Daughters of Zeus, or Young and beautiful persons of Olympus

Mythology has always interested humanity, becauseall the unknown and unknowable literally attracts people with a magnet. In this article we will talk about the beautiful women of Greek mythology, as the daughter of Zeus made no less contribution to the history of the ancient man and Olympus. It's no secret that the children of the main god had a lot, and some of them even differed in a somewhat unusual way of being born.

the daughter of ZeusSo, from Themis, the second wife of Zeus, wasborn Adrastea - the goddess of justice, an eternally vindictive young lady, from whom no one could escape. In general, in mythology, in fact, all the daughters of Zeus are vindictive enough persons, however Adrasteja among others adhered also to justice.

From the first wife of the supreme god Olympus was bornHebe - this daughter of Zeus had the gift of patronage over his youth. Forever young goddess served the rest of the gods, constantly replenishing them with nectar. Later, she became the wife of Hercules, who was deified after the feats.

Another daughter of Zeus had the name of Iphia, and shewas also born from the first wife of Hera. She was the patroness of childbirth, often was in labor for help, but sometimes she was also a hostile force. For a long time her assistance to mankind was not independent, since Ilfiya was an assistant to Artemis or Hera, but after a while everything changed.

daughter goddess Zeus beautyThe daughter of Zeus, horrifying to others, was namedPersephone. She was born from Demeter, but in her youth she was stolen by the brother of Zeus - Hades. He also gave Persephone an opportunity to rule the kingdom of the dead, although initially she was only the goddess of fertility. There is a belief that the daughter of Demeter was stolen in the winter, which is why there is no fertile land in winter, because a young girl could not engage in her direct duties while she was separated from her mother. Then Hades took pity and let the lover return to Demeter once a year for a while.

The famous daughter of Zeus is the goddess of hunting Artemis. She has a twin brother, which is why she also patronized all the sisters among the people. When she was born, most of the gods began to fear the wrath of the legitimate wife of Zeus - Hera, because Artemis was born from the Titanide Summer. However, his father reassured his daughter, telling her that we should not be afraid of his wife's revenge. Soon he gives the daughter all the gifts that she wished, and gives her the right to choose her patronage.

daughter Zeus goddess

The most amazing birth story isthe myth of the birth of Athena. The fact is that she does not have a mother - she was born from the head of Zeus, which Hephaestus cut with a powerful ax. Moreover, this goddess of war, victory and wisdom had no childhood, she immediately came into being fully equipped and with military weapons. A distinctive feature of the nature of Athena is that it not only helps mortals, but also gods, who often come to her for advice.

And finally, the most attractive daughter of Zeus -goddess of beauty Aphrodite. Her mother was Dion, born from the foam of the sea, as a result of which she received her name. Despite the marriage (her husband was Hephaestus), Aphrodite led a rather rampant life, probably, "affected the genes" of her father. It should be noted that the image of this goddess is often used in various literary works, but in them she is often called Venus (the name was worn by the goddess of beauty among the Romans, who, in fact, borrowed the whole pantheon of gods from the Greeks).

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Daughters of Zeus, or Young and beautiful persons of Olympus Daughters of Zeus, or Young and beautiful persons of Olympus Daughters of Zeus, or Young and beautiful persons of Olympus Daughters of Zeus, or Young and beautiful persons of Olympus Daughters of Zeus, or Young and beautiful persons of Olympus