Decoupage chebby chic chef's own hands

In the post-war years, when Europe tried by allforces to forget about the horrors experienced, its residents enthusiastically accepted the minimalist style in the interior. He intended to part with grandmother's chests of drawers, cupboards, chiffoniers and other old bulky furniture. However, after several decades the same interiors were fed up with the whole order. In the early 80's a real revolution was made by an Englishwoman Rachel Ashwell, who became a frequent visitor to junkies and flea markets. She bought from them for pennies various things and furniture, and then restored and decorated them, including in the technique of decoupage. Her works began to be in high demand, and the style, invented by Mrs. Ashwell, based on artificial aging, was called the shebbie-chic.

Recently it has become very popular andin Russia. In our country, in this style, not only interiors are made, but also gifts of hand-made, and even wedding tables and banquet halls. Many are crazy and from furnishings with a chebie-chic decor. They will probably be interested to learn how to do decoupage of the chest with their own hands at home.

decoupage of the dresser

Features of technology

The name of the technique decoupage occurred fromFrench word meaning "cut". It involves decorating objects with pictures of paper or fabric. Cut out fragments are beautifully placed on a specially prepared surface, and then poured with lacquer.

What will be required

Decoupage of the dresser (photo of some options see below) can be done by everyone, since this does not require special skills. You will need:

  • an old chest of small sizes with drawers;
  • ivory and black paint;
  • brushes of different thicknesses;
  • stain;
  • grinding skins of various granularity;
  • black paint;
  • wax candle;
  • stencil with a corner pattern;
  • Scotch;
  • palette knife (special tool for applying paint);
  • relief acrylic paste;
  • mordan (adhesive mixture on varnish);
  • napkins with a pattern;
  • varnish;
  • special decoupage glue;
  • potal (very thin metal foil of silver or gold color);
  • bristly hard brush;
  • handles for chest;
  • fasteners.

Decoupage of the chest photo

Master class for creating a Chebky Chic dresser

To make such an interior from the oldfurniture is quite simple. If there is at least a minimum decoupage skill, you can start working. However, first the chest of drawers must be aged artificially. This will hide the real defects that appeared on its surfaces during long years of use and storage, for example, in the attic. So, before decoupling the dresser, you should:

  • paint it inside with paint, for example, ivory;
  • apply a dark stain in the "dry brush" technique on top, so that an imitation of scuffs is obtained;
  • make a chest primer outside;
  • to sand;
  • paint with black paint places where they are going to make scuffs;
  • rub dark places with a candle;
  • the whole chest of drawers should be painted with the main color;
  • apply paint in 4-5 layers;
  • wait until it is dry.

Decoupage of the chest with your own hands

Drawing of a relief pattern

To the future decoupage of the chest with their own hands looked even more stylish, it can be supplemented. To do this, create a relief pattern. The order of work is as follows:

  • select a stencil;
  • put on the surface of the chest;
  • attach the pieces of tape, fixing in such a way that during the work the stencil remains stationary;
  • In an acrylic relief paste, a couple of drops of varnish are added, so that the pattern becomes firmer when it dries;
  • apply it evenly smooth layer over the stencil;
  • wait a minute;
  • carefully remove the stencil;
  • After five minutes, they pat their fingers on the pattern so that the relief is slightly smoothed;
  • in the same way decorate the chest of drawers from all sides;
  • wait until the paste is completely dry (about 12 hours);
  • carefully sand the pattern, trying not to overdo it;
  • rip off the white paint and wax using a palette knife.

decoupage of the dresser with your own hands at home

Decoupage dresser

Decoration is very important choice of drawing. Often used napkins. From them, cut out the necessary fragments with a pattern and gently separate the uppermost color layer.


  • Cut out the necessary elements;
  • paste on the surface of the chest with a brush;
  • put mordan on the pattern;
  • allow to dry for half an hour;
  • apply pital, smoothing with a brush;
  • remove the excess with a stiff brush (in those areas where the mordan was absent, the pant is not stuck, so its excess is easily swept away);
  • to fine-tune the pattern on a napkin, carefully process the boundaries of the motif so that it is thinned to a minimum;
  • paint them, connecting with the main surface of the chest with the paint of the main color, gently applying it with a fine brush.

Patination and assembly of accessories

Decoupage chebby-chic chef can be supplemented with details with the effect of rubbed gilding. To create it, patination is used. They neatly rub the relief pattern on the surface of the dresser.

Mount on the drawers of the handle of metal. It is better to choose variants made in vintage style, using screws, washers and screws.

If there is a desire, you can preliminarilyplaces where the handles should be fixed, make using the stencils the relief pattern with a special paste, as described above, leaving space for the holes. It should also be covered with a patina to preserve the overall style of the dresser.

dressers in the style of decoupage

Closure of boxes: what will be required

To make decoupage of the chest from the inside, it is best to use the same motif (picture on a napkin) as on the boxes. It should be transferred to a fabric for tightening the internal surfaces.

This will require:

  • the same napkins as used in decoupage on the outer surfaces of the chest;
  • cardboard;
  • glue "Moment-crystal";
  • cloth (canvas);
  • A special adhesive for decoupage on fabric;
  • iron;
  • scissors.

Work order

Decoupage of old chests from inside (on the bottom of drawers) is made as follows:

  • cut out of a strong cardboard rectangle with the same dimensions as the bottom of the box;
  • it measures the fabric;
  • cut out four rectangles;
  • a motif is pulled out of the napkin;
  • Apply glue for decoupage on fabric;
  • impose a motive;
  • press, quickly smoothing your fingers;
  • dried for 24 hours, hanging the cloth on the dryer with the clothespins so as not to damage the pattern;
  • then iron with a hot iron on both sides, setting the mode "Cotton";
  • cover the bottom of each of the boxes with a cloth with a decoupage pattern;
  • cover in 4-5 layers with 100% matt varnish.

decoupage of old chests of drawers

Chests in the style of decoupage will decorate the room in styleshebbie-chic. The variant, the master-class for manufacturing of which is presented above, is suitable for premises in the style of provence or country, if you use it as your main decoration and combine it with more modest furnishings without gilding and noticeable decor.

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