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The generation of young people who grew up in the nineties, is significantly different from modern, and if they were born in a small city, the difference becomes more significant. The popular series “Real boys” was filmed in the pseudo-reality genre. That is why the place of his filming raises many questions. In the first seasons, everything was unequivocal - the shooting was carried out in Perm. Many residents of this city can tell and show where they shot "Real boys" - because these places are familiar to all.

Iconic places for Kolya and Lera

real boys season 1

Almost the entire first half of the film was shot in Perm. Many of the places where the main characters lived are recognizable and familiar to the indigenous people. Some time ago for visitors even conducted excursions to help see the location of filming. Let's tell, where they shot “Real boys” and subject lines connected with Kolya and Leroy:

  1. The apartment of the protagonist is located in an impressive building bearing the nickname “Loader’s House”. It is located on Monastyrskaya Street, 171.Interestingly, in the same house is located the club "Red Passion", which was mentioned in several series. Another remarkable fact is that in recent seasons Kolyan’s apartment was not shown, this is due to the fact that it was not possible to find a similar interior for filming, although the group tried very hard.
  2. The police station, in which the hero spent a lot of time, is located in the Palace of Youth on Petropavlovskaya Street, 185. The shooting of the first series began exactly here, it was completely recorded on an amateur camera.
  3. The university of Lera, to which the whole series of the film “Real Guys” was given in season 1, is also located in Perm, on Bukirev, 15. Students of PGNIU pass by the places of filming every day.
  4. The communications salon in which Kolyan worked was located on Lenin, 10. However, more scenes were filmed in the pavilion with decorations.
  5. Lera regularly met with her wealthy friends in the Santabarbara restaurant, which was located on Sibirskaya Street, 16.

It is impossible to tell where the “Real boys” were filmed, without mentioning the pavilion, in which the main character spoke the text to the camera. In the first seasons, it was located in Perm in the club "Mama", now in its place is the entertainment establishment "Khutorok".Later, the hero wrote down the text in the Moscow pavilion, the place changes occurred when the scenery acquired a different look.

Places where boys lived

real boys season 1

Among the iconic places of Perm in the credits of the series you can meet the embankment and Gorky Central Park, but not only these places are remembered by the audience. The boys lived in:

  1. In the cafe "Kumir", located in the neighborhood Krokhalevo on Kurchatov Street, 9. Not far from him there is the club "Ambush", which is associated with many moments from the first season.
  2. The premises of a car wash on Malaya Yamskaya Street, 9. There they filmed scenes in the car-care center of Anton and Vova, as well as many other moments.

Another place, which often appeared on the screens of the first seasons, is the habitat of “night butterflies”. These scenes were shot near DK Kalinin, which is located on Kuybyshev Street, 140 a.

"Moscow season"

real boys season 2

Once “Real boys”, the shooting location was changed dramatically - the main character went to Moscow, deciding to go to university. This season, the shooting was carried out on places familiar to all Russians - Red Square, Sparrow Hills, Moscow-City, VDNH.

Moscow adventures lasted two seasons.Viewers could note that not only the location of the shooting, but the picture itself in the frame has changed. The color scheme has become lighter. Most of the scenes related to the home appliance store were filmed in the pavilion.

The return of the "Real boys" to the shooting in the suburbs

real guys filming location

In 2015, once again, “The Real Boys” transferred the plot to Perm, but since it was impossible to shoot there, we no longer see familiar views of the Ural city on the screens. Almost all the scenes of the 8th season were filmed in the suburban village of Zarya, which used to be a closed military town. Now this settlement has been declassified and incorporated into Balashikha.

The main clue for the audience, where they filmed "Real Kids", became the usual borders, which in the Moscow region have a green color and appear a couple of times in the frame. An interesting fact - in this season several plots are connected with the journey of Vali and Vova to Anapa. Frames from him were filmed on one of the lakes near Moscow. The actors had to cope with a difficult task, since the shooting was carried out in October.

Location - Tver region

For the filming of the 10th season, the sitcom again changed the place of deployment. This is due to its budget and the necessary species.Most of the time the film crew spent in the Tver region, in the city of Kimry. This is confirmed by footage from the scene and photos in the Instagram on the random witnesses. Also, part of the shooting was carried out in Moscow pavilions.

Many believed that the story of the boys would end on this, because even the plot of the shooting of reality with Kolyan came to an end, but the hopes of the audience were justified. Literally a year later, it was announced the release of the new season, which for many was a real surprise.

Where was the last season filmed?

real boys plot

The eleventh season of “Real boys”, which was released on March 12, 2018, was a new milestone in the history of a simple Perm guy. It was not easy to shoot, as the hero traveled a lot on the plot. Most of the places for shooting have traditionally been found in the Moscow and Tver regions.

Frames on the screen appear footage from the real tour "Real boys", because it is not a secret for anyone that they have romped around the country for a year already with their own show. The season ended ambiguously, one of the old heroes returned to the boys - Sergey Oborin. For this reason, it can be assumed that in 2019 the sitcom will return to the screens again.

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