Description and instructions for use: "Mistral"

In this article, consider the drug "MistralOxy. "The instruction on the use of this drug asserts that it is intended for pre-sterilization cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization." This drug is produced by the Russian company CJSC "Factory of Household Chemicals."


In accordance with the instructions for use"Mistral" is a transparent reddish liquid with an unpleasant pleasant odor (due to the presence of a special perfume in the composition), which has excellent washing and sporicidal properties.

instructions for use of the mistral

The spectrum of antimicrobial effect of the drug is quite wide. He is active against:

  • pathogens especially dangerous infections: spores of Siberian ulcers, tularemia, plague and cholera, viral agents (HIV, cytomegaly, rotavirus, parainfluenza, poliomyelitis, adenovirus, herpes, hepatitis, ECHO, ARVI, atypical pneumonia, Coxsackie, enteroviruses, noroviruses);
  • GR + and GR-bacteria (including mycobacterium tuberculosis);
  • mold fungi, dermatophytes and fungi of the genus Candida.

Structure of the preparation

Let's pay attention to the components of Mistral disinfectant. The instruction for use contains data on its chemical composition:

  • the main components: hydrogen peroxide -10%, chloride alkyldimethylbenzylammonium-12%, polyhexamethylene-biquanide hydrochloride - 6%;
  • additional ingredients: water, neurogenic surfactant, perfume, antirust additive, colorant.

mistral disinfection instruction manual

Where and when is used the concentrate "Mistral"

Instruction for use states that this product is necessary when:

  • manual disinfection (includingpre-sterilization cleaning) of medical devices, including surgical and dental instruments from a variety of materials: glass, metal, plastic, rubber;
  • disinfection by the mechanized method of metal tools in ultrasonic devices of the "Crystal" type;
  • cleaning pre-sterilization, which is not combined with disinfection, medical products from a variety of materials both mechanized and manual;
  • final cleaning of endoscopes before the TLD;
  • disinfection of respiratory-anesthetic partsequipment, suction systems in dentistry, kuvezov, spittoons, denture billets of plastic, ceramics and metal, imprint of silicone and other stomatomaterialov;
  • TLD endoscopes;
  • sterilization of various medical products;
  • disinfection of various surfaces: hard furniture, plumbing fixtures, apparatus, appliances and utensils in laboratories, pharmacies, canteens, as well as kitchen implements, linens and appliances designed to care for patients;
  • elimination of food residues and secretions: urine, vomit, blood, sputum;
  • disinfection of cleaning and medical equipment, contaminated with pathogenic fungi or mycobacteria tuberculosis (dressing materials, rubber mats, etc.);
  • disinfection of toys and footwear when contaminated with bacteria, viruses, Candida fungi, dermatophytes;
  • final, preventive or currentdisinfection in health facilities, obstetric hospitals, children's institutions, pharmacies, various laboratories, treatment rooms, blood sampling and transfusion stations;
  • disinfection of surfaces in the foci of infections,motor transport (sanitary, for transportation of food) and at communal enterprises (dormitories, hotels, solariums, baths, beauty salons, public toilets, hairdressers, laundries);
  • surface treatment at public catering establishments, food markets, in shopping and entertainment centers, military, social, sports institutions and so on;
  • disinfection of surfaces infected with mold fungi;
  • general cleaning;
  • disinfection in the foci of especially dangerous infections of any surfaces, equipment, apparatus, implements, toys, utensils, rugs of rubber, medical waste;
  • disinfection of hard surfaces during preventive disinfection in biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

mistral user's manual

Preparation of the solution

As you can see, there is a large list of spheres where "Mistral" can be used. Instructions for the use of disinfectants, the method of dilution of the preparation also describes in some detail.

