Cybex Car Seats: Review, Models, Manufacturer and Reviews

The safety of children while driving in recent years has received increasing attention. To this end, manufacturers of products for children have released a relatively new product - car seats. Their use is required by the rules of the road. Parents in this matter agree with the government. Car seats are a prime example of when safety and comfort are combined.

Features of Cybex products

In the market of children's products can be found car seats of various manufacturers from different countries. Popular among buyers are car seats Cybex. They are produced by a company from Germany of the same name.

car seat Cybex

The products of this company differ in quality, high degree of safety, variety of design and comfort for the baby. Among the advantages are the following:

  • Side impact protection system enhanced.
  • Several positions back.
  • On the back there are holes for ventilation, creating an optimal microclimate.
  • Headrest improved form.
  • The presence of armrests.
  • The optimal ratio of the size and weight of the product.
  • Pleasant and durable fabric upholstery.
  • Affordable price.

The Cybex child car seat undergoes a quality control procedure, according to the results of which the product receives a certificate of European design. During the tests conducted by reputable expert organizations, significant shortcomings have been identified.

Classification of models

Cybex car seats are made in various models. And each of them is usually attributed to one of the age categories. So, models are divided into the following types:

  • From birth to eighteen months. The weight of the child is up to thirteen kilograms.
  • From the moment of birth to four years, when the weight of the child does not exceed eighteen kilograms.
  • From nine months to four years, or from nine to eighteen kilograms.
  • From nine months to twelve years. Corresponds to weight from 9 to 36 kilograms.
  • From three to twelve years. For children weighing between fifteen and thirty six kilograms.

car seat cybex pallas 2 fix

In addition to age, Cybex car seats must match the weight of the child.Each age group is characterized by a certain weight. Choosing a car seat, it is necessary to consider both of these parameters.

Ways to fix the car seat

Child safety will be fully ensured only if the car seat is attached to the seat correctly. To do this, use two methods:

  • Car safety belts. This method can already be considered obsolete.
  • Based on the "isofix" system. This is a new version that is more reliable. A chair fixed in this way is more stable.

Fastening methods are usually reflected in the title. So, the Cybex Fix car seat will be fixed with the help of the “isofix” system. Marking 2-Fix in the title indicates two possible ways of securing the car seat: belts and at the base of "isofix".

Products for children under the age of one and a half years

Cybex's offer for children under the age of eighteen months includes the following car seat models:

  • "Cloud Q". Integrated head restraint guides, which has eleven positions. Including horizontal. Additional liner for the smallest (for example, premature babies). The side protection is telescopic, easily adjustable. The peak protecting from the sun and wind.Can be used not only for a trip in the car, but also for a walk down the street.
  • "Aton Q". Possesses telescopic protection against side impacts. Adjustable in height. The headrest has integrated guides, moves in height. Protective visor included.

baby car seat Cybex

  • "Aton 5". Several positions back. Including horizontal, suitable for sleeping. Eight headrest positions. Lateral linear protection. There is a visor.
  • "Aton M". It has a modular system that allows the chair to "grow" with the child. Built-in seat belts. The head restraint moves in eleven positions. Additional side protection. Insert for kids. Can be used outside the car.

Products for children up to four years

Cybex car seats in this group are represented by the following models:

  • Sirona. Fastened against the progress of the car. This increases the degree of safety in a collision. When the child reaches a weight of nine kilograms, the chair can be put in the direction of travel. Easy landing is provided by a mechanism that rotates around its axis. Telescopic side protection system.
  • Sirona M2 is suitable for children no more than 105 centimeters tall.The chair can be tilted using only one arm. Height can adjust the position of the head restraint.

Group one

A prominent representative of this category is the Cybex 2-Fix Juno car seat. It is suitable for children weighing from nine to eighteen kilograms. Installed in the direction of travel. Safety table can be adjusted.

car seat Cybex 2 Fix

Additional side protection linear, improved. It is fixed using the “isofix” system, due to which a higher level of safety and sustainability is achieved.

Products for children from 9 months to 12 years

This age group can be represented by the following products:

  • Cybex Pallas car seat is usable for 11 years. The safety table has several positions, as well as the back. Side protection system - linear.
  • Pallas M-Fix. Its settings can be changed to fit the grown-up child. The stated lifetime is eleven years. The back is regulated by one hand. The head restraint has several positions. It is fixed on the “isofix” base.
  • Pallas M. There is a security table with several positions, an adjustable headrest, protection from side impact.
  • Car Seat Cybex Pallas 2 Fix is ​​made under the slogan "Safety 2 in 1". The stated period of use is eleven years. "Growing up" with the child. Side protection - linear, optimized. The back has different positions. Mounted on the base of "isofix".

car seat Cybex Pallas Fix

  • The Cybex Pallas Fix car seat has been usable for eleven years. Safety table adjustable. It is protected from side impacts using a linear system. The back is adjustable. It is fixed by the "isofix" system.

For children 3-12 years old

This group includes models:

  • Solution M. Three headrest tilts do not allow the child's head to fall forward while sleeping. The headrest is height adjustable and has 12 positions. Individual side impact protection. Ventilation completed.
  • Solution M-Fix. The head restraint has three positions in inclination and 12 in height. There is a side protection, ventilation system. Fastened with an isofix system.
  • Solution X. Eleven headrest height and three slope positions. Lateral protection linear.

car seat cybex solution

  • Solution X-Fix. The head restraint is patented by a company with 11 positions in height. Lateral protection linear. Mounted on the "isofix."
  • Solution X2-Fix. Headrest with three tilts and 12 positions in height. Improved linear protection on the sides. It is fixed by the "isofix" system.
  • Car Seat Cybex Solution Q3-Fix is ​​sold under the slogan "The safest solution." This model is a combination of a large experience of the company for the production of car seats and modern materials. Of the characteristics can be distinguished adjustable headrest and back, the presence of side airbags. It is fixed on the “isofix” base. There is air ventilation at the back, which provides optimal microclimate conditions.

Cybex Car Seat: Customer Reviews

Cybex car seats are in great demand all over the world. Many parents trust the safety of their children precisely products of this manufacturer. From here and a large number of positive reviews.

Cybex products attract customers with a high level of safety, confirmed by many laboratories. And not only similar institutions. In confirmation of this, there are many user reviews whose children were not injured in the accident due to the car seat. In addition, a pleasant design and high-quality materials can not leave indifferent. And at an affordable price it is almost impossible to resist the purchase of the car seats of this particular company.In recent years, buyers have been pleased with new models related to budget options.

The first thing buyers pay attention to is appearance. Cybex car seats have a stylish modern design, a large number of colors.

The child in the car seat is securely fixed. In this case, it is convenient and comfortable to sit there. To prevent the baby from sweating, individual models have a ventilation system in the form of holes in the back.

Further, buyers note the convenience of using products. The back and head restraint are adjustable. In some models, they can even be removed altogether. This allows you to use the car seat as a booster when the child is older. No need to spend extra time in a few years.

car seat cybex fix

Choosing a car seat, it is worth remembering that it is primarily necessary to ensure the safety of children. Therefore, it is recommended to choose only quality products from time-tested manufacturers. And Cybex car seats in this case are not the last. The company's products are distinguished by reliability, high-quality materials, and a high level of safety. And a wide variety will allow everyone who wants to choose the right model not only for functionalcharacteristics, but also in appearance.

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