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Creon analoguesAlmost every person in his life faced with various disorders in digestion associated with a lack of production of enzyme substances, which leads to painful symptoms, discomfort, painful sensation and burning in the epigastric zone. To help the body cope with such unpleasant consequences, the attending physician usually prescribes drugs that contain enzymes for digestion. One of these tools is the drug "Creon".


The drug "CREON", reviews also indicate this, is used as a replacement treatment for disorders of the pancreas. This is a combined drug, produced in the form of capsules with a hard gelatinous shell, consisting of a dark brown cover and an unpainted base. Let out in polyethylene bottles on 20, 50 or 100 capsules.

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Composition and release form

The contents of each capsule is a set of specific pancreatic enzymes.Near the name of each type of drug, the number of thousands means how many units of lipase are contained in one capsule. There are three types of capsules "CREON": 10, 25 and 40 thousand.

The first type of capsules contains 0.150 g of pancreatic extract in the form of pancreatin, which consists of 10 thousand units of lipase enzyme, 0, 6 thousand units of protease and 8 thousand amylases.

In the second composition already 0.3 g of pancreatin, and the number of units of lipase is 25 thousand, proteases - 1 thousand, amylases - 18 thousand.

The largest amount of pancreatin (0.4 g) is contained in the third form, the content of lipase is 40 thousand, 1.6 thousand protease and 25 thousand amylase.

Polyethylene glycol 400 is used as auxiliary components for the formation of nuclei in granules, and the shell is made of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose phthalate, ethyl (cetyl alcohol), selenium-containing dimethicone, citric ester and ethylene.

The basis of the capsule shell is formed by gelatin, with the addition of various dyes of iron oxide, titanium dioxide, sodium dodecyl sulfate.

Kreon medication: patient reviews

This tool refers to the drugs of the new generation, as it is produced in the form of enteric capsules with contents in the form of complex granules. Unlikedrugs Kreon ", its analogues are produced in tablet form, which reduces the function of enzymes, which, when dissolved shell tablets go into the stomach and are exposed to hydrochloric acid. As a result, a small part of them comes to the intestinal section, where they have to perform their function of splitting proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Creon children dosage

Thanks to the capsule form of the release of the drug “Kreon”, reviews of its best therapeutic effect can be heard from many patients who have switched to treatment with this drug. This drug has established itself as a fast-acting, effective drug that is considered the best in its pharmacotherapeutic group.

The negative side of this drug is the rather big price and the use of capsules only for certain diseases, and not as an accelerator of digestion during overeating. The human body very quickly adapts to the production of enzymes from the outside, and there is a decrease in pancreatin production by the pancreas, which leads to atrophy of this organ. Therefore, only a doctor on the basis of examinations and tests can prescribe the drug "CREON".Reviews of its use for the prophylactic treatment of small digestive problems say that it is better to use less powerful enzyme preparations.


On the pharmaceutical market for a long time there are enzyme preparations, produced in tablet form. The drug "CREON" analogues have the same composition of active enzymes contained in pancreatin, and they all help to digest food. The difference between capsular agents and tablets consists in a faster release of the active substance in the intestine, which allows for early action. That is why it is considered more effective, respectively, and its cost is higher than that of similar drugs.creon application

If there are not enough funds to buy the expensive drug “CREON”, the analogues in the form of medicines “Panzinorm”, “Pancreatin”, “Mikrasim”, “Pancrelipaz” are sold in pharmacies at a lower price.

How does the drug work?

The contents of the capsules consists of gastro-resistant granules in the form of minimicrospheres. The mechanism of action of the drug "CREON" is associated with the phased cleavage of the shell of larger granules first, and then of small ones.Each large minimicrosphere is covered with a membrane soluble in the stomach, after its destruction, smaller microspheres are released from each such granule, but already with an enteric-coated membrane. Dissolving the coating of small granules allows the release of active ingredients that are mixed with food in the small intestine. This contributes to the lipid, protein or carbohydrate breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to amino acids, fatty acids, triatomic alcohol and monosaccharides, which facilitates the process of absorption through the intestinal wall into the blood.

