Dalian: China in miniature

Dalian ChinaCircumstances have developed so that our advancethe planned route changed abruptly, and instead of the designated point, we got to Dalian. China for me - a camp of paradoxes, and Dalian in this sense was no exception. I am a meticulous person, therefore, while we were riding along the Shen-Da high-speed highway, we managed to "dig" a lot of not very pleasant information on the Internet. I found out that in 2010 in the port of Dalian (China remembers this tragedy, after tons of oil poured into the sea), an oil pipeline exploded, and in 2011 there was a severe flood. Having prepared to see the dirty yellow sea and the ruins left after the flood, I did not even understand that the clean, beautiful and well-groomed city we entered into is Dalian. China, on the example of this city, showed how he cares about his "face".china dalian photos

Bright streets, green lawns, gentlycurving buildings of European architecture, lush bright green tree crowns, flowering shrubs, - for no reason you will not say that the city is one of the largest ports of China. I liked the city so much that there was no trace of a bad mood. Hardly settled, we immediately went for a walk. Our interpreter was an intelligent woman. She immediately said that Dalian is China in miniature. The city has everything in the country: ports and universities, luxury resorts and large construction companies, endless beaches and striking streets. The interpreter continued: "Do you know what China really is? Dalian (photo) this will show you. " She was right.rest in china DalianAfter spending a week in this city, I'm foreverfell in love with China. Today I can spend hours talking about how I was struck by the Catholic Church of Jesus' Most Holy Heart, how I liked to walk around Zhongshan Square, how beautiful the coastline stretches by almost fifteen hundred kilometers. Dalian is a city where they study, work, relax, fall in love. I have not determined for myself why staying in this city has become so romantic for me, but I know for sure: in my plans for the next year, the first point is the rest in China.

Dalian is a city of luxuryrest in china Dalian

There is a place in Dalian that allowed mefeel yourself a special royal blood. Half a kilometer from the shore we saw a small rocky islet. The interpreter smiled enigmatically and said that it is called Baychui, and we can visithim. Baychuy was only a part of the resort zone, more like an earthly paradise than the former place of rest for the Chinese party elite. Luxury villas, golf courses, swimming pools, fabulous beauty of nature attract tourists from all over the world. Surprisingly, by our standards, living in this resort is relatively inexpensive. You can talk about Dalian for hours. Those who are going to go there, I advise you to visit all the beaches, go to the street. Changjiang, to admire the retro trams, be sure to pat the "Guileşi" (turtle stone), which is in Jinshitani, to photograph the unique reefs located in this government resort area. By the way, lovers of shopping here, too, will find what to do. Things in China are very cheap, but their quality is much higher than the usual "imported" Chinese consumer goods.

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Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature Dalian: China in miniature