Passed sugar tests in our district polyclinic in Kiev, the result alarmed me, the indicator was 6.0. Say it is diabetes or just a predisposition to it. Who had such indicators on an empty stomach.
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Mikhail Korzhov
Mikhail Korzhov
Answered on February 13 17:10
You need to contact an endocrinologist, he will conduct additional tests, and accurately diagnose. Several factors may influence blood glucose, diabetes is not counted on one analysis.
Answered on February 13 17:55
My mom was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The main task is to keep the sugar normal with the help of a diet, moderate physical exertion and preparations. Now I think to buy her a blood glucose meter, so that I would know the blood sugar level at any time, I choose a model from these options
Answered on February 13, 18:00
To begin, retake the analysis in another laboratory, strictly on an empty stomach, the last meal should be no later than 22.00. Do not brush your teeth even in the morning, as the paste may affect the result.

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