Create a clutch with your own hands

Clutch and its place in the fashion world

A clutch bag is a small handbag that looks like an envelope, which became popular about 70-80 years ago. At that time, miniature accessories were made of genuine leather and were used as a supplement to the dress at official receptions and social events. Today, small handbags are back in fashion, but their appearance has changed dramatically. Modern clutches can be made of any material, ranging from plastic to regular fabric.Clutch do it yourselfCraftswomen without any problems can make a clutch with their own hands. Also, many girls buy ordinary bags without handles and turn them into a work of art, sewing all sorts of beads and beads, in a word, embroidering the future clutch to their own taste for a front exit. This accessory looks great and unusual.

Small handbag: cut features

Before you begin to work, you must choose the shape and size of the future handbag, as well as to choose the right material. Since such an accessory must have a certain shape, it is necessary to take care of the correct basis. This may be a sheet of cardboard or plastic.Creating a clutch with their own hands, the first thing cut patterns, and for them already make the pattern of each individual part of the bag. The simplest clutch remains flat, and if the skilled worker wants to work with a more complex form, she needs to make a pattern herself. Such small bags can resemble a voluminous cosmetic bag, their size can vary from 10 centimeters in length to 30 or even 40 centimeters. Most clutches often look like oblong envelopes. They can easily put even an umbrella and, of course, all the necessary set of cosmetics.Knitted clutches

Most original solutions

Create a clutch with your own hands, you can work with a ready basis. In this case, the craftswoman can only come up with and make decorative items. In addition to fabric accessories, knitted clutches made of floss and thin wool are becoming popular, as well as models that are based on silk and satin ribbons. Speaking of knitted copies, it should be noted that they are created in an extremely short time.Crochet clutch

Tips for making

It is necessary to tie a straight web. Beginners can work in the "gum" technique, and professionals - with any patterns.Creating a clutch with your own hands, you can pick up the material for a particular outfit, thereby deciding the issue of jewelry. The finished canvas is folded in half, a stable base is sewn to the sides of the future bag: cardboard or plastic. After this, the edges are neatly sewn or tightened with thread, a part of the future bag is bent forward, and a fastener is installed on it. In addition, the clutch can be made with a zipper. Another option could be Velcro.

Image and accessories

Creating a crochet hook, you can foresee some pattern, it can be a classic “rosette”, a simple openwork or a real picture made of alternating holes and double crochets. Without a doubt, just such a thing will allow you to stand out at any event. The clutch is carried in the hands, so the craftswoman does not need to think about how to properly attach handles to the bag.

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