Diseases that treats the drug

When replacement therapy in conditions of insufficient exocrine pancreatic cells, the drug "Creon" is used. The use of this tool is possible with cystic fibrosis, chronic inflammatory processes in the pancreas or during its removal, in violation of the patency of pancreatic or bile duct tumors, malignant neoplasms, Shvachman-Diamond syndrome, with age-related disorders of enzyme production.

It is used to eliminate the symptoms of digestive disorders associated with the removal of the gallbladder,some sections in the intestine according to Billroth (I and II variants), excision of the entire stomach with the subsequent formation of the esophago-intestinal anastomosis, with the syndrome of slow emptying of the stomach cavity and slow progress of food through the lumen of the duodenum. Applied in patients with obstruction of the bile ducts, hepatitis cholestatic, cirrhotic condition of the liver, pathological changes in the terminal section and excessive growth of bacteria in the small intestine.

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Dosage and rules of administration

The drug is intended for oral administration. A single dose is divided in half or in three parts, half or one third of the dose is taken before meals, and the remainder is taken with food. The dosage depends on the degree of the disease state and components of the diet. The amount of lipase in one dosage should not be more than 10 thousand units when taking the drug "CREON". The course of treatment with this drug is established by the doctor based on the dynamics and condition of the patient.

In order for CREON to work properly, it is recommended not to break the capsule shell, but to drink the whole, using water for better swallowing.

If the patient, due to special reasons, cannot swallow the whole capsule, then the shell is divided into two parts and the granules are poured into liquid food or liquid with an acidic medium (less than 5), and then the mixture is swallowed. If chewed, crushed granules or mixed with alkaline food, then the shell covering minimicrospheres may collapse, which will lead to a loss of activity of their contents under the influence of gastric juice.

The dosage of lipase in case of insufficient work of the pancreas is determined by the degree of disruption of its work and the amount of fat in the diet of the patient. Its amount when used three times during breakfast, lunch and dinner ranges from 20-75 thousand units.

At the initial stages of treatment, the amount of lipase in one dose should be on average from 10 to 25 thousand units, and then, depending on the condition, it is increased.

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Treatment of children with CREON

Almost all newborn babies have malfunctions in the digestive system, due to its imperfections. This is manifested by difficulty in digestion, colic, sparse stools and subsequent dysbiosis.The reason is the lack of digestive enzymes produced by the cells of the pancreas. To improve digestion, the doctor prescribes treatment with Kreon for babies. Reviews of parents whose children were prescribed this medication testify to its efficacy and safety of use. Food after taking the drug is better broken down in the intestines, improves the absorbability of nutrients, normal stool.creon babies reviews

Very effective drug "CREON" for children. The manual describes the use of this remedy for chronic inflammation of the pancreas, when removing a diseased part of it, for digestive disorders, after irradiation, cystic fibrosis, abdominal distention, frequent diarrhea, impaired ductal patency in the pancreas, after stomach surgery.

Children's dosages

Often, doctors prescribe the drug "CREON" to children. The dosage of lipase per day for newborns should not exceed 10-15 thousand units. To give the baby this drug, you need to remove the granules from the gelatin capsule, add them to breast milk or milk mixture at room temperature.

For children under 4 years old with signs of cystic fibrosis, the dosage of lipase at the beginning of treatment is equal to 1 thousand units per kilogram of weight during each meal, for children over 4 years old it is 0.5 thousand units per kilogram of weight.

The drug intake, as for adults, is divided into two stages, a portion of the dosage is given before meals, and the rest of the capsule is taken with food.

Cost of medication

Depending on the dosage of CREON, the price will vary from an average of 300 rubles per package with a lipase dosage of 10 thousand units in one capsule, 600 rubles for a dosage of 25 thousand units and 1400 rubles for a dose of 40 thousand units. Price in different regions of the country may vary.

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