Deer (tattoo): the figure value

Recently, the culture of tattoos is tightentered the life of ordinary citizens. And if earlier it was the prerogative of thieves in the law to prick drawings and prisoners, for which special pictures were important, and it needed only to be correctly "read", today it is one of the elements of the body decoration. But still have their own tattoos. In this article I want to consider the drawing of "deer" (tattoo), the meaning of such a sketch.

deer tattoo meaning

A few words about deer

By themselves, these animals have always representedsuch positive qualities as purity, beauty and fidelity. The deer were always respected and treated very kindly. To this we can also add the fact that these animals represent a special meaning for men. After all, in nature, a male can fight with an enemy to death only in order to be the leader of a small flock of 3-8 reindeer female.

About meanings in different cultures of the world

How do the deer tatto decode? The value of such a drawing can also depend on the country where the sketch is packed. What do tattoos of deer in different countries of the world mean?

  1. In the Celts, deer means longevity.
  2. Scandinavian mythology believes that the deer is the messenger of God on earth. Therefore, such drawings on the body impose a special imprint on the person: he must serve humanity.
  3. In China, a tattoo with a deer can bring wealth and luck. A white deer symbolizes strong health, a clear mind and a long life.
  4. In the Indians, the horns of a deer are compared with the tree of life. The deer itself is a symbol of the sun.
  5. The northern peoples are sure that the horns of a deer symbolize the rays of the sun. And the deer itself is an indicator of vitality and energy.
  6. Europeans also stuff themselves with a deer drawing when one wants to boast of their male power. It is also believed that this pattern brings success to the male sex in women.

meaning tattoo deer with horns

Importance for men

Why are very common patterns on the bodymen - deer? Tattoos (the value of this drawing is valor), this one is capable of giving a guy strength, masculinity, self-confidence and his skills. In addition, it is believed that the deer on the tattoo (and, to be more precise, the deer antler) is also male sexuality, strength in bed. Guys with such drawings very often have an increased success in the fair sex.

It should also be noted that the value of tattoos "deer with horns" - this is not branded by a man who was changed by a woman. On the contrary, the deer here symbolizes fidelity and steadfastness to its choice.

Importance for creative people

People of creative professions also like to betheir body is adorned with deer (tattoo). The significance in this case of this figure is grace, refinement and even some kind of shyness. Everything that characterizes creative people. This is a nature with a refined inner world and a special worldview. Representatives of art, as well as deer, can be considered special envoys of the gods on earth, because they are called to carry beauty to the masses.

Deer for hipsters

Separately, I also want to consider the significance of the tattoo"A deer in a triangle". Often, such drawings can be found on the bodies of young people. It should be noted that the profile or portrait image of this animal is often caused by hipsters - representatives of a special subculture. This figure in this case should be the distinguishing sign of a certain group of people.

value of a tattoo deer in a triangle

Places for drawing a tattoo "deer"

Separately, a couple of words I want to say,where is it best to apply such a tattoo. So, it can be any place - hand, foot, back, torso. It looks very beautiful drawing on the chest, when the horns of the beast are aimed at the shoulders. For men, this tattoo gives masculinity, making the upper torso wider, massive. Also, the "deer" pattern on the neck or on the lower leg looks good.

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Deer (tattoo): the figure value Deer (tattoo): the figure value Deer (tattoo): the figure value Deer (tattoo): the figure value Deer (tattoo): the figure value