Designation of food in hotels: a reminder to the tourist

One of the main criteria that guide the choice of a hotel is the ability to dine without spending time searching for a suitable hotel. Today offers a huge selection of opportunities to organize their accommodation, leisure and diet on a trip or a business trip. For a simpler presentation of information, certain abbreviations are used to denote catering in hotels, which greatly simplifies the planning of a planned trip. Often, the structure of how a hotel customer will receive food or not receive it is served next to the type of accommodation.

Abbreviations do not indicate the quality of the dishes or their abundance; this information can be obtained from other sources.

Many travel companies detail the types of food in hotels. Decryption is sometimes very easy, as long as someone translates the abbreviation from English.

food designations in hotels

Power AO. What is it?

The following abbreviations are used to indicate the absence of food: NA - Not Available, JSC - Accommodation Only, OB - Only Bed,and RO - Room Only. Abbreviations are practically not used in popular hotels or resorts.


Of course, the lack of food has a positive effect on the price of the selected hotel. Such an organization is perfect for those who, being on vacation, plans to visit all sorts of excursions, spend a lot of time in restaurants, get acquainted with the local cuisine, or are used to organize their own diet.


In a country whose language is unfamiliar to tourists, eating RO in hotels can be a real problem. Not all countries can quickly find a good restaurant, and time, as you know, is the most expensive resource.

Types of food in hotels. Decryption

Breakfast only

For food in hotels where only breakfast is provided, abbreviation BB - Bed & Breakfast (bed and breakfast) is used. In the case of BB, the client may be offered one of the breakfast options: Continental Breakfast (continental breakfast), Buffet Breakfast (buffet). Depending on the quality and category of the hotel breakfast is as easy, which consists of a morning drink, rolls and slices of sausage and cheese, and quite dense with cuts, scrambled eggs and a hot dish. Having paid a certain amount, you can have dinner,and have dinner in such a hotel.


Ideal for those who immediately after breakfast goes to travel further. Breakfast is served no later than 7 am, thus freeing the rest of the day for excursions or business meetings.


An early breakfast is sometimes a problem for “owls”, and there is no way to refuse it if it is included in the price of accommodation.

Power ao. What is it

Half board

Decoding food types in hotels HB - Half Board and HB + - Half Board plus sounds like food twice a day, which consists of breakfast and dinner, and in rare cases, breakfast and dinner. The only difference between HB + or ExtHB from HB is the presence of alcoholic beverages, which are included in the price, or the opportunity to drink non-alcoholic beverages for free throughout the day.


Half-board is perfect for a family leading an active lifestyle, or for a person on a business trip, working during the day, but in need of a self-organized breakfast and dinner.


The quality and abundance of food can vary according to the category of the hotel.

For most resorts, these types of food are common in hotels, the decoding of which is often already indicated on the advertising booklet of the establishment.

food in hotels

Full board

FB - Full Board includes drinks and three meals a day. The abbreviations FB + or ExtFB denote an expanded guesthouse, which is different from the usual presence of alcohol and the ability to freely drink non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day.


One of the most convenient power systems, which removes from the rest all the problems associated with the search and organization of food.


If a tourist has an extensive excursion program, full board will be a waste of money, and half board is preferable.

ro food in hotels

All inclusive

Dining at the hotels "All Inclusive" consists not only of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also of additional opportunities to eat. To refer to food in hotels "all inclusive" use the following abbreviations: AL - All Inclusive, UAL - Ultra All Inclusive, Ex all inc, VIP all inc, Superior all inc and others. With this power supply system, the range of services is not limited to almost anything. Breakfast is replaced by an afternoon snack, then almost immediately lunch begins, and then two dinners. If you want to eat between meals, the hotel offers desserts, french fries, pizza and the rest.In such hotels mainly European cuisine is served, but national dishes can be offered.


A rich choice of food can satisfy anyone, even the most demanding tourist. In UAL systems, you can order food at the hotel yourself, thereby removing the need to spend time and energy on finding a tasty and high-quality lunch in a foreign country.


First of all, it is a price that is significantly higher than FB, HB or BB. In addition, such customer care binds the traveler to the hotel and makes it impossible to get acquainted with the culture of food in the "field conditions".

Additional power systems

There are several other designations of the type of food, for example: a la carte or Brunch dinner +. If a la carte is indicated, the dishes and their cost are offered in the menu. Brunch dinner + includes a late breakfast, which turns into lunch and sometimes dinner. Breaks between meals in a similar situation are absent. Brunch dinner + relevant for ski resorts.

The designations of food in hotels is a rather topical issue, because not every tourist knows all the abbreviations and is able to easily navigate them without any help.Especially when it comes to not English-speaking countries, but for example, African or Indian.

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