Crowns or veneers?

I was going to put crowns on my teeth, an acquaintance said that it was better to put veneers. I have chipped teeth, I wanted to disguise them with crowns. Tell me, what materials are better and where should I turn to in Minsk?
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Answered on March 13 17:03
It all depends on what problems you have with your teeth. If the teeth are badly damaged, then it is better to put a crown. The best option is a metal-ceramic crowns, very good quality at an affordable price.
Answered on March 13, 17:10
I had jagged teeth and more gaps between them. I have been given veneers and now I can not hesitate to smile full-mouth. But I know that there are some contraindications for installing veneers.
Answered on March 13, 17:13
If you have small chipped teeth, then you better then put the veneers. They are just shown when chipped, irregular shape of the teeth, as well as caries.

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