The agent is diluted with water in plastic,glass or enameled containers. For this, the required amount of "Mistral" is added to a certain amount of water (drinking) at room temperature. So, for manufacturing:

  • 1 L 0.3% solution should be mixed with 3 ml of the preparation and 997 ml of water;
  • 1 L 0.4% solution - 4 ml of the drug and 996 ml of water;
  • 1 liter of a 0.5% solution - 5 ml of a substance for 995 ml of water;
  • 1 l of a 1% solution - 10 ml of the preparation for 990 ml of water;
  • 1 l of a 2% solution - 20 ml of a substance for 980 ml of water;
  • 1 L 3% solution - 30 ml of the preparation and 970 ml of water;
  • 1 L of 4% solution - 40 ml of the preparation and 960 ml of water;
  • 1 L of 5% solution - 50 ml of the preparation and 950 ml of water.

Mistral disinfection instructions for use method of breeding

To produce 10 liters of a solution of any concentrationmeans and water are taken in an amount of ten times more than necessary for the preparation of 1 liter of solution. For example, when preparing 10 liters of a 5% solution, take 500 ml of concentrate and 9500 ml of water.

It is in such proportions that solutions are prepared using the Mistral preparation. Instruction for use № 6/10 in more detail tells about the use of this tool in the health facility.

The use of a concentrate for the disinfection of medical devices

Where else can and should thismeans? The instruction for the use of Mistral says that the concentrate is used for disinfection of medical devices (including surgical and dental equipment) made of metal, rubber, glass and plastic.

Such processing is carried out in enameled containersor a plastic with tightly closed lids. To do this, the workpiece to be immersed in a freshly prepared solution, and if it has cavities and channels, they are filled with a syringe.

If possible, the product should be immersed in such aso that the solution covers them by at least 1 cm. After finishing the procedure, the glassware is removed and washed for 5 minutes, and rubber - for 10 minutes using drinking running water, after which an additional half-minute wash with distilled water.

Disinfection of small tools in an ultrasonic unit

Instruction for the application of "Mistral" reports that:

  • Devices with lock parts before disinfection are placed open in a basket in 3 layers, but no more;
  • tools without locks fit in one layer;
  • small appliances placed in a glass or a petri dish with a solution prepared in advance, and then put in the center of the loading basket;
  • After processing, the metal products are washed for 3 minutes with drinking running water, then rinsed again with distilled water for half a minute. Dry them with tissue napkins;
  • the prepared solution can be used repeatedly.

mistral oxy instructions for use

Pre-sterilization treatment for various infections

  • In the presence of viral, bacterial or fungal agents, medical products made of metal, rubber, plastic and glass are immersed in a 3-4% solution of the agent and maintained for 60 to 120 minutes.
  • In the case of processing tools in the "Crystal-5" (US-installation) apply a 3% solution with an exposure of 20 minutes.
  • To clean hard endoscopes, immerse these instruments in a 5% solution with an exposure of 15 minutes.

Mistral Instruction for Use 6 10

Disinfection of medical devices, combined with pre-sterilization cleaning

  1. For soaking apply 3-4% solution of "Mistral" with an exposure of 30-120 minutes.
  2. For washing, use the previous solution for 30 seconds.
  3. Rinsing takes place for 5-10 minutes under running water.
  4. Then for 30 seconds in distilled water.

Use of "Mistral" during disinfection of various objects

mistral concentrate instructions for use

  • Disinfection of various objects with the help of Mistral solutions should be carried out by soaking, rubbing, immersion and irrigation.
  • Surfaces and furniture are wiped using rags soaked in a solution (flow rate 100 ml / m square).
  • The plumber is treated with ruff, brushes or rags (the consumption of the solution is 150 ml per square meter).
  • Items for patient care should be immersed in the solution of the product, and then rinse with water.
  • Any dishes should be completely immersed in a solution of "Mistral" (for one set - 2 liters), then rinse with drinking water.
  • Linen must be soaked in a solution (for 1 kg of laundry apply 5 liters of solution) and cover. After disinfection, it is washed and rinsed.
  • Waste medical, that is, dressing material, tampons, napkins are placed in a 3% solution for 2 hours, and then disposed of.
  • After disinfection, wet cleaning is carried out in the room.

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