Cosmoteros Cosmoteros: application, reviews

Cosmotheros Cosmetics is the resultresearch work of laboratories located in France, Switzerland and Russia. The company has created many lines of skin care products. A series of professional remedies Cosmotheros is constantly bought by cosmetology centers around the world. This is one of the most high-quality manufacturers of cosmetics for specialized and home care.

Features of Cosmateros

For many specialists in the field of beauty andskin health "good cosmetics" and "Cosmotheros" have become synonymous. Cosmetologists confidently use brand drugs, knowing how good and effective they are. What is the difference between "Kosmotheros" and other brands of professional cosmetics? The company has identified for itself the main tasks that help it in creating unique products:

  • the focus on skin care is older than 25 years, because after this date, slow age changes begin;
  • the creation of cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, which is the most effective component for skin rejuvenation and health;
  • use in the creation of cosmetics only natural and environmentally friendly components;
  • Calculation of the concentration of ingredients in such a way that they have the maximum effect.

cosmetics cosmoteros

Along with laboratories in different countries, Cosmoteros has several production lines in France, Switzerland and Russia.

Kosmoteros Professionnel

To create this line of funds that wonheart of cosmetologists, only natural ingredients are used. This is a class of Wellness, the concept of development and production which exclude the use of:

  • parabens and preservatives;
  • dyes of artificial origin;
  • synthetic substances;
  • allergenic fragrances;
  • negligent biocides.

Thanks to the unique composition of cosmetics"Kosmothers Profeshn" allows to satisfy not only the standard needs of the skin in the form of daily moisturizing, nutrition and protection, but also specific problems. The novelty of this line is Hyasealon complex, which consists of amino acids, peptides, elastin and collagen-type proteins. These components were not created artificially in the laboratory, but were obtained from the fabrics of the barbed shark, which ensures their high naturalness.

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Cosmotheros Professional cosmetics containsa lot of components that are aimed at skin rejuvenation, alignment of its color, maintenance of immunity, deep moisturizing and purification. Assortment of products "Profeshn" allows you to choose the means for normal, dry, sensitive, oily and problematic skin. Means are created in the form of creams, gels, masks, serums and cleansing formulas. Many of them have the properties of concentrated impact.

Care of aging skin

Cosmotheros Cosmetics offers 5 naturalmeans, which together form a complex skin care with visible age-related changes. This serum, two masks, day and night cream. Let's consider their properties:

A series of aging skin care products

Name of the facility



Serum for all skin types

Soybean oil and soy proteins, panthenol, vitamins E, A and glycerin

Restores the activity of fibroblasts, makes the skin more elastic and elastic

Regenerating mask

Enzyme of whey, placenta,hydrolyzate of elastin and collagen, vitamin E, hawthorn, St. John's wort, clover, verbena; cocoa butter, olive, grape seed and corn; glycerin and lanolin

Strengthens intercellular communication, moisturizes and tightens the skin

Rich Mask

Avocado oil, jojoba, giant laminaria extract, glycerol, urea, sorbitol, caffeine, panthenol

Instantly smooth and restore the skin

Daily cream

Hyaluronic acid, whey fermentate, allantoin, protein from soybeans, vitamin E

Activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates, helps to withstand the aggressive effects of the environment

Night cream

Avocado oil, shea, jojoba, grape seed, wheat germ; vitamins E, A; Hyaluronic acid, whey fermentate, protein from soybeans

It starts and accelerates the processes of cell metabolism, regulates lipid balance and restores the skin

Cream Kosmoteros - an effective tool for skin rejuvenation and recovery of the natural cycle of its life.

A series of detergents

Purification is one of the main stages of caring forbeauty and health of the skin. The greasy, polluted skin attracts bacteria to itself. To avoid inflammation and the formation of rashes and acne, it is necessary to clean the skin qualitatively. Good cosmetics necessarily have a line of funds for such purposes. The company "Cosmotheros" was no exception. A series of cosmetic formulas consists of natural components:

  • extract of herbs and plants (aloe vera, tea tree, chamomile, St. John's wort, dill, yarrow, sage, celandine);
  • glycerol, sorbitol, thymol;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamins;
  • antiseptic components.

katorotros reviews

"Cosmotheros" is a cleansing gel, moisturizing lotion, a tonic for oily skin, gommage and makeup remover.

Deep moisturizing

Daily skin loses up to 2 liters of water. These losses must be compensated, otherwise dehydration will develop, which is accompanied by dryness and flabbiness of the skin.

cream kosmoteros

"Cosmotheros" offers women the following tools for deep and effective moisturizing:

  • Cream-gel for all skin types - instantlysupplies the skin with the necessary amount of moisture and regulates its water balance, consists of urea, a hydroglycol extract of the ylang-ylang root, aloe vera gel, shea butter and panthenol.
  • Concentrate based on the enzymatic hydrolyzate of egg white with extracts of chamomile and sage. It is recommended for moistening of any skin type with age-related changes.
  • Hydroactivator for oily and problem skin -effectively saturates the skin with moisture, it is used during the day even on top of makeup, reduces inflammation and irritation, 80% consists of fermented milk whey.

Cosmoteros: customer feedback, product cost

Products "Kosmotheros" fell in love with many women. Her respect cosmetologists and gladly recommend to use, just knowing that it is 100% natural. "Cosmotheros" reviews receive only positive. Women are indescribably happy that finally completely created natural cosmetics, which gives good results. The presence of a large selection of different means allows you to choose the most suitable cosmetics, which will cope with the tasks posed.

cosmoteros prices

Cosmetics for Cosmotheros prices are moderate: Creams and serums can be purchased within 2000 rubles, cleansers - up to 1000 rubles. Given the naturalness of the components, the cost corresponds to the quality.

"Kosmoteros" is a natural cosmetics,using in its products only natural components. The company completely abandoned the synthetically created substances, fragrances, parabens and other components that do not have any positive effect on the skin.

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