ZTE Blade AF 3 - device specifications

Today we will discuss the phone ZTE Blade AF 3. Its characteristics will be described below. We have a cheap smartphone that costs a little more than 3000 rubles, but it has excellent performance and all the functions necessary for a modern mobile device.


zte blade af 3 specificationsPhone ZTE Blade AF 3 simple, no extrabloat. It is available to almost any customer. Such a phone can be an excellent solution for students, students and other representatives of the population with a small income. Now let's talk about the appearance of the smartphone ZTE Blade AF 3. The design features are presented below. It is both simple and modern. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase a model of black or white. The back cover of the phone is made with an imitation of the appearance of the skin. The size of the smartphone is quite compact. It can be used comfortably by both a child and an adult. Weigh the phone ZTE Blade AF 3 is also a bit, which is very convenient. The case has a metal insert and looks pretty solid. It's not recommended to get rid of the phone, but in its appearance it can be said that minor drops for this model are not terrible. The cover is removed very easily, all the buttons are conveniently located on the right side of the case. Connectors for connecting the charger and headphones are on top.

Speaker and camera

phone zte blade afNow let's talk about the sound of ZTE Blade AF 3. The characteristics of the dynamics are discussed below. It's pretty loud and quality. Also, the model is characterized by the presence of a sensitive microphone. Thanks to him, the interlocutor can perfectly hear the owner of the phone. The quality of the speaker and microphone is higher than that of many other cheap models.

Now let's talk about the screen of the phone ZTE Blade AF3. His characteristics are very worthy. The touch screen of the device type TFT 4.0 has a diagonal of 4 inches. The image quality is quite high, the picture is perfectly readable, and also saturated with colors. The image can be easily seen even in very bright light. Sensitivity of the sensor is excellent. The only drawbacks may be a relatively weak backlight, as well as the lack of a protective film for the screen of the device. The smartphone ZTE Blade AF3 can surprise buyers by having two cameras at once. The main camera for 5 megapixels allows you to receive photos of excellent quality. The flash allows you to shoot in the dark, it can also be used as a convenient flashlight. Front camera for 2 megapixels. It allows you to make high-quality sefi, as well as communicate on skype. Given the low cost of the ZTE Blade AF3, the quality of the cameras is much higher than would be expected from such a cheap device.


phone zte blade af 3Now let's talk about the communication capabilities thatprovides a smartphone ZTE Blade AF 3. Characteristics of communication tools include all the components necessary for a modern mobile device. The smartphone supports work with 3G-Internet at high speed. Also available is a connection to Wi-Fi networks and data transfer via Bluetooth. The device supports satellite navigation, and also has a built-in radio receiver. In the smartphone ZTE Blade AF3 everything works quite quickly and without failures. The performance of the device is quite acceptable. Naturally, the phone is too demanding for the system, but its capacity is sufficient for the stable operation of any desired applications and viewing video clips without hanging. The performance of the phone provides 512 megabytes of RAM, as well as 4 cores of the Spreadtrum SC7731 processor, whose capacity is 1.2 GHz. The built-in storage capacity for data storage is - 4 GB. This is quite enough for media files and installation of simple applications. But if you need more memory, you can easily increase it by installing additional media.


smartphone zte blade af 3 specificationsZTE Blade AF3 runs on the basis of the most popularamong the owners of phones operating system Android 4.4. The software platform has a very user-friendly interface and works stably. The phone received several installed factory applications, which may seem quite useful to users. Most popular programs do not crash or hang. ZTE Blade AF3 is the best option in terms of value for money. The buyer can easily get a multifunctional and productive device for only 3000 rubles. So we described the smartphone ZTE Blade AF 3. Its characteristics are presented in great detail.

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