Curd dessert - recipe, photo

Desserts made with cottage cheese are among the easiest and most dietary sweets. Of course, you can find recipes that use an excessive amount of sugar and sour cream, but today everyone prefers more

What are some cheese delicacies?

Curd dessert can be cooked without heat treatment, and can be baked in the oven, in this case, you can add rolled oats, flour or semolina. If you need to make something tasty in the winter, you can choose one of the many recipes for baking with cottage cheese. Even if sour cream or butter is added to the treat, the amount of such ingredients is small, and the resulting products are always lower-calorie than any other sweets.

Even baked desserts without baking are different. In one case, they are prepared with the addition of gelatin, in the other - whipping in a blender with fruit or berries. Such recipes require neither time nor the purchase of special products. In each season, berries and fruits are used that ripen at this time.

curd dessert

The most useful delicacy

Curd dessert can be offered not only absolutely healthy, but also sick people who have to give up all kinds of sweets. Cottage cheese and food prepared from it can be eaten with the majority of diseases of the digestive organs, heart, blood vessels, obesity, and some delicacies can be eaten even with diabetes.

You need to buy only the freshest products, and it is better to eat dessert on the same day. Like most natural types of food, it quickly deteriorates and after a short period of storage can cause poisoning. A fresh cottage cheese and pastries made from it are very useful and nutritious.

Cool summer treat

There are plenty of berries and fruits that do not require any culinary skills to serve them in their original form on hot days. They can be used to make cool and flavorful curd jelly. There are many recipes for the original desserts, refreshing in the summer. In all cases, gelatin is separately diluted in cold water, allowed to stand at room temperature for about an hour and brought to a boil over low heat. Then it is cooled and combined with the rest of the prepared products.Then pour it all into molds, leave in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

For 1 cup of liquid, add a tablespoon of gelatin. Most often it is added to swell in water, but you can use milk or fruit juices. The rest of the products are cooked for that hour while it swells.

Dietary delicacy

Curd dessert with gelatin and honey is one of the lowest-calorie ones. For it is necessary to have the following products:

• Cottage cheese - 400 g.

• Cocoa - 1 tbsp. a spoon.

• Milk –100 ml.

• Honey - 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Gelatin (1 tbsp. L.) Is placed in water (glass) and allowed to swell, heated in an hour when it dissolves, removed from the heat and cooled. Then mixed in a blender with milk, cottage cheese, honey and cocoa until a state of uniformity, pour the mixture of molds and placed in the refrigerator.

cottage cheese desserts without baking

Hearty treats

Curd dessert can be more sweet and high-calorie. On a spoonful of gelatin, swelling in a glass of water, you will need the following products:

• Sugar - 100 g

• Pinch of flavoring (you can take vanilla sugar).

• Cottage cheese - 200 g.

• Kefir -150 ml.

• Selected and raisins soaked in water - 50 g.

• Fruit (apple or orange).

After the gelatin has been standing for about an hour, it is dissolved by heating, it is cooled, sugar, flavor, kefir, and grated curd are added to it and stirred well.Then add pieces of fruit, clean and softened raisins, spread the mass in molds and place in the refrigerator.

cottage cheese dessert recipe

Cheesecake dessert with gelatin can be made using cookies. The treat will turn out not dietary, but tasty and original.

15-20 g of gelatin should have the following products:

• ready-made cookies - 120 g;

• butter - 70 g;

• canned peaches - 400 g;

• cottage cheese - 200 g;

• cream - 200 ml;

• A handful of strawberries.

Crush cookies and mix with softened butter. Put a plastic wrap in a form with removable sides, separate the walls with it, put the biscuit with butter in a thick thin layer and place in the refrigerator. While the dessert base cools down, crush the pulp of canned peaches without juice in a blender. Use peach juice for making gelatin, that is, leave it for an hour in peach juice and bring to a boil. The resulting gelatin is divided into 2 parts.

Grind and mix cottage cheese with cream, add mashed berries and one part of gelatin to them. The second part of the gelatin combine with peach puree. Place the mass containing the curd on the frozen cake of cookies and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.Then on this layer add peach puree with gelatin. Put the treat in the refrigerator for several hours.

Chocolate-curd dessert

This delicacy is cooked in the oven. To prepare it you need to prepare:

• Eggs - 2 pcs.

• Cottage cheese - 400 g.

