Daniel Defoe: a short summary of "Robinson Crusoe" for the readers diary

The novel by Daniel Defoe about Robinson Crusoe is known to everyone. Even those who have not read it, remember the story of a young sailor who gets on an uninhabited island after a shipwreck. He lives there for twenty-eight years.

Everyone knows a writer like Daniel Defoe. "Robinson Crusoe", the brief content of which makes us once again be convinced of his genius, is his most famous work.

More than two hundred years, people read a novel. There are a lot of skits on it and sequels. Economists are building on this novel a model of human existence. What is the popularity of this book? The story of Robinson will help to find the answer to this question.

Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe", a summary

Summary of "Robinson Crusoe" for the readers diary

Robinson was the third son in the parents, hisprepared for any profession. He always dreamed of the sea and travel. His older brother fought with the Spaniards and died. The middle brother is missing. Therefore, the parents did not want to let the youngest son out into the sea.

Father with tears asked Robinson just modestlyexist. But these requests only for the time being reasoned the 18-year-old guy. The son tries to gain support of the mother, but this venture is unsuccessful. Another year he tries to beg his parents, until in September in 1651 he swims to London, because of free travel (the captain was the father of his friend).

Robinson's Sea Adventures

Already on the first day a storm broke out in the sea,Robinson repented in the soul for disobedience. But this condition was dispelled by drinking. A week later, an even more violent storm struck. The ship drowned and the sailors picked up a boat from a nearby ship. On the shore Robinson wants to return to his parents, but "evil destiny" keeps him on the chosen path. The summary of "Robinson Crusoe" for the readers' diary shows how difficult the fate was to Robinson.

In London, the hero met the captain of the ship,going to Guinea, and going to swim with him, he becomes a friend of the captain. Robinson very much regrets that he did not become a sailor, so he would have learned to be a sailor. But he gets some knowledge: the captain is happy to deal with Robinson, trying to pass the time. When the ship returns to England, the captain dies, Robinson sails to Guinea. This expedition proves to be unsuccessful: their ship is captured by Turkish pirates, and our hero turns into a slave of the Turkish captain. That makes Robinson do all the homework, and does not take to the sea. In this part of the novel "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe", a brief description of which describes the life of the main character, shows the determination and leadership of the man.

The master sent a prisoner to fish, and one day,when they were at a great distance from the shore, Robinson persuades the boy Xuri to escape. To this he was preparing in advance, so in the boat were crackers and fresh water, tools and weapons. On the way, fugitives get their livestock, peaceful natives give them water and food. Later they are picked up by a ship from Portugal. The captain promises to take Robinson to Brazil free of charge. He buys their boat and the boy Xuri, promising to give him freedom in a few years. With this, Robinson agrees. The summary of "Robinson Crusoe" for the readers' diary will further tell about the life of the hero in Brazil.

Life in Brazil

In Brazil, Robinson receives their citizenship,working on his own plantations of tobacco and sugar cane. Neighbors on plantations help him. The plantations needed workers' hands, and slaves were expensive. After listening to Robinson's stories about trips to Guinea, planters decide to bring slaves to Brazil secretly on the ship and share them among themselves. Robinson is proposed to be a shipping clerk, responsible for the purchase of Negroes in Guinea. "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe," a brief summary of this work further reveals the recklessness of the protagonist.

He agrees and sails with Brazil on September 11659, 8 years after leaving the parental home. On the second week of the voyage, a hard storm began to ripple the ship. He runs aground, and on the boat the team is given into the hands of fate. A large shaft turns the boat and a miraculously saved Robinson land on land. The summary of "Robinson Crusoe" for the readers' diary further tells about the new house of Robinson.

Wonderful salvation is an uninhabited island

He alone is saved and mourns for the lost friends. The first night Robinson sleeps on a tree, frightened of wild beasts. On the second day, the hero took a lot of useful things from the ship (which brought closer to the shore) - weapons, nails, a screwdriver, grindstone, cushions. On the shore, he places a tent, carries food, gunpowder, and makes himself a bed. In total, he was on the ship 12 times, and always took away something valuable from there - tackles, crackers, rum, flour. The last time he saw a pile of gold and thought that in his state they are not important at all, but he still took them with him. The novel "The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe", a brief summary of his later parts will tell you about life on the island.

That night the storm left nothing of the ship. Now Robinson was waiting for the construction of a safe house with a view of the sea, from where it was possible to wait for salvation.

On the hill he finds an even clearing and on itbreaks the tent, fencing it with a fence of trunks driven into the ground. You could enter this house by the ladder. In the rock, he broke the cave and used it as a cellar. All the work took him a long time. But he quickly gained experience. Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe", a brief summary of this novel further tells about the adaptation of Robinson to a new life.

