Delicious recipes: how to cook lobio

Georgian cuisine is famous for two features: sharpness and use in the preparation of dishes of a large number of vegetables. This combination allows the food to be easily digested, makes it very useful and practically dietary. Maybe that's why there are so many long-livers among Georgians?

Of course, in the modern city to cookmost dishes of Georgian cuisine are quite problematic, but one of them - the famous Georgian lobio - is quite affordable, since all its components can be found at any time of the year. Therefore, knowing how to cook lobio yourself, you can fully enjoy the taste and benefit of this excellent dish. At the same time, the low caloric content and high nutritional quality inherent in this masterpiece of Georgian cuisine will be a big plus.

How to cook lobio: an option for lazy people

The classic recipe lobio requires a lot of time for cooking, and not always the modern housewife has a reserve of 2-3 hours to stand at the stove. Therefore we take:

  • 2 cans already made canned red beans;
  • 1 large or two small bulbs;
  • 5 cloves of garlic (lobio should be sharp, so the amount of garlic can be increased and larger);
  • a bunch of fresh green coriander;
  • 2 tablespoons of thick concentrated tomato paste;
  • red hot pepper and salt - to taste;
  • baking soda at the tip of the knife (this ingredient is only needed to remove the legendary effect of legumes on the body, so adding it or not is a personal matter for every chef);
  • seasoning hops-suneli - to taste, but not less than one tablespoon.

From cans with beans, we extract all the contents andsend it to a pan, standing on a small fire - let it all start to cook. At this time we clean, mine and very finely shinkuem bulb, which is fried in a small amount of butter. When the onion starts to "grasp" slightly, pour into the frying pan and hops-suneli - this will make the flavor of the seasoning stronger. When the onion is ready, it is immediately poured into a saucepan with boiling sauce beans. Let's cook for about 5-7 minutes and add the tomato paste. One of the main secrets of how to cook lobiothe correct consistency is to correctly evaluate it inthe moment of adding the paste. If the sauce is almost completely boiled and the liquid is small - dilute the tomato concentrate with 150 ml of water and only then pour into a saucepan.

Since we took the beans already ready and notrequiring a long cooking process, then the preparation of lobio after all the necessary ingredients are in a saucepan, should not take more than 10 minutes. After this time, using crush, slightly mash the legumes, so that some of them turn into mashed potatoes, then add salt and add finely chopped garlic and coriander.

How to cook lobio: classic

Naturally, in Georgia itself no oneenjoys canned beans, housewives prefer to cook from ordinary beans. In this case, the essence of the recipe remains the same, but the beans are cooked on low heat until the moment when it begins to turn into a mushy mixture. Then add the onion (not necessarily fried - often Georgians put raw chopped onions), seasonings, tomato and garlic. Slightly boiled lobio, it is added to the greens - coriander and parsley, give a little brew and serve to the table.

Georgian housewives, who know how to cookLobio is not only tasty and useful, but also acutely acute, they prefer to add chopped fresh red hot pepper, more garlic, and also powder of red pepper to it near the end of the bean brew, if fresh at hand. In any case, the degree of acuity depends solely on the desire of the cook and on the taste preferences of the family, so choose the lobio that your home will like.

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