Cuffs - this is what?

Cuffs are a piece of clothing, more often a shirt orDresses that show the end of the sleeve, making it look shaped. They can also be on trousers or pants. There is a fairly large number of cuffs, among them are male and female. They differ in their shape, size. In women, the cuff looks slimmer and fits snugly to the arm, while the man's cuff is wider and has a small distance between the sleeve and the wrist.

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Models of cuffs on sleeves

Today in the modern world there is enougha wide variety of different cuffs that can be classified. Cuffs on the sleeves assume a classic style in general, so the finished image is considered in the presence of a jacket. But the cuffs are present not only in the classical style.

Sports, or Italian, cuffs - is a kind,fairly common in clothing. It looks like a material in one layer, wrapped around the sleeve. On this cuff there is a button in order to have a tight fit of the hand. It is possible to have a second button in order to loosen the sleeve if necessary. Angles in this type of cuff may be different: both rounded and sharp.

Viennese, or cocktail, cuffs - is a kind,which occurs quite rarely, only in solemn cases, when they co-wear a coat. They were widely distributed after the release of films with James Bond, who wore a tailcoat with them. These cuffs are clearly visible from under the sleeve of the coat, so they can still be called elongated, so they are allowed to twist a little. They are fastened only to cufflinks.

French cuffs are a kind that you canattributed to the most official. Put a shirt on with them when a tuxedo is supposed to take on especially important tricks. In appearance they are a fabric folded in half, which bends around the arm, then the wrist and is fastened with a cufflink. Such sleeves, based on the rules of etiquette, can not be rolled.

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Elasticated cuffs

They are found in the clothes of everyday style: Jackets, coats, shirts, pants. This kind of cuffs is very comfortable in children's clothes, allows sleeves and trousers to fit tightly to the body, without bulging. This is especially important in the outer clothing. This cuff prevents the passage of cold air under the fabric. This cuff passes smoothly from the sleeve, the sleeve simply bends at the end, is squashed, and the elastic band is inserted inside the resulting compartment. So that she does not slide down, more often they use wide variants to spend them along with the sleeve. So they will remain in place and will fit tightly to the body. There are also knitted elastic bands that can often be found on sleeves of jackets and coats. They can be the size of a wrist length and elongated - from the elbow. This kind is often found in women's outerwear.

One-button cuffs

This style of cuff refers to the classic. They can be worn together with a strict costume and for a more informal environment. The edge of this cuff can be sewn under a straight, oblique angle and rounded. The cuff on one button has a variety when sewing two buttons across the sleeve. So you can adjust the size to fit the size of your wrist.

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Cuffs on two buttons

Two buttons on this cuff style are locatedalong the sleeve. This style is suitable for informal style and suggests that it will wear not only in conjunction with trouser suit. Unlike the classical cuff on the sleeves, this one has a long length. The edges can also be sewn under a straight, oblique angle and rounded.

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Cuffs fastened to the cufflink

Models of cuffs with cuff links are considered double,since they are folded in half and have a special hole, through which you can put on a cufflink. This view completely refers to the classic and does not depend on how the whole shirt is cut. But the edges of the cuff do not differ from the previous styles.

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Cuffs and rules of etiquette

Persons who constantly communicate with business peopleand they are themselves, the dress code requires you to dress in classic clothes. To do this, you need to know the rules of etiquette, so as not to look ignorant in this matter. In summer, it is allowed to go in a shirt with a short sleeve, and in the cold season a long sleeve with a jacket is needed. And the length of the cuff should be 2 cm longer than the length of the sleeve of the jacket. In this case, the length of the cuff should not be too large. It should end strictly on the wrist. If the cuffs have a length smaller than the jacket, then this is already durnovkusie. If a person wears a watch, then the cuff should be freer on the sleeve where they are. She should cover her watch for a while, leaning against them loosely. In general, the cuff in appearance should completely coincide with the collar of the shirt, and also a tie or butterfly, depending on the case and style, should be correctly selected.

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Cuffs - this is what Cuffs - this is what Cuffs - this is what Cuffs - this is what Cuffs - this is what