Creative Birthday Gifts for Yourself

Recently, creative gifts for the birthday have acquired special significance. And if such a gift is made by oneself and in accordance with the personal preferences of the birthday person, then, literally and figuratively, there is no price to him.

Gift Tradition

Even in ancient Rome, similar events were held with the aim of paying tribute to a higher official or figure. Believe it says that they were never allowed to donate too cheap things as a gift, since such an act could defile their honor and provoke the great anger of the donor.

And due to the fact that only men were allowed to give gifts, all women of past years were forced to remain without gifts. Agree that it is rather difficult to imagine such a situation in modern times.

What to give a guy?

Creative gifts for the male half of humanity by their own hands are not at all easy to pick up, as it might seem at first glance. In this matter, it is necessary to take into account not one aspect, so as not to lose with the choice not only of the really necessary, but also a pleasant gift.

What to give a woman?

But the creative gift to the girl, as practice shows, to get even more problematic. But there are tricks and tricks to solve the problem. Women's creative gifts for the birthday can consist of both make-up made personally, and be a pleasant trinket with the image or name of the culprit of the solemn event.

Creative Birthday Gifts for Yourself

Nevertheless, if nothing goes to mind, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most attractive, original and interesting ways to congratulate a friend or girlfriend with this or that event.

The most creative gifts

Remember that such surprises have a huge advantage over purchased ones. Firstly, it's since childhood that a soul has been invested in homemade gifts. Secondly, it is much more pleasant to give them than the bought ones. Thirdly, creative gifts with their own hands are easy to make, and they are valued much more than others.

Bracelet made of leather

Who said that it's impossible to make a high-quality and expensive thing yourself? Now we prove the opposite. So, to make a wrist strap made of leather (or a substitute), you will need:

  1. leather (substitute) or suede;
  2. all kinds of clasps, clips, thorns, etc .;
  3. a pen (marker);
  4. x-shaped knife;
  5. scissors.

Let's start to make.

  1. Measure the wrist.
  2. The final length is measured on the skin.
  3. Cut off, but at the same time leave the allowance somewhere in 2-3 centimeters.
  4. Decide on where the spikes will be located.
  5. Mark the appropriate places.
  6. Using a knife, make small incisions.
  7. Insert the holders for the studs so that they are on the underside of the bracelet.
  8. Fasten them.
  9. Form from holders "rosettes", so that they do not prick in the process of socks.
  10. Make a cut from the opposite edge and secure the bracelet with a hairpin.

Such a creative gift to her friend will make her truly happy, if she is a fan of this style. Such a present will remind the girlfriend of your existence every time she decides to try it on.

Flower Bracelet

To create this miracle, it will take quite a bit.

  1. 20 medium-sized flowers.
  2. A flower wire or a thick but flexible rope.
  3. Satin (flower) ribbon.
  4. Scissors.
  1. Start by preparing the flowers: cut off all the leaves and stem from them, leaving about 5 centimeters of its length on each inflorescence.
  2. Cut off the total wire length of 70 centimeters.
  3. Construct a ring into which the wrist of the birthday girl will fit.
  4. The remaining length is allowed to strengthen the base in a circle.
  5. Start forming the bracelet.
  6. Each bud is alternately fastened along the perimeter of the base with a floral tape.

Such creative gifts for the birthday, no doubt, will please the beautiful sex and leave an indelible impression in the hearts of women.

Necklace bracelet

It would seem that it can be constructed from such a primitive and to some extent crude material, like building nuts? And here it is! I propose to get acquainted with an example of an interesting work that will become quite bold, but at the same time a pleasant gift. You will need:

  1. cotton rope - 3 strands;
  2. hexagonal small nuts - 18 pieces.

So, the process itself.

  1. Collect the threads together.
  2. Tie the knot at the top.
  3. Weave a pigtail for 2-3 centimeters.
  4. From now on, continuing to weave, weave in one gadget.
  5. Continue the process until they are over.

The next creative gift to the girl can be considered ready.

If you have a desire, then it is very easy to create something special and far from primitive.

Photo on the tree

You will need the following things and preparations.

  1. A photo printed on a laser printer or an image of something important and special.
  2. Wood board, the size of which can be anything.
  3. Acrylic gel medium.
  4. Brush, 2 pieces.
  5. Roller rubber.
  6. Paint for wood.
  7. Rag.
  8. Soft paraffin for smoothing the surface.
  9. Mounts.

Instead of paraffin, you can use a matt glue for decoupage, which is sold in specialized stores.

  1. Select a photo or image. Particular attention at the first stage should be given to its processing. For example, if the final result should be in the vintage style, then the picture should be added several appropriate strokes, using the help of any graphic editor.
  2. Only now the photo should be put through the printer. In this case, exclusively through the laser!
  3. Prepare the base of wood.
  4. On the one hand, cover it with acrylic gel-medium. Make sure that the layer is not too thin, but not thick. Find the "golden mean".
  5. On the top of the gel, place the image face down.
  6. Get rid of the formed bubbles.
  7. Leave the picture for a day or at least for the night.
  8. Carefully remove the paper. Please note that this moment will take not two or three minutes, as it is rather laborious, responsible, but very interesting. To cope with it a little easier, it is necessary from time to time to wet the paper with water and only then rub it with your fingers.
  9. Cover the work with varnish, and after it dries it with paraffin to smooth the surface.

Earrings from polymeric clay "Barashki"

At first glance, the manufacturing process may seem complicated and dreary. But if you read the further step-by-step master-class to the end, it becomes clear that this is not so. So, prepare everything you need.

  1. A pointed knife for handicraft work (or any kitchen, but very sharp).
  2. Board, which is not a pity to spoil.
  3. Oven (for burning polymer clay).
  4. Rhinestones - 4 pieces.
  5. Hooks - 2 pieces.

The making of earrings takes only 25 minutes and will require minimal sleight of hand.

  1. From the polymer clay of white color, pinch two equal pieces and form balls of them.
  2. Put them on the board.
  3. Flatten up to form two discs.
  4. Using a knife, make on them edge cuts in length in 1/5 from the general diameter.
  5. Form the remains of clay circles of various, but small size, which will serve as the end of the future lamb.
  6. Stick over the composition of rhinestones (eyes).
  7. Install the hooks.
  8. Place in the oven and bake until ready, following the instructions on the clay pack.

Creative gift to a friend or sister is ready!

At the present time, when the shops are full of different variants of gifts, it is very difficult to think and come up with your own idea of ​​an original gift. Especially if his future owner is a best friend. Of course, it's you and no one else who knows him best. But, as a rule, this item is at the same time the main snag when choosing a gift. It's no secret that it is not an easy task to please a friend. Therefore, we suggest to construct a creative gift to a friend from a tie!

Phone case from tie

For production you will need:

  1. unnecessary (or old) tie;
  2. needles;
  3. thread;
  4. satin ribbon;
  5. velcro fasteners.
  1. Measure the size (length and width) of the object that you are going to present in the case (this may not necessarily be the phone), but remember that its final size should be larger than the thing itself.
  2. Cut off the excess part of the tie, pre-bending it.
  3. Take the ribbon (thin satin) and attach it to the trimmed edge.
  4. Wrap around it and cut the resulting length.
  5. Sew a ribbon.
  6. The front part of the cover sew to the back.
  7. Using Velcro fasteners, secure the edges of the cover so that it can easily open and close.

If with this option the presentation is more or less clear, then what should be a creative gift for a loved one? And this question has the answer!

Message in a bottle

  1. a transparent jar of small size;
  2. flash card;
  3. ribbon;
  4. paint;
  5. glue.

Manufacturing promises to be not only simple, but also interesting.

  1. If there are various inscriptions, drawings and similar images on the jar, then erase them with an alcohol solution.
  2. Glue the flash drive to the inside of the cover, after writing the desired message to it.

Do not have time to start, and work on this is already over!

But the connoisseurs of this creativity will appreciate the following option.

"Living" house

Before proceeding to this creation, it is worthwhile to make sure that in the personal arsenal there are images of beautiful houses with windows, and when they are carved there will be a place on the edges of the house. It is desirable that in the building there are clearly defined windows.

So, you will need:

  1. journal, books or printouts with images of houses;
  2. scissors;
  3. knife stationery;
  4. adhesive tape or glue.
  1. Gently cut the photo of the house around the edges.
  2. Fold the edges together so that the cylinder is formed.
  3. Secure these edges with tape or glue on the inside.
  4. Place a small light bulb inside the house.

Clay plates

Such dishes will be an excellent gift for almost any occasion, and the fact that it will be made by hand makes it more pleasant to receive hundreds of times.

  1. Craft clay.
  2. A board with a pattern.
  3. Plates of baked clay.
  4. Designer roller (rolling pin).
  5. Colored acrylic paints.
  6. Gloss lacquer.
  7. Knife for artistic cutting.

After all the materials are prepared and collected, you can start working.

  1. Prepare the clay: mash it using the instructions on the package.
  2. Transfer the clay mass onto the texture plate.
  3. Roll out with a special rolling pin.
  4. Using a knife, cut a plate of the required shape (round, oval, heart-shaped or square).
  5. Put the baked in the oven for the time that is written in the instructions.
  6. After the product is completely ready, cool it down.
  7. Paint with acrylic paint in the desired color.
  8. After drying, walk on the surface with clear varnish, which will give the gift completeness and harmony.

Agree that it is quite easy and without extra hassle you can build creative gifts with your own hands. Photos with examples are the best confirmation of this. The products turned out to be very lively, interesting and, most importantly, memorable. And what more do you need to surprise your best friend, friend or loved one?

Creative birthday gifts will never be annoying if you can use your imagination and creativity to one hundred percent.

Understand and appreciate the high cost of this kind of gifts are more able to people creative thought flight, which think outside the box and do not follow public opinion. They know and understand what creative gifts are.

Photos of interesting works will awaken your inspiration. Remember that in an effort to create something extraordinary and non-standard, in no case should we forget about the outer shell of the surprise. Even if it is a present made from improvised materials, one should not overlook the fact that creative packaging of gifts is always an elegant addition to the main offering.

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