Day of the Navy - what is it?

The merits of Russian sailors are always highwere appreciated by their compatriots, perhaps, that is why the Day of the Navy is celebrated in several versions. Let's try each of them to pay attention. The first is the Day of the Sea and River Fleet, which was established more than 20 years ago, in 1980. He is celebrated and now, after all these years, on the first Sunday of July.

Sea voyage for each of us - actionvery fascinating. People who refused to swim on the liner during any cruise, probably just do not. But the possibility to swim is provided to us by people who work in the role of the ship's crew. On this day of the Navy the shipping employees are awarded for their labor merits. And this is generally not surprising. These people carry the transport of goods, sometimes very voluminous. It is important that the transportation is carried out promptly and quickly. This is a very important process for the country's economy. Despite the impressiveness of the merits of sailors, they celebrate quite modestly.

However, the country's success is not only peacefulfield. In military terms, sailors often performed real feats. Many of them are marked in history as heroic. That is why one of the most popular and popular holidays in the country is the Day of the Russian Navy.

It is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of July. Celebrate it began already a very long time - in 1939.

There were many brilliant victories. That is why the people of the country honor the memory of the glorious fleet, which is her real pride.

Mariners are congratulated by senior officialsRussia, everywhere there are concerts, parades, various festivities. Conducted competitions and arranged entertainment. At the same time, this Navy Day is also the feast of Neptune. It should be noted that, despite the scale of the holiday, the behavior of the participants remains within the norm.

But it can not be called modest. The military celebrate the celebration with great enthusiasm. It is worth noting one distinguishing feature of the celebrations at the Black Sea Fleet - only there the sailors are changing this day to a uniform for the parade.

Water performance is an unusual and spectacular decoration of a holiday. This, at the same time, an event in honor of Neptune and the congratulations of the military seamen.

By the way, about this god. It has been considered the patron saint of seafarers since ancient times. This day is celebrated even in children's camps, where various performances are conducted with mermaids, water masters and Neptune himself.

As a rule, it is depicted with a trident, a beard and a crown. Around the bustle, fun, music, songs, jokes - a real holiday atmosphere.

Passing through the ancient customs. The captain of the floating ship asks the sea god to let him swim through his possessions. After that, Neptune gives good and baptizes the shipping workers with water. This event is the main one during the whole festival.

It is celebrated everywhere - even in modern resort cities, where it takes the format of a beach show, in hotels and sanatoria, various entertainment complexes.

It remains to us to celebrate the day of thisGod, to honor our glorious fleet, to remember his achievements and rejoice. All Russians express admiration for the people who chose this great path. Our navy is a real pride of the country, it has a great history. Certainly, deserves respect.

This is the Day of the Navy in our country. A holiday, when people congratulate people who have dedicated their lives to ships. By and large, these are two days when the fleet is honored - peaceful and military. These are wonderful holidays that are worth noting. At least in order to pay a certain tribute to the brave seafarers who tirelessly care about the country's economy and security.

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