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The life story of the American actor Dan (Danny) Trejo could easily be made into a film, based on a nonbanal movie drama. Childhood and youth performer, now known for the many colorful roles of negative characters, took place in this nightmare. But he managed to get out, to be held as an individual, to realize himself in the cinema and restaurant business. Currently, Danny Trejo's filmography includes almost 200 films and TV shows, he has the status of a sought-after movie star and the unofficial title of “the most terrible man in Hollywood.”


Danny Trejo grew up in a disadvantaged area of ​​Bristol Harriman (Pennsylvania). His father worked as a builder, managed to modernize a cheap dwelling somewhat, but was unable to improve the conditions of existence.His mother worked as a cleaner in the clinic, the total family income was only enough for food. The family did not have books and television. All the free time little Danny spent on the street in the company of the same tomboy - angry and cruel boys. Having matured, the guy enters the street gang "Bloody foreheads", as part of which during the spontaneous domestic fights gets the first skills of hand-to-hand combat and the nickname Knockout. Approximately the same atmosphere in which Danny Trejo was growing up, Tony Rauth describes in his musical composition.

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Drug problems

In Trecho's youthful addiction to drugs, his uncle who lived in a trailer — the unemployed who hunted on the outskirts — was to blame. He treated his nephew with “powder of death” and inclined to participate in the drug business. For the heroin trade, Danny was convicted and sent to serve his sentence in the Holmsburg colony. In total, he spent 11 years in prisons, replacing 9 high-security prisons. It was during this sad period of his life that Trejo became interested in boxing, won several championships in middleweight boxing.

After going out and getting rid of the addiction of addiction through the rehabilitation program, Danny Trejo began to help other addicts.After going through the harsh prison tests that disfigured his appearance, the actor managed to keep his heart and soul pure and uncorrupted.

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Lucky case

One day, an ex-convict came to the set to help resist the temptation to take drugs to one of the filmmakers. There, he met screenwriter Eddie Banker, who recommended his old acquaintance to train Eric Roberts in the movie “Runaway Train”. During one of the staged fights, Danny was spotted by the film director Andrei Konchalovsky, who, having admired Trejo's brutality, invited him to a cameo role. So, with a light hand of the Soviet, and after the American director Trejo got into the world of cinema and gradually grew to the main roles.

You can differently evaluate the acting talent and appearance of the performer, but it's hard not to agree that, appearing even in the episode, Danny Trejo is remembered.

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"License" antagonist

Over time, the actor "gets a license" to translate the images of classic villains into a movie. He becomes the most terrible and recognizable performer of the factory of Dreams, capable without a make-up to cause awe in the hearts of viewers and colleagues.The former criminal element and loser has a permanent income. Danny began to consider himself a lucky, despite the fact that all the characters that he was offered to play were frankly primitive and monotonous.

The creative task that was set before Mr. Trekhvisiony in their projects can be characterized by the combination of "silently kill them all." The heroes of Danny did not know pity, did not speak skillful speeches, had suitable nicknames. For example, the mercenary Navajas (knife) in the cult "Desperate" of Robert Rodriguez, the vampire barber Razor in the legendary trilogy "From Dusk Till Dawn", Machete in the same movie by Rodriguez. The actor was a “silent scarecrow” in category B films whose names speak for themselves: Death Wish 4, Maniac Police 2, Death Marked, Deadly Alliance, Blood Paid for Blood, Killers for replacement ", etc.

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Career rise

But Danny's career developed rapidly, and very soon his "charming" bit parts grew. Formerly, the silent killers became more talkative, and first-magnitude movie stars became screen companions: Antonio Banderas in Desperate,Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in The Battle, George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino in From Dusk Till Dawn, Jennifer Lopez in Anaconda, Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich in Air Prison and others. In each action movie, in the creation of which the artist took part, he also acted as a director of action scenes. It is no coincidence that rapper Tony, Danny Trejo, in his song asks what Thai boxing can do against the knife, the trunk. Let's just say - the performer risks a lot, the explanations in person meeting with the actor would hardly have liked him.

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Evolution Machete

Machete's character, one of the most prominent in the actor's filmography, was coined by Robert Rodriguez specifically for Danny Trejo long before the release of the same-name picture of 2010. During the filming of "Children of Spies", the director introduces the uncle of the main characters of Isidore "Machete" Cortes into the narrative. Later, the hero appears in a fake trailer for the film “Grindhouse”, with many critics calling it the best moment of the film’s narration. Textured Mexican, who played only memorable cameo roles for a long time, provedwhich will easily be able to pull out a full meter on his charisma.

Rodriguez and Trejo discussed the possibility of creating a full-length project about this hero for several years. As a result, in 2010, the stylized action movie “Machete” will be released. The three in the ribbon is the way the public has become accustomed to seeing it - gloomy, dexterous, strong and ruthless towards enemies. As it turned out, he can joke without smiles, but quite funny.

The picture was successful, so the creators decided to start production of the sequel - “Machete kills”. The absurd fighter about the invincible Mexican, who never essetes, but is able to chop an army of enemies into cabbage, ends with a fake trailer “Machete kills again ... in space.” Perhaps the triquel is already in development, and the viewer will repeatedly meet with the frantic character. For Danny Trejo, Machete films are, by his own admission, particularly significant.

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In Russian cinema

The actor is always open for international cooperation and is happy to learn new things. In the cinema of the Russian director Mikhail Khleborodov “The Courier from Paradise,” he played one of the secondary roles.He fruitfully realized the proposed chance, following the recommendations of his friend, photographer Andrei Kazanovsky. As it turned out, Danny Trejo really likes in the Russian Federation. He is always ready to discuss proposals related to filming in Russia. Moreover, he has experience working with domestic filmmakers, because Alexander Rodnyansky was one of the producers of Machete. Moreover, in the vast expanses of the Russian Federation the actor is known and popular, it is no coincidence that he is mentioned in the song, famous for the image of the evil clown of rapper Rauta “Danny Trejo”.

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Personal life

The singer does not like to spread about his personal life. It is known for certain that the actor was married twice. From his first marriage, he has a son, Danny Boy. The second time, he led the beautiful actress Debbie Shreve under the crown. Photo Danny Trejo embraced with his wife for a long time did not leave the editorial media. Chosen gave her husband two children: daughter Daniel and son Gilbert. But, after 12 years, their union fell apart. In the future, the actor did not tie the knot, but became the father of two more kids, José and Esmeralda, who were given birth to him by different women. Despite his sinister appearance and brutal image, Danny was a caring and kind father.

Trejo is actively involved in charity work, works a lot with adolescents in art circles, attends school classes and prisons for minors.

Recently, the actor decided to realize himself as a restaurateur, he owns a network of restaurants of Mexican cuisine.

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