Delicious homemade meals. Minced meat patties

The word "cutlet" means "minced meat" in German cuisine and "meat on the bone" or from ribs - in French. In the same sense fish fillet and chicken thigh. Initially, in the same quality cutlet implied by us. But over time, for some reason, they began to cook it not from a single piece of meat, but from stuffing. Although now in supermarkets people began to sign pieces of ribs with pulp as “cutlet”, for some reason this word in our mind is associated with fried cakes from minced meat.minced meat patty recipeFor many housewives, by the way, they are very good, and sometimes even very tasty. Perhaps it depends on the skills of the cooks. A special recipe for minced meat patties, which everyone chooses according to his taste, plays a significant role in this. I want to make a reservation that when I read the traditional recipe for minced meat patties on culinary blogs, I am a little surprised that everything is not done the way it is better, but how it is accepted. Well, I will share my secrets of cooking this dish, because I cook (judging by the expression on my husband's face when he eats) very well.In my opinion, cutlets came out successfully, if:

  • they are tasty and juicy;
  • not very fat;
  • do not fall apart;
  • covered in brown crisp;
  • have a seductive scent.

Little secrets

If our opinions are the same, then my recipe for minced meat patties should also please you. But what I want to warn you about is that I do not use purchased mince under any circumstances, even in order to save time, otherwise I am not responsible for the quality of their taste. In addition, I have a wonderful electric meat grinder, grinding meat for a couple of minutes. Also, I do not like to fry cutlets on breadcrumbs or add semolina to them - this makes them too hard. It is better to add a piece of bacon to the mince and as much onion as possible - from this they become fragrant and juicy.

The recipe for minced meat patties. Ingidentifiers

  • 500 g of fresh meat, beef-pork in half, (if you use only beef, put in a mince a small piece of bacon);
  • 2 large onions;
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic;
  • 1-2 eggs, depending on the size (one can be homemade);
  • 2 slices of white bread;
  • salt, black and red pepper, ginger, hop-suneli, kari to taste;
  • 0.5 cups of milk or water (this does not matter);
  • 2-3 tablespoons of flour for rolling patties;
  • vegetable oil (better refined to eliminate excess odor).recipe for minced meat cutlets

Cooking method

  1. Grind mince, alternating beef, pork (or lard), onion and garlic. Yes, it’s not necessary to cut vegetables, firstly, there will be less tears, and secondly, they will not then burn in the pan and stop the meatballs from keeping their shape. But what taste will they have! After all, with this alternation, the meat is soaked with the juice of vegetables, no mixing will not give it!
  2. We wet bread with water or milk. Since the bread is now on sale too crumbly, I do not soak it for a long time, but just dip it, otherwise it turns into a mess. Put the bread in a meat grinder. It is needed not so much for minced meat, but for all the remnants of meat and vegetables to safely go out of the combine. He cleans him well, if not very softened. Therefore, I use the bread as little as possible.
  3. Now add salt, spices, eggs to the stuffing and mix it thoroughly. It is best to knead with your hands, especially if you are cooking for a family. If for guests, comply with sanitary standards - wear gloves or stir the stuffing with a spoon.
  4. All. The base is ready.It remains to take the pan, pour oil into it and put future cutlets on it one by one.
  5. So that they do not disintegrate during frying, they are thrown several times from hand to hand (as they are lumped together into a tight lump) and rolled in flour. There are, of course, molds for meatballs. Some gain stuffing directly with a spoon. But for me personally, these methods do not work - cutlets fall apart. Is that so you can cook pancakes, but then the flour must be added directly to the stuffing.

minced meat patties

Useful tips

Using this recipe for minced meat cutlets as a basis, you can cook other tasty dishes, only slightly changing the ingredients. So you can make cutlets with mushrooms, chicken, cabbage, zucchini and potatoes. And the meat can be completely excluded. Only the dishes will be called a little differently: potato pancakes, squash fritters, etc. Fishmeat cutlets are cooked in about the same way, only the composition changes slightly. Instead of meat you need to take fish (ideally pike), bread is better to exclude completely, but you can add vegetables to mince: 1 potato, 3 cloves of garlic (preferably), 1 onion and 1 carrot (required). I do not recommend adding fresh greens, as it burns when roasting cutlets, but the spices for fish: pepper, ginger, curry, hops-suneli - it is better to put.The smell will be seductive, and the taste is unforgettable!

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