Days of the angel and name-day in May

As in any month, in May, almost dailythe memory of those or other saints in the Orthodox tradition is celebrated. Accordingly, almost every day of this month, someone celebrates birthday. In May, as is known, 31 days, and the number of saints, which the church honors at this time, is quite large. Therefore, we list only those names that are the most common and familiar.

Name days in May according to the church calendar

  1. Anton. Ivan.
  2. George. Ivan. Matron.
  3. Alexander. Athanasius. Gregory. Fedor.
  4. Alexander. Denis. Fedor. Philip.
  5. Vsevolod. Fedor.
  6. Alexander. Anatoly. Athanasius.
  7. Alexey. Valentine. Elizabeth. Innocent. Leonty. Nicholas. Stanislav.
  8. Mark.
  9. Basil. Stepan.
  10. George. Ivan. Semyon. Stepan.
  11. Vitaliy.
  12. Arseny. Artem. Basil.
  13. Basil. Ignat. Yakov. Maksim.
  14. Ignatius. Tamara.
  15. Athanasius. Boris. Gleb. David. Zoe. Michael. Novel.
  16. Paul. Peter. Timothy.
  17. Anton. Athanasius. Kirill. Leonty. Maria.
  18. Irina. Yakov.
  19. Denis. Ivan.
  20. Ivan. Caroline.
  21. Arseny. Ivan.
  22. Nicholas.
  23. Basil.
  24. Joseph. Kirill.
  25. Hermann. Ivan. Fedor. Philip.
  26. Alexander. George. Irina.
  27. Alexander. Ivan. Leonty. Maksim. Nikita. Yakov.
  28. Anastasia. Dmitriy.
  29. Alexander. Arkady. George. Nicholas. Peter. Fedor.
  30. Athanasius. Evdokia. Stepan.
  31. Alexandra. Andrei. David. Denis. Claudia. A lion. Paul. Peter. Semyon. Fedor. Christina. Yuliya.

Now we will discuss the church name-day in May concerning the most important and widely revered saints.

Name Day in May according to the church calendar

May 2. Matrona Moskovskaya

In the Russian Orthodoxy of Matron Moscow - oneof the most revered saints. She was born in 1885 in the Tula province in the family of peasants. Matron was blind from birth. It is believed that she received the gift of foresight as a child. Anyway, the glory of her spread, and people from all over the country began to flock to the matron for advice. She died in 1952. And glorified her as a saint in 1998.

the 6th of May. The Great Martyr George the Victorious

Names in May celebrate those who are named afterthis saint, who, among other things, is both a national symbol and a patron of Moscow. In some places, his life is fantastic. For example, the episode of the battle with the dragon is difficult to take on faith. However, such a person really existed and lived in the II-III centuries. During his lifetime Georgy carried military service and was one of the favorites of the Emperor Diocletian, occupying a high post under him. However, when the ruler of the empire learned of his belonging to Christianity, he ordered to torture the saint, and then to be executed.

8 May. Evangelist Mark

Name days in May are marked by those who bear the name of Mark inthe honor of the eponymous apostle and evangelist. According to the Christian tradition, Mark was the closest assistant to the first-ever apostle Peter and recorded his gospel from his words. In addition, he is considered the founder of the first in Egypt Christian community. The apostle Mark died, according to the life, in 63 in Alexandria at the hands of pagan radicals.

Name Day in May

may 13. The Apostle James Zebedee

Those who bear the name Jacob (Jacob) in honor of oneapostle of the twelve, also celebrate their name-day in May. This man was called to the apostleship by Christ, like his brother - John, who later became Saint John the Theologian. Jacob was among the nearest circle of Christ even within the apostolic community. Along with John and Peter, he received special revelations and was given special attention to his teacher. It is believed that after the death and resurrection of Jesus, he bypassed preaching Spain and a number of other countries, and then returned to Jerusalem. According to legend, he was executed by the Jewish king Agrippa at the insistence of the Jewish spiritual authorities in the year 44.

church birthday in May

22nd of May. The transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Nikolai the Sinner is one of the most revered saintsin the Russian church. There are two days of his memory - in winter and spring. In May, the day is celebrated when the holy remains of this man were transferred from the World of Lycians to the Italian city of Bari.

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