Den Long Do Hotel 3 * (Vietnam / Nha Trang): reviews

Vietnam attracts tourists from all over the world for its natural resources, exotic cuisine, developed infrastructure of hotels and sightseeing tours. Season for the sea holiday here lasts the whole year, from May to September, the cost of tours is much cheaper than in other months, and tourists are several times less. However, it is better to avoid trips to the central part of the country from May to September, there is a chance to catch hurricanes. The Vietnamese rainy season falls at different times in each region and is not as bad as it is shown on TV - the rains are really strong, but they last no more than half an hour. The best sign that predicts rain, you can call the behavior of local residents: if they begin to hide the goods from the shelves and wear raincoats - from minute to minute will be precipitation. A significant disadvantage of the country for our countrymen can be called its geographical location, to fly there from Russia for a long time and expensively. Nevertheless, the Russians are more and more often sent for new impressions in this extraordinary country.

General information about the city of Nha Trang

The youth and relatively new resort of Vietnam is the city of Nha Trang, geographically large and very diverse. It is located in the most beautiful bay of the country, the beach is just huge (7 km) and free. The resort is ideal for party-goers who love club life, and divers: the prices of alcohol and diving training are much lower than in Thailand, Egypt and other resorts. The most suitable seasons to visit Nha Trang are spring and summer, at this time the weather will not present unpleasant surprises. There are luxurious five-star hotels, expensive restaurants, and cheap hostels, street modest cafes.

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Hotel Information

One of the available hotels with good service in the city of Nha Trang is Den Long Do Hotel 3 *. It represents an eight-storey building, the first 4 floors of which are restaurants for banquets of local residents, the other 3 are the hotel itself. The entire hotel has wireless Internet, currency exchange and free parking. The rooms are spacious, clean, without balconies, the windows overlook the city, each room has its own bathroom, air conditioning, TV, necessary furniture, safe and mini-bar. The hotel has 51 rooms.This is a brief information that tour operators provide about the hotel. But in order to objectively evaluate the living conditions in Den Long Do Hotel 3 * (Vietnam), reviews of tourists who have already visited here once should be studied. They will help to deal with all the nuances and minimize the opportunity to get into a ridiculous situation that could ruin the whole vacation in general.

Summing up the impressions of tourists about the rest in the hotelDen Long Do Hotel 3 *, reviews can be divided into the following sections:

  1. About the hotel in general and on the condition of the rooms.
  2. About nutrition in the hotel.
  3. About the distance from the hotel to the beach.
  4. About the beach.
  5. About the block in which the hotel is located Den Long Do Hotel 3 * and the locals.
  6. On the work of staff.
  7. On the work of hotel guides from tour operators.
  8. About excursions offered by the hotel.

den long do nha trang hotel 3

About the hotel as a whole and its rooms

On all travel sites opinions of travelers about hotel roomsDen Long Do Nha Trang Hotel 3 *almost the same: new stylish furniture, very clean; the staff diligently cleans, changes towels and bed linen every day, carefully monitors the presence of cosmetics in the bathroom and fills up with supplies if necessary. The availability of coffee and water is also checked daily and kept under strict control.According to the tourists, the rooms are spacious enough, but not enough balconies. We have to use a common one, which is located on the seventh floor and is quite large. The view from the windows for those who are cute, for whom the terrible - at the city. The settlement takes place after 14:00, but most of the guests who arrived earlier settled immediately and without problems, than they were satisfied.

Holidaymakers at Den Long Do Hotel 3 * (Vietnam) in a review say that they are satisfied with the speed of the Internet. Restaurants, which are located on floors 1-4, are designed for banquets of local residents on the occasion of weddings and other holidays. Contrary to fears, everything passes very quickly and modestly, by 21:00 the celebrations are rounded off and absolutely no discomfort in the form of noise is brought to the hotel guests. Many tourists are unhappy with the neighborhood of the Chinese and their arrogant and arrogant behavior.

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Dining at the hotel

The program of tours at the Den Long Do Hotel 3 * (Vietnam, Nha Trang) includes buffet breakfasts and a selection of local dishes. The greatest number of complaints - on the meager choice of dishes for breakfast and the monotony of the menu throughout the entire period of the tour. However, there are tourists who just enough and it was delicious.We give a generalized list of dishes offered, so that everyone can conclude for themselves:

  • rice;
  • noodles;
  • scrambled eggs with vegetables;
  • pancakes with meat;
  • varied, always fresh pastries;
  • fresh watermelon;
  • powdered fruit drinks;
  • coffee and green tea;
  • fruits: watermelons, dragon fruit (pitahaya), melons, pineapples.

In addition to dining, you can eat at the Den Long Do Hotel 3 * (Vietnam) in restaurants on the first four floors of the hotel. They offer local cuisine at very affordable prices, which most holidaymakers are satisfied with.

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Distance from the hotel to the beach

Almost all the tourists who have been here admit that the location of the beach at a 15-20 minute walk on average from Den Long Do Nha Trang Hotel 3 * is extremely uncomfortable. Tedious are walks in the heat and Asian quarters with their characteristic furious traffic on the roads. Some still found advantages in such forced walks in the form of cafes and markets along the way and the opportunity to admire the flavor of local life. Without maps, which are provided at the reception, or Google Map in the phone in the first days to get to the beach is difficult. Many decided to transfer to the sea through an affordable taxi - options for cars and motorcycles are offered.

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Hotel beach

The beach is sandy, huge and wide, towels are issued at the reception for painting. Tourists say that the cleanliness of the beach leaves much to be desired, and also complain about the presence of algae in the water. In general, the sea is warm and gentle at any time of the year. Those who were not satisfied with the beach, went to Doklat by bus (the journey takes no more than 40 minutes) or by taxi.

About the quarter where the hotel is located, and the locals

It is logical that, going on vacation abroad, you want not only to spend time on the territory of the hotel, but to get acquainted with the peculiarities of life in this country. Den Long Do Hotel 3 * is located in the Vietnamese quarter, which has a positive effect on pricing in cafes, restaurants, shops and shopping centers - everything is designed for the local, so it is very accessible. The situation is different in the European quarter of Nha Trang - prices are several orders higher there. Service in the catering most travelers find excellent: portions are large, cooked delicious, again, affordable prices. Tourists recommend to eat in such places: "Grill House", "Margarita", "Rock Cafe". Tourists note that the menu of cafes and restaurants is written in Vietnamese, and the waiters do not speak Russian or English.But there is a photo next to each item, and this makes it easier to choose. In general, travelers are advised not to be afraid to take risks and try different dishes in order to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine as much as possible.

Most holidaymakers are impressed by the color of life of local people, which in this quarter is presented in full view. That only is morning exercises performed by groups of 40-60 Vietnamese under the guidance of an instructor in the early morning! There are a sufficient number of tourists who find it unpleasant to watch unsanitary conditions in the markets, unkempt Vietnamese, even rats and cockroaches. In the evening there is no entertainment in the quarter, you need to go to the European quarter after them or walk about 20 minutes

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Hotel staff

According to the overwhelming majority of tourists, the staff at Den Long Do Hotel 3 * (Nha Trang) is very responsive and attentive to their guests. A significant disadvantage is the lack of knowledge of English and Russian languages, which complicates communication. At the same time, the Vietnamese are trying very hard to explain themselves to the guests "on the fingers", good Wi-Fi allows particularly ingenious guests to communicate via online translators on gadgets.During breakfast, the waiters and cooks are very polite and try to please every tourist, asking what he would like more. Those who drive around the city are always opened by the hotel employee's car door.

The work of hotel guides from tour operators

There is no unambiguous opinion of the guests at the expense of the staff of tour operators responsible for a comfortable stay at the hotel. Apparently, it depends on the individual and the degree of his training. Some tourists tried to deceive and sell sightseeing tours at exorbitant prices, others were very helpful in navigating the routes.

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Excursions offered by the hotel

First of all, it is worth noting the relative availability of sightseeing tours - from 25 to 80 dollars per person on average. The second point is their diversity for every taste and budget. Guests of the hotel Den Long Do Hotel 3 * positive reviews are left after visiting such places:

  • Lam Dong Province, Yes Lat in the framework of the coffee tour;
  • the southern islands of the Nha Trang Bay;
  • Monkey Island and the Bajo Waterfall;
  • mountain city of Dalat;
  • entertainment island Winperl. Going there, you need to be ready to stand in line at the rides.

Experienced tourists are advised not to take sightseeing tours of the city, and instead of a group tour, explore the beautiful Nha Trang on your own using maps, public transport and taxis. So you can have your time and not be tied to the schedule of the group.

Summing up, we can state the fact that a negative review about the hotel Den Long Do Hotel 3 * accounts for a dozen or two positives. Indicative is the moment that tourists who wanted to see the country and feel its flavor, were satisfied and did not pay attention to the little things. Those for whom it is crucially important to have first-class accommodation and meals during the holidays, concluded that the next trip to the country will be to a higher class hotel. But there are practically no tourists who would not want to return to Vietnam again.

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