Dark Souls 2: Armor and its varieties

In Dark Souls 2 armor is the basis of equipmentthe main character. Without good defensive sets, only one unit will be able to move far along the plot, and the complexity will increase many times. It is for this reason that each user should know the division of the armor into classes and the best samples among them.

general description

In Dark Souls 2 armor is divided into three standardcategory - light, medium, heavy. Each set includes a helmet, gloves for hands, chain mail with leggings and shoes. Together, these items constitute a set that, when fully collected, can give a variety of bonuses to the defense. Not all items are part of the set of equipment. They dress separately and can also give the wearer different positive effects. There are in-game and incomplete sets, which include two or three subjects. To competently clothe the user, you need to find your own style of play and pick up the equipment, suitable for the parameters and weight.dark souls 2 armor

Light Armor Type

In Dark Souls 2 light armor has the mostlow indicators in terms of physical and elemental protection, but wins at the expense of its weight. The user who wears such armor can quickly move around and evade attacks even at the last minute. Speed ​​will be the main advantage of the user in battles. One of the best sets of this direction is "The Armor of the Lion Magician". It can be obtained in Darkshire, where all the pieces of equipment are in the trunk. He is in an abandoned building, but the path to it is blocked by a petrified warrior. It is necessary to revive it with the help of the subject "Aromatic branch of the former". Then you can safely pick up all the things. Also worthy of attention is the "Set of the Saint", which can be obtained from Lysia. The simplest thing is to have thirty units of faith, and then when you talk, the woman herself will give out the items to the player. An alternative way to get armor is to kill the character. Then the set can be taken in the form of prey from the corpse. dark souls 2 best armor

Average Armor

In Dark Souls 2 the best armor, according to manyusers, is in the category of medium armor type. Such equipment weighs from 20 to 39 units and allows you to maintain a balance between speed and quality of protection. In it, the user can take part of the damage and at the same time be quick enough in the battles with several opponents. "Seth Dranglick" - one of the best in this direction. He has decent characteristics, and you can get it almost at the beginning of the campaign. After defeating the Chaser, the player will be able to take three pieces, and the helmet will be given to Drummond after the battle with the Giants Lord. It's enough to talk to him again after killing this monster. Another worthy kit from the category is Seth Targray. It can be obtained only one way - to reach the third rank in the organization "Blue Guards". Then the leader at the conversation will give out this kit in full.dark souls 2 light armor

Heavy Armor

In Dark Souls 2, heavy armor isthe most popular because of the high parameters. Skillful players do not experience difficulties with evasion, and such armor allows you to skip several strikes in combat without significant damage. Their weight begins with forty units and higher. The most popular set in this direction is the "Set Havel", which in its complete set is hidden behind the door of the stone in the location of the garbage dump. The key to it can be obtained by killing two giants who are on a platform near the entrance to the Black Cleft. When you see two worms crawling out of the wall, it's worth running through them and jumping down. There the player will face the necessary monsters. Another quality kit is the "Seth of the Mirror Knight". To get it, it's enough to defeat this character in battle. After that, at Maglin it will be available for purchase. In Dark Souls 2 armor of this type will help both in ordinary battles with hordes of monsters, and in hard battles with bosses.

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