Delicious jellied pie with cabbage (different recipes)

Jellied is a very delicate and soft pastry, which can even make an aspiring cook. It should also be noted that the mentioned dish is especially popular among those housewives who do not like to stand at the stove for a long time. After all, it is done very quickly and easily.pancake with cabbage

Cooking the fastest jellied pie with cabbage

This pastry is an express variant of a tasty and hearty cake, which you should definitely take note of for your lazy housewives. It is impossible not to say that such a product not only prepares as quickly as possible, but also requires a minimum set of inexpensive ingredients.

So, to make jellied pie with cabbage, we need:

  • high-grade wheat flour - ½ small glass;
  • natural butter - about 100 g;
  • medium country eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • table soda without quenching - a small spoon;
  • salt small sea - to apply to taste;
  • sour cream of high fat content - 400 g;
  • cabbage as fresh as possible - 1 fork per 500 g (for the filling);
  • deodorized oil - used for frying (for the filling);
  • salt and chopped allspice - apply to taste (for the filling).

Cooking Vegetable

To make the jellied pie with cabbage turned out soft and soft, the white-vegetable should be taken as fresh as possible, without coarse and tough stems.

pancake with cabbage recipe

Thus, it is necessary to rinse the main ingredient under cold water, and then remove the surface damaged leaves and chop them into straws. After that, the vegetable must be placed in a saucepan, salt and pepper and, adding ½ cup of drinking water, simmer for about 25 minutes.

Having evaporated all the moisture, add deodorized oil to the cabbage and fry a little. In conclusion, the pan is required to remove from the stove and cool the filling in cold air.

Dough preparation

Fillet pie with cabbage knowingly bears the name. After all, it is made of liquid dough, which literally poured squirrel vegetable. To prepare such a foundation, you must beat the chicken eggs with sour cream, and then add to them a mild cooking oil, salt, table soda and wheat flour.By mixing the ingredients with a large spoon, you should get a fairly thin batter.

We form a dish and bake it in a slow cooker

Jellied pie in a slow cooker is cooked quickly, but it turns out very tender and tasty. To form the dish, the bottom of the bowl must be oiled, and then put in it the previously fried cabbage. After that, the whole vegetable must be poured with liquid dough. In this composition, the cake should be baked in frying mode for 60 minutes. During this time, he will be lush, juicy and jellied pie with cabbage

Serve cabbage pie to the table

After completing the program, you must wait until the cake has cooled completely. Then it should be removed and cut into triangular pieces. Serve the baked dish to households preferably along with sweet and strong tea.

Step-by-step recipe for jellied pie with cabbage and egg

There are so many ways to cook cabbage pastries on a batter. One of them involves the use of kefir.

So, for the dough and the filling, we need:

  • high-grade light flour - ½ cup;
  • kefir thick big fat - ½ cup;
  • medium country eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • baking powder - 0.5 small spoon;
  • sea ​​salt - a pinch;
  • white cabbage - about 200 g (for the filling);
  • Country boiled eggs - 3 pcs. (For filling);
  • natural butter - a big full spoon (for the filling);
  • any fresh greens - apply to taste (for the filling);
  • salt, chopped black pepper - apply as desired (for the filling).jellied pie in the slow cooker

Making the stuffing

To make such a cake, you need to thoroughly wash the white cabbage, and then chop it into straws. After that, the vegetable needs to be stewed by adding a little water to it (within ¼ hour). Having achieved partial softness of the product, you should add natural butter, crushed black pepper and salt to it. In this composition, the cabbage must be roasted until golden.

After processing the vegetable it is required to remove it from the stove and cool it completely. Next, you need to lay out the chopped greens and grated chicken grated on a large grater. After mixing the products, the filling should be put aside and start preparing the dough.

Preparing the base

Jeffy jellied pies are made by themselves soft and soft.To make such baking, you should beat the eggs with kefir, and then add salt and baking powder to them. After that, the ingredients must gradually pour high-grade flour. In the end, you should get the dough, like for pancakes.

We make a cake and bake it in the oven

After kneading the base, as well as preparing the cabbage-egg filling, you can proceed to the formation of the product. To do this, take the form intended for baking, and lubricate it with deodorized oil. At the bottom of the dishes you need to pour ½ part of the liquid base, and then put all the stuffing. In conclusion, the fried vegetable with egg should be covered with the second half of the dough.

Having formed a cake, it is required to bake it in a cupboard (oven) for 45 minutes. During this short time it will become lush, ruddy and very tasty.jellied pies on kefir

Serve such pastries should be served in a warm condition, cut into triangular pieces. In addition to the cake, you can serve sweet tea or another drink.

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