Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant

Deren white is also called svidinoy or dogwood. This decorative deciduous shrub refers to the family of dogwood. Its name is due to very solid wood. This genus includes 50 species, but the most popular are the white, red, and off-white ones. Representatives of the genus are divided into two groups. The first includes species, the main advantage of which is a brightly colored bark, but they have small flowers. The second group is appreciated precisely for beautiful inflorescences. The white is the most popular for florists. Planting and caring for him does not require much effort - the plant is not choosy.

Derain white planting and careDescription

Derain white or Tatar is deciduousshrub with a hemispherical crown of irregular shape. Shoots are directly growing. In open ground conditions, it can reach a height of 3 meters. The bark of the plant is red, yellow or brown. In the autumn, the leaves are painted in bright yellow or red-violet hues. Schlitkovidnye inflorescences consist of white nondescript flowers. Derain white is a re-flowering species.

Deren white aurea

This plant is a two-meterShrub with reddish erect shoots. Its leaves are soft yellow, and small white flowers form the inflorescences of the corymbose type. Fruits are white. This representative of the flora is frost-resistant. It can grow on almost any soil. To preserve the color of the leaves, it is advisable to choose sunny places for planting.Derain white aurea

Derain white Elegantissima

This plant is a bush,growing to 3 m. Its shoots for the season change color from green in spring to a red and crimson hue in summer and autumn. The foliage of the plant is dark green with a light border. The inflorescences are white, and the fruits are spherical. Grade is good for the formation of crowns in the form of a cube or a ball.

White, landing and care

This representative of the flora is undemanding. If there is a plant for which any garden soil is suitable, then this is white grass. Planting and caring for the plant will not require much time and energy from the florist. Decorative-leaved varieties are best planted in sunny places or in partial shade. This will preserve the color of the leaves. Add humus to the planting pit. Its size should be twice as large as the earthwork of the seedling.Deren White EleganceIt is so good to endure as a prolongeddrought, and waterlogging can, probably, only white turf. Planting and caring for young seedlings are quite simple. You just need to water them more often. Plants that have reached the age of two can only be watered in a drought. In the spring, the dern is fed with a full range of mineral fertilizers. The purpose of planting the plant determines the need for pruning. If the turf is grown for beautiful shoots, then it must be cut in the early spring. Otherwise, only superfluous and dried branches are removed. Due to the decorative properties of shoots and foliage, as well as the ease of cultivation, the white turf is widely used by florists in landscape design. With its help create hedges and park figures.


Propagated by dern seeds, layers andcuttings. The latter method is especially good for decorative varieties, as it allows to preserve all their properties. For propagation it is better to use slightly stubby shoots. Seeds are sown in autumn.

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Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant Deren White - Planting and Care of the Plant