Crochet crochet napkins for beginners. Crochet crochet: schemes

At present, it has become very fashionable to decorate the interior of the house with various products using the hand-made technique. This is not only stylish, but also significantly develops a person’s outlook.

Most often in the interior of the house there are knitted napkins and tablecloths. You can, of course, disagree, saying that all this is quietly purchased in a store or supermarket. But handmade products are quite rare, and the price for them is very high. In addition, the occupation of needlework soothes, relieves stress, helps pass the time and develops imagination. An important fact is that the creator puts a part of the soul into each of his products.

Crochet crochet wipes for beginners

Some facts

In the past century, crocheting was widespread, because there was no rich choice of fabrics, many things were created using this wonderful technique.Since even a child can master the crochet technique, it was from an early age that the training began.

Having learned to recruit and do basic loops, they gradually moved to more complex subjects. Crochet crochet wipes for beginners were a kind of exam in training. The simplest patterns, a small amount of work - and with a successful result you could begin to master the technique of knitting clothes. Based on simple patterns, it is very easy to create such things as ponchos, hats, shawls, skirts and other wardrobe details.

How to read patterns

At first glance, the schemes can be frightened by the complex characters that make up the pattern of the future product. But actually to read the circuit is very simple. It is enough to study 1-2 sources, memorize the symbols and try to carry out the simplest patterns. Doing loops is worth trying on flat or horizontal knitting. Then you can safely start knitting crochet napkins. Schemes for beginners should be simple and straightforward. The figure shows an example of the most common characters and their names, so that the schemes do not seem like terrible hieroglyphs.

Crochet crochet patterns for beginners

In fact, as we see, nothing complicated. Crocheting a napkin for beginners will turn into a real pleasure if you just carefully examine the scheme and decipher its symbols.

Selection of materials

Crochet crochet wipes for beginners should begin with the right choice of yarn. For the first test sessions, select a thicker thread in which it is not so easy to get tangled. For this purpose it is worth taking an acrylic yarn or a wool blend. In this case, all the loops will be clearly visible, and the drawing will be clearly drawn.

Crochet for beginners also depends on the choice of tool size. Napkins will be with big holes, if you choose a hook of a very large size. At the same time, a small crochet will not be able to knit a thick yarn. Regardless of the type of yarn, the size of the tool should correspond to it, and also not cause discomfort in work.

Crochet for beginners napkins

After the first results on a dense yarn were successful, you can begin to openwork knitting. To do this, you need to choose a hook size of 0.5 or 1, and the thread - cotton, reel, №10. From this material a thin, airy product is obtained.

Knitting basics

In order not to lose interest in the process and turn it into a hobby, crocheting a napkin for beginners should be based on the simplest patterns. These will be completely simple patterns, but with their help, the ability to read patterns and knitting techniques will certainly be developed.

The first products can be used as coasters for hot, such as cups or plates. In addition, if you learn crochet for beginners, rectangular napkins, connected by circular technique, you can sew. The result is a great knitted plaid or bedspread on the bed.

The first loops obtained in the process of work should not be very dense or free. From the strength of the thread will depend on the density of the product and the accuracy of the work.

It is also worth noting that in the process of creating a napkin it is necessary to carefully study the pattern - the pattern may be distorted from the missed loops. In simple schemes, the pattern is often repeated row by row, increasing in some places at the expense of nakida and air loops.

Step-by-step lesson crochet napkins for beginners

Crochet workshops are often found in specialized journals. Let's look at how a little crocheted cloth for beginners.

Consider the proposed scheme in order to understand the principle of knitting.

crochet patterns for beginners

Step 1. To start, create a ring of 5 air loops. Next, we collect one air loop for lifting and knit 8 posts without nakida. Close the row.

Step 2. Next, we collect three lift air loops, knit crochet column. We continue to knit under the scheme 2 air loops, 2 double crochets in one loop of the last row. The number of loops increases to 34. We close the row.

Step 3. Again lifting loops, begin to knit a magnificent double crochet and air loops. Close the row.

Step 4. Tying the last row, form a square. Alternating with double crochets and air loops, we get a square motif, which can be part of a large rug. This is what we have at the end of the binding.

crochet wipes for beginners

If in the scheme we replace the magnificent double crochet columns with usual loops with one or two naquids, we will get a less embossed canvas.

Simple schemes

Crochet crochet wipes for beginners should start with the simplest schemes. It is easier to learn how to count the loops, understand the conventions and, of course, develop your own technique and knitting tempo.We offer several simple schemes, thanks to which we get both absolutely small and medium sized napkins.

crochet little napkin for beginnersBelow is a diagram (the legend can be viewed above) of a similar product. Such schemes can be found in special magazines for knitting. This is the easiest option napkins for beginners knitters.

crochet napkins for beginners discussionOften in needlework magazines there are schemes with examples, like this one.

Scheme 4

Such schemes are good because they can see the end result, based on which you can compare your creations.

Where to learn to knit?

If crocheting do-it-yourself crochet wipes, the schemes for beginners are difficult for you, and the descriptions seem incomprehensible, use video tutorials, on which you can clearly see how to set loops and perform basic motifs.

You can also search for special courses that teach the basics of crochet. In almost every city, exhibitions or master classes are periodically held, at which you can find a decent teacher. At these events, experienced craftsmen share their secrets with beginners. There are also often raised topics affecting crochet napkins for beginners. Discussionand commenting on your work will help you see your mistakes and mistakes.


I would like to hope that this article helped in the study of this beautiful kind of needlework, and with the help of small tips you will certainly get a beautiful, laced tablecloth made with love and warmth. Let a little, the first, but created with their own hands I want to believe that in the future your home will decorate a real knitted work of art.

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