Summary of "Robinson Crusoe" for the readers diary

Adaptation to a new life

Now he was faced with the task of surviving. But Robinson was alone, he was confronted by a world that did not know about his condition - the sea, the rains, the wild deserted island. To do this, he will have to master many professions and interact with the environment. He noticed everything and studied. He learned how to domesticate goats, make cheese. In addition to cattle breeding, Robinson took up farming when the grains of barley and rice sprouted, which he shook out of the sack. The hero sowed a large field. Further, Robinson created a calendar in the form of a large pillar, on which he put a notch every day.

The first date on the pole is September 30, 1659. From this moment each day is taken into account, and the reader gets a lot of knowledge. During the absence of Robinson in England, the monarchy was resumed, and Robinson returns to the "Glorious Revolution" of 1688, which led to the throne of William of Orange.

Robinson Crusoe's diary, summary: continuation of the story

Among the not-so-important things that Robinsonpicked up from the ship, there were ink, paper, three Bibles, telescopes. When his life was well established (with him three cats and a dog from the ship, then a parrot also appeared), he started a diary to ease the soul. In the diary, Robinson describes all his affairs, observations on harvest and weather.

Summary of "Robinson Crusoe", Daniel Defoe

Earthquake forces Robinson to think aboutNew housing, because under the mountain to remain dangerous. The remnants of the ship sail to the island after the crash, and Robinson finds on it tools and material for construction. Feet dumps him, and he reads the Bible and is treated as best he can. Rum, infused with tobacco, helps to heal it.

When Robinson recovered, he examined the island,where he lived for about ten months. Among unknown plants Robinson finds melon and grapes, and from the latter then makes raisins. There are also many animals on the island: foxes, hares, turtles, and penguins. Robinson considers himself the master of these beauties, because no one lives from people here. He puts a hut, strengthens it and lives there, as in the country.

Robinson works two, three years, without bendingback. He writes all this into his diary. So he recorded one of his days. In short, the day consisted of the fact that Robinson read the Bible, hunted, then sorted, dried and cooked the game.

Robinson took care of crops, harvested crops,he cared for livestock, made garden tools. All these lessons were taking him a lot of time and energy. With patience, he finished all the work. Even bake bread without a stove, salt and yeast.

Building a boat and walking in the sea

Robinson did not stop dreaming about a boat anddeparture to the mainland. He just wanted to escape from bondage. Robinson knocks a large tree and cuts out of it a small ship. But on the water he never managed to lower it (because it was far in the forest). He endures with failure with failure.

Leisure Robinson spends on the renovation of the wardrobe: sews a suit of fur (jacket and trousers), a hat and makes an umbrella. Five years later, Robinson builds a boat and sets it on the water. When he gets to sea, he goes around the island. The current carries the boat to the open sea, and Robinson with great difficulty returns to the island. So describes D. Defoe's adventures of Robinson Crusoe. The brief content of this novel shows the loneliness of the hero and his hope of salvation.

"The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe": read the summary

Traces of savages in the sand

Because of fear, Robinson does not go to sea for a long time.He develops pottery, weaves baskets and makes a pipe. There is a lot of tobacco on the island. On one of the walks a man sees a footprint on the sand. He is very frightened, he comes home and does not leave for three days, thinking, whose trace it is. The hero is afraid that it can be savages from the mainland. Robinson thinks that they can ruin a crop, disperse cattle, and eat it. When he leaves the "fortress", he makes a new corral for goats. The man again discovers traces of people and the remains of the feast of cannibals. The guests were again on the island. Two years, Robinson remains on one part of the island in his home. But then life returns to a calm course. This will be briefly described in the next part of the article ("Robinson Crusoe"). Daniel Defoe describes all the hero's deeds in small details.

Summary of "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe

Rescue Friday - a savage from the closest lands

One night a man hears a gunshot -the ship signals. The whole night Robinson burns a fire, and in the morning sees the fragments of the ship. From anguish and loneliness, he prays for one of the team to be saved, but only the corpse of the junga takes to the shore. The ship does not have any live people left. Robinson still wants to get to the mainland and wants to take some savage to help. A year and a half, he comes up with plans, but Robinson scare cannibals. Once he manages to meet a savage whom he saves. He becomes his friend.

Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe", a summary

The life of Robinson becomes more pleasant. He teaches Friday (so called Saved Savage) to eat broth and wear clothes. Friday turned out to be a good and faithful friend. This is stated in the novel "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe", which can be read briefly in one breath.

"The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe," a summary

Salvation from imprisonment and return to England

Soon the guests come to the island. A team of rebels on an English ship brings the captain, assistant and passenger to the massacre. Robinson frees the captain and his friends, and they pacify the rebellion. The only wish Robinson voices to the captain is to deliver it to Friday with England. Robinson stayed on the island for 28 years and returned to England on June 11 in 1686. His parents had not been alive for a long time, but the widow of his first captain was still alive. He learns that his clerk was taken by an official from the treasury, but all incomes are returned to him. A man helps his two nephews, prepares them for sailors. At age 61, Robinson marries, he has three children. So this amazing story ends.

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Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary Daniel Defoe: a short summary of Robinson Crusoe for the readers diary