• Sugar - 100 g

• Pinch of salt.

Combine and mix these products, then divide them into 2 parts. In the first add cocoa and milk, and in the second put semolina and potato starch. Total:

• semolina - 50 g;

• starch - 30 g;

• cocoa -30 g;

• milk - 3 tbsp. spoons.

Spread the butter baking mold and heat it in the oven. When it becomes warm, put the white part of the mixture into it, and put the dark part on top. Put in the oven for 40 min. at 200 degrees. When the dessert is ready, you need to put it on a plate and sprinkle with grated chocolate, or you can cover it with icing.

Cheesecake dessert with gelatin

Banana Jelly

Some fruits give a special flavor to summer delicacies. You can make a gentle cottage cheese dessert from a couple of cookies and bananas. First of all, you need to pour gelatin with water (1 cup) and leave it to swell. For this dish should be used:

• cottage cheese - 400 g;

• bananas - 2 pieces;

• sugar - 50 g;

• Cookies - 2 pieces.

Prepare mashed potatoes of 1.5 bananas in a blender, add sugar and cottage cheese, beat. Gelatin (1 tablespoon) is diluted in cold water, allowed to stand at room temperature for about an hour and brought to dissolve on low heat. When it cools, add to the mixture of cottage cheese and bananas. Place in the fridge for an hour and a half. Then, the frozen mass is taken out and whipped with a mixer until it becomes fluffy.

At the bottom of the bowl, lay out the diced half of the banana and chopped cookies, and cover with a whipped mass on top. Put the resulting dessert in a few hours in the refrigerator.

Curd desserts with photo

Very often, cottage cheese desserts with photos look so attractive that you want to cook them, even the most indifferent to pastry delights people. The recipe for this delicacy requires the following products:

• cottage cheese - 350 g;

• milk - 100 ml;

• cream -100 g;

• Sahaar - 100 g;

• gelatin - 15 g;

• canned pineapples - 200 g

Cottage cheese should be rubbed with a fork and add sugar and cream to it.

Gelatin preparation is carried out in 2 stages. First, it is soaked in half of the milk taken and left for half an hour. Then the remaining 50 ml of milk is heated to boiling and poured in a thin stream into swollen gelatin.

Canned pineapple is cut into small pieces, combine cottage cheese, gelatin and pineapple, fill figured containers with this mixture and place in a refrigerator for 4 hours.

Banana Cheesecake

Curd desserts without baking and without gelatin

You can make a light and fragrant dessert. For this you need to take the following products:

• Cottage cheese - 400 g.

• Banana - 1 pc.

• Orange - 1 pc.

• Kiwi - 1 pc.

• Sugar - 125 g.

If the existing cottage cheese is not soft and tender, it can be whipped with a mixer with cream or sour cream. Fruit wash, peel and cut. A few slices of orange and kiwi are set aside to decorate the dessert. Grind the remaining kiwi with a banana in a blender with sugar until smooth. Put the curd in the mashed potatoes and beat with a mixer so that you get a mass that looks like a cream. Orange, which will not be used for decoration, cut into small pieces and carefully combine with cottage cheese, then put everything in a small vase and put in a cold place. Put a piece of kiwi and orange on the finished cottage cheese dessert with a banana. But you can not keep this treat, it is better to eat on the day of cooking.

You can make a very gentle cottage cheese dessert, the recipe allows you to make it original.To do this, each time you use different types of berries. It is necessary to prepare the following products:

• cottage cheese - 200 g;

• raspberries (or any other berries) - 100 g;

• natural yoghurt - 50 ml;

• honey - 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Mix all the products in a blender, put in the bowls, put a raspberry and mint leaf on top. So you can cook a treat with a variety of berries. It is not necessary to freeze it, since gelatin is not used here. To prepare you need to have only a few free minutes.

chocolate curd dessert

Treats for all seasons

You can cook a cottage cheese dessert, a recipe of which will be a success both in winter and in summer. To do this, take the following products:

• Flour - 1 tbsp.

• A handful of raisins.

• Pinch of soda.

• Egg - 1 pc.

• Sugar - 50 g.

• Kefir - 5 tbsp. spoons.

• Cottage cheese - 400 g.

• Mankou - 50 g.

All components must be whipped in a blender, add the raisins and place in a baking dish, oiled. Prepare a dessert in the oven for about 20 minutes. at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

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