality, received at such a price, will certainly please.

Pediatricians and dermatologists recommend "Dada" - diapers reviews from physicians have received positive. And when parents have a choice, they listen to the opinion of specialists.

Quality diapers significantly save time for parents and provide comfort to a small fidget at any time of the day.

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