Dell Inspiron N5110: technical specifications, reviews

In the world market, a mobile device lineDell Inspiron N5110 is positioned as a budget class laptop, which is designed for work at home and in the office. However, the high cost (35-45 thousand rubles) determined it on the Russian market in the business class. It's understandable: the famous brand, powerful platform, autonomy and elegant appearance do not allow the gadget to be placed next to cheap devices in the budget niche.

Dell Inspiron N5110

First meeting

The Dell Inspiron N5110 comes with aan ordinary gray box with a plastic handle for easy transportation. The company's marketing specialists apparently believed that the manufacturer's logo on the main packaging panels and a brief description at one of its ends will be more than enough. But the main thing is inside. Here, the user is also disappointed: in addition to the device, battery and charging, he will be able to find the manual, warranty card and two discs with drivers and software.

Definitely the first acquaintance with the laptop lightlyshocking the owner - its dimensions are more like a 17-inch device. The weight of the gadget is corresponding to two or more kilograms together with the battery installed. But, as users mark in the responses, such innovation of the manufacturer has allowed to establish in a laptop modern accessories and to provide them with fine cooling. Do not forget that the mobile device is positioned in the budget niche and, accordingly, is designed for stationary use.

Design and design

The body of the gadget is made of thick plastic thatand adds volume to the Dell Inspiron N5110. The characteristics of high strength and reliability in operation were clearly conceived by the manufacturer. No squeaks and extraneous noise when trying to deform the device the user will not detect. As the owners say in their reviews, you can sit on the laptop, and nothing will be to him, respectively, when transporting you do not need to worry that it can be damaged.

Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop specifications

To open the lid will have to put a lot ofEfforts that some users may not like, however, unlike competitors' gadgets, the hinges of the device allow you to install the screen from any angle. The mechanism perfectly holds the lid even with occasional touches. All corners of the laptop have bevels and roundings, which gives the device more elegance. The removable cover of the laptop cover is a special feature of this device. Thus, the designers of Dell offer the user to select the color of the gadget for the interior of the room.

Weak link

In their reviews, the owners note that the mostthe weak point of the gadget is a liquid crystal screen, because of it and the Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop is presented in the budget niche. The technical characteristics of the display cloud the TN + Film matrix with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels per inch. Restore the viewing angles and color rendering called LED backlight, but its power is still not enough to work with graphics editors, so this model does not like designers and creative people.

Features of the Dell Inspiron N5110

A positive aspect is the high brightness andcontrast display, which allows you to work comfortably with any application, as well as in all weather conditions. LED backlight completely eliminates sunlight on the screen, which adds to the comfort when working in the fresh air. Also, do not worry about the ideal black color and its shades - in dynamic scenes all the objects will be seen magnificently.

Interfaces and connectors

Large Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop caseinterfaces do not spoil, but they are enough for full-featured work at home or in the office. In the left panel, the manufacturer has posted one USB 2.0 port, HDMI digital video output, one eSATA connector and a card reader. All other space is given under the cooling system.

Dell Inspiron N5110 reviews

The right panel has a DVD writer (insome models are equipped with a combined device that supports reading Blu-ray discs), headphone and microphone audio connectors and one USB 3.0 port. On the back panel, the user will find the Kensington lock, RJ-45 network connector, D-Sub analog video output and charger interface.

A Decent Keyboard

A full keyboard with a digital unit inThe 15-inch device is less likely to be found, so its presence will please all Dell Inspiron N5110 notebook users. User reviews contain only positive emotions about the quality and convenience of working with full-sized keys that have a short stroke with a high return to the finger, like on game keyboards. There are only questions to marking the Cyrillic alphabet and the Latin alphabet - engraving is done with white paint, and it is difficult for beginners to orient themselves.

Dell Inspiron N5110 Specifications

Interestingly, the manufacturer acted withfunction keys. Some of them, responsible for multimedia and wireless interfaces, are transferred to the buttons F1 to F12, which are controlled by pressing the combination with the Fn key. The second part, in the form of three additional buttons, taken separately, controls the system settings.


The built-in notebook Dell Inspiron N5110 touchpadmany users find it convenient. It is slightly recessed into the body of the device, due to which it has borders that do not allow the finger to leave the touch pad. Its large area makes it possible to perform any actions on the screen in one touch, which is very convenient in operation. Buttons that repeat the manipulator-mouse actions, large, produce a characteristic click, which will notify the owner of the key press.

Negatives can include the sensitivity of thesensor. Accidental touch or slight contamination is able to control the cursor on the screen, which often hinders the work with office applications. Also, the owners in their reviews note that the touchpad does not support multitouch. The modern device that comes with Windows 10 is simply required to have this convenient technology.

Multimedia in laptop

A well-known manufacturer is always responsiblerelated to the installation of branded components for working with multimedia, so the characteristics of the laptop Dell Inspiron N5110 in this regard are worthy of praise. Acoustics Premium Sound HD (manufacturer IDT) uses two speakers, which are placed on the bottom of the case. They are installed so that when listening to music, a surround sound is created. At first, many owners thought that the speaker system has a built-in subwoofer. However, when the volume is increased (70% or higher), low-frequency distortion appears, which clearly indicates that there is no corresponding dynamics.

Dell Inspiron N5110 Notebook PC

In addition to the sound, the manufacturer installed inlaptop is a decent webcam with a resolution of 1 megapixel. Light-sensitive matrix and perfectly working autofocus will cope with any task of the user: photography, communication on the Internet and use as video surveillance will please any gadget owner.

Platform Performance

For many potential buyers of the laptopDell Inspiron N5110 specifications are the main criterion in the selection. With performance, the device has full order. The market simply does not have a weak modification, because all laptops have modern processors based on Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7. For each processor varies and the amount of RAM (from 4 to 16 gigabytes).

Questions for buyers are to the video adapter, becauseIn production, an outdated chip (500 series) is used that can not cope with modern games at high settings. However, you can play on the minimal configuration: GDDR3, 128-bit bus and 1 GB of memory contribute to this.

Other characteristics

Powerful battery for 9 sections is able to extendthe Dell Inspiron N5110 does not need to be recharged for up to eight hours (business day). This is the best indicator in the budget class. But to the internal gadget device users have a lot of negative. To clean the cooling system from dust, you need to completely disassemble the laptop, which can only do in the service center. It is also recommended to update the firmware version, the process of which in unskillful hands can easily eliminate the BIOS. As the owners say in their reviews, Dell needs to use the laptop, and it's better to entrust the settings to specialists, since the gadget can easily be broken by inept actions.

Dell Inspiron N5110 specifications


Buyers, for whom the main selection criterionlaptop Dell Inspiron N5110 - technical specifications, you should not worry, the mobile device has a huge capacity with a large margin for the future. Installing an SSD-drive instead of a regular magnetic disk, you can achieve performance in games. The large capacity of the battery is the guarantee of comfortable work far from civilization, and the convenience of using and worthy multimedia will always brighten up leisure in a large company.

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