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We sometimes need to urgently transfer documents to customers, but we do not have our own courier in the state. Yes, and it makes no sense to take him to work for 5-10 trips a week. Please advise the courier service.
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Answered on July 5 11:52
If your company's office is located in an office center, you can ask around from your neighbors what kind of courier services they use. At the same time and get real feedback on the quality of services provided and the appearance of couriers. And then such a courier once came to us that we were in shock - as if he hadn’t washed for three days and hadn’t washed the uniform for a month.
Answered on July 5, 12:32
Do you have an office driver? If yes, let him carry these documents. Only let him deliver if he is on the way, otherwise it will be very expensive considering the consumption of gas in Moscow traffic jams. In general, if you need to order a cheap courier in Moscow, you can contact this company
Answered on July 5, 13:10
The author, when you find a courier service, be sure to pay attention in the contract for the procedure of payments.The most convenient way is to pay once a month for the services performed. And then pay every time, to put it mildly, uncomfortable.

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