Definition of pregnancy with soda: how accurate is this method?

Every girl who is planning a pregnancy wants to know as soon as possible whether conception took place. If pharmacy tests to determine whether pregnancy is at home work only after a monthly delay, then many popular methods of testing can be applied the very next day after the alleged conception. Of course, no one guarantees an accurate result, quite the contrary. Modern medicine does not recognize any of these methods, despite the fact that every day such home studies are becoming increasingly popular.

In spite of everything, many women of the weaker sex prefer different folk methods and follow grandmother's advice.

If conception happened, how to find out? Pregnancy with soda or iodine can be tried to detect by testing at home.This method will not bring you any harm, so if you really want, then arm yourself with everything you need and proceed. However, when a woman enjoys only popular methods of testing and treatment, doctors begin to sound the alarm. Therefore, you should not believe only grandma's recipes.

definition of pregnancy with soda

Determination of pregnancy with soda

How does this principle work? It would seem, how can soda be associated with a developing pregnancy? It's pretty simple.

To determine pregnancy with soda helps the acidity of urine. Normally, it is from 4 to 8 units. As is known, at the onset of fertilization, the acidity decreases slightly, as evidenced by the studied reaction.

It is worth recalling that, like all tests, pregnancy testing using soda should be carried out strictly in the morning urine. This is the most favorable time when the hormones in the female body are at their peak, and the acidity is at the level closest to the normal value.

determine pregnancy with soda

Testing Technique

In order to determine pregnancy with soda, it is necessary to collect the morning urine in a container in the amount of 150-200 milliliters.

After that, take a teaspoon of soda and pour into the existing liquid. Next, you need to carefully monitor the reaction. Everyone knows that soda is lye. When interacting with an acidic environment, it begins to activate and foam.

If the soda starts to react with urine, hiss and bubbling, most likely, the acidity of urine is normal and you are not pregnant.

If the white powder quietly settles on the bottom of the glass, then your urine has a low acidity, which may indicate a conception occurred.

The definition of pregnancy with soda has not received medical recognition for all the years of its existence. That is why you can not fully rely on it. It is rather just entertainment and test verification than a serious study. In addition, many factors can affect the acidity of urine.

check pregnancy with soda

Increased acidity of urine (false negative result)

Check pregnancy with soda and get a negative result in the presence of the ovum in the uterus of a woman can be for several reasons:

  • The presence of diabetes.
  • Various kidney diseases.
  • Strong physical exertion and fatigue.
  • Acidosis of various kinds.
  • Lack of potassium.
  • Colds with fever.
  • Active use of citrus and acidic products.
  • Various diets.

get pregnant with soda

Low urine acidity (false positive)

The definition of pregnancy with soda can show the presence of such a state, when in fact it is not, in the following cases:

Pregnancy Soda: Pros and Cons

As for the representatives of the weaker sex, they were divided into two camps. Some of them will never conduct such testing, as they consider them stupid and unreliable. Others do not believe the classic test strips, arguing that they often show a false result. That is why they always prefer the definition of pregnancy with soda.

There are cases when a woman is divorced from the outside world and stays, for example, on vacation. If in those places it is impossible to get a pregnancy test, then soda will be most welcome. Surely she is in the house of every hostess.

What about this doctors say obstetricians-gynecologists and famous professors? They argue that testing with soda is more fun than serious research. You should not trust him, much less propagandize him.

Also, studies show that although the onset of pregnancy somewhat affects the acidity of urine, various minor factors have a much greater effect on it. All these reasons can not be reliably established even in the laboratory, what can we say about home conditions.

pregnancy check with soda


Summing up, it is worth saying that the definition of pregnancy with the help of soda has quite a lot of errors and possibilities of the wrong reaction. That is why you should not believe this method 100%. For a more reliable result, it is better to purchase a pharmacy test, which you can easily use at home and be sure of the correctness of its testimony.

If you can not wait to find out whether fertilization has occurred, and you can not wait for the first day of the delay of menstruation, donate blood for the definition of pregnancy. It is this method that will give the most reliable result that even test pharmacy strips cannot boast.

In that case, when you conducted a test for determining pregnancy with soda, and it showed a positive result, it makes sense to check its authenticity.It will turn out to be a rather ridiculous situation if a woman is sure that she is in a position, whereas this is not